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Rural women market

Published on June 1, 2021 um 11:55

Explain your idea in details:

our idea ( rural women market ) that is about an online shop serves. This application benefits both the rural women and the customer who is interested to buy their products . The rural women are women who lives in a geographic area that is located outside towns and cities, they usually don't have enough chances to make business, and they make up about 33.800 % of women in jordan which is not a few women. our idea serves these rural women which can be described as : productive , hardworking. And they produce high quality products, wanted and loved products because they are natural , healthy and free food industrial materials . rural women has less work opportunities than women and people who live in the cities , Although they are a large class of society. our group decided to make this online app to help her start her business : she can price her products , compare its price to similar products around the kingdom , benefits from her partners in field experiences , share her own , E - marketing her products and helps her deliver her products around the kingdom . rural women produce a variety of products which can include : food , clothes , natural care products and much more . this app serves the customer because people strongly prefer these products that can change and improve their lifestyle . this apps also make it possible for people to buy natural healthy products that has more nutritional value than industrial products , people also like simple and long-lasting products that can be found in this online market .

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

We hope that the idea will turn into reality because it will provide great service to these women, as they need our help, in addition to being a mutual service for those who live in cities We are working on the goal of "no poverty". our idea (application) can achieve this through: Supporting local work, encouraging women to start businesses and marketing to those who is already started work. This allows them to collect money so they can Help their families and depend on themselves. Here, unemployment decreases , Which will support the economy. It also makes it possible to start a personal business with small budget witch do not allow the business to start in life, here it is possible. The other goal of sustainability is equality :We are here providing women in the countryside with unavailable opportunities, the first of which is a platform for showing business. From marketing their products pricing. We hope that this app will help to balance the chances in cities and rural areas. There are many who live in cities find it difficult to find handmade products, as this gives them opportunities to find these things in addition to their love to support local products. This strengthens social relationships, people will get to know cultures and the economy will increases.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

we believe that this application (as soon as its published) will help a lot of women, as they are a very important and essential base, and its important for them to be able to start business , this will help local economy grow and decrease poorness. in long term, it will grow and we will able to help more women, and everyone (even if they are not professional with businesses thy can buy and sale their products) can make businesses even women with basic knowledge about trading. so they can raise money and depend of themselves, and it will save them a living.

Your profile

we are a team of 3: 1.My name is Shadan Altamemi. I was born in 2005 , which means I'm 16 years old . I study in jubilee school and i'am in grade 10 . My favorite subject is physics and English . I love challenging my self by learning something new every while , which helps me to discover new things that I enjoy working . My favorite hobbies are : playing sports and reading and I enjoy making crafts . I like to do my hobbies as a daily routine it motivates me and gives me a positive energy to complete my day with . 2.My name is Aya, I'm 16 years old. From the capital of Jordan (Amman) . I'm from jubilee school, It is a school for the gifted. I love science and research, and my hobbies are sports and drawing 3. I'm nermeen bani mousa, I'm 16 years old and i live in Jordan, I study in jubilee school, my hobbies are drawing, reading and programming . when i grow up I'm planning to be a doctor specialist in heart surgery.

about our idea! ( rural woman market)

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