Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Design of a screen to sepetate plastic and other waste from ocean dredged sand

Published on April 26, 2021 um 14:05

Explain your idea in details:

Dredge sand is a material excavated from storm water drain and natural earth to enable the flow of water into the sea without causing flooding or hazards in the environment. The sand normally contains waste materials such as plastic waste and other waste due to human activities in the environment. These materials piled up as much as human activities increases resulting to flooding which took place in greater Accra within the Avenue and other locations on 3rd June 2015. I therefore took it upon myselves to conduct a research to find solution by designing a screen machine. This screen is designed in the shape of a pentagon with four legged standing and an engine that shakes or vibrate it enabling it to sieve also have a conveying belt and its engine, this allows all waste materials out of the screen into a container where metals are separated by a magnet at a corner of the conveying belt. There is a ladder attached to the screening machine used to check the operation of the machine. Finally, plastics, wood, stones/ rocks, human parts and other waste are segregated by labourers.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The target of this idea in sustainability is to solve clean water and sanitation and affordable and clean energy. The idea is set to clear waste from the ocean and other water bodies to prevent flooding and to safe life under water and life on land. The sand screened can be used for construction and agricultural purpose. The waste such as plastic can be used for recycling into energy to support climate change, and the other waste category such as metal can also be recycle.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The idea seek partnerships and funding that will help support develop the idea into a project. This idea is a long term project in manufacturing screen for dredging and is planned to be marketed in the world market.

Your profile

I am 34 years of age and i am a student of Knust-Aiswam of a Postgraduate program in urban planning, Environmental sanitation and waste management in which i have studied a module in enterpreneurship and wastemanagement, this gave me the knowledge in developing so many ideas in technology, recycling,and wastemanagement. As a graduate student of University of Education Ghana i also studied diploma in Environmental health and sanitation education and have knowledge in ecology, sanitary facilities technologies, and other courses that made help me creative. I have being trained a professional in Environmental health and sanitation in Ghana and have attained a certificate of west africa health certificate in Environmental health. Also, i took the advantage in training under the enterpreneurship campus and have interacted with so many ideas and projects that motivates me alot in developing skills in the sustainable development goals though i didn't earned a certificate from enterpreneurship campus on the training which would have benefit me in my carreer and company. I have been motivated by with my experience and education training from all theae institution that gave me a success in all activities i part-take.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Sand Screen

Sand screen

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