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Published on May 10, 2021 um 10:51

Explain your idea in details:

This AFRICAN CATFISH COMPANY project plans to expand to provide its customers with much more clarias grapinus. Indeed, as I said earlier; we take fry of about 10g that we just put in our bins previously washed and filled with water the growing time is about 3 months to have fish of 2O0g get six months to have approximately 500G. At first, we started occupancy of the bins we built above ground that can be marketed and consumed on the local market. Indeed, the inhabitants of my country consume the vast majority of this fish and many do it in their traditional dishes .....these foods occupy a prominent place in the menus of different households but the problem arises the purchase price is high for this, we want to make our modest contribution to the nutrition of our compatriots . Famine is a major problem in our country about 3/4 of cameroon's population is undernourished due to the lack of means to procure quality food. Great will be my joy if my team and I succeed in this bet which for us is the main goal of this project, the satisfaction of our consumers; concern for quality products for our customers, organic aquaculture without toxic chemicals, the preservation of nature and the aquatic and human ecosystem, are key points on which AFRICAN CATFISH COMPANY will focus when it is operational while reducing the cost of these commodities in the markets. To that end, I would be happy to be selected and to benefit from the funding necessary to give my people quality food products.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

AFRICAN CATFISH COMPANY is a young company that for the past year has already embarked on the field of aquaculture specifically in the breeding of African catfish type CLARIAS GARIEPINUS. Our concern is to provide our customers with quality fish so they can eat local fish. We can do a great job of providing all of us with quality food indeed, our country imports millions of tons of fish every year, but the question arises why all this? yet we are in Africa and we have water an ecosystem conducive to aquaculture and many other assets that are waiting for our projects and initiatives to shine. It is important to know that it is not easy in this activity it takes time, energy, a lot of sacrifices but that is what makes the life of the project. I am very motivated by this activity because I was born into a poor family my parents had only the field as a source of income and most of the time and especially on weekends I went there to grow crops, take care of the plants, plow the soil and even harvest it to forge in me the love of work and the concern to do service to others by bringing them the little I have because no one alone is entitled to happiness. While expecting to be selected in the sequel to the adventure; to benefit from funding to carry out my activity on the whole for the happiness of all.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

TYPE OF BUSINESS AND FUTURE REALISATION In the project plan, I envision a SARL-type company that will offer benefits from a simple structure that will reap the full benefits of revenues from its operations. For lack of resources we started by breeding the silly and so we named as such our company that later will be able to change its name. Our activities are not long ago because of our student status, without fixed income. Buying fry is not easy and it is often difficult to find them; paying for the manpower and adequate staff for the monitoring of the farm also the most difficult is to find funding institutions for this type of projects most of the rare or almost impossible cases. If we are selected as winners of this edition of the YOUTH CITIZEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP, I would be very happy to benefit from your funding to boost this activity so you will be in a way our source of funding which will allow me to move from the conceptual phase to the implementation phase of the expansion of the farm. Speaking of my collaborators, I have three all young like me and so ambitious. I hope that over time this initiative will inspire the admiration of young people as dynamic as we are so that we can move together towards great achievements for our country.

Your profile

My name is SANDRINE YOB I was born on 11/02/2002 in Yaounde capital of Cameroon. I am a student in the Faculty of Science at yaounde University I option Chemistry. AFRICA CATFISH COMPANY is a childhood dream that gradually comes to fruition despite the difficulties encountered in this field. Driven by the desire to provide our compatriots with quality local products; rearing clarias grapienus in the above-ground system could significantly reduce the quality of aquatic consumables. Indeed, this project still in its initial phase needs funding to expand its sector of activity. We have bins in which we have put catfish fry of about 10g so that they grow in the standards we want to exploit the space at our disposal to put more and why not try other types of fish like tilapias that are increasingly consumed in our towns and villages. Hoping that this brief presentation of me will seduce you, and hope to be among the winners of this edition of the YOUTH CITIZEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP to be part of your campus, I count on your support and contribution of any kind to catalyze this project that will be of great importance for my community, my country my continent to achieve the sustainable development goals ZERO FAIM in the horizons 2030.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage, idea offered for implementation by others



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May 12, 2021 10:57

Great idea-your project stands to address two critical areas ( economic and nutrition). But is this fish farming done in the normal traditional fish pond in the swamp ( which is the organic fish farming) or it is done through tanks using electricity to pump water and using inorganic foods to feed them? If you are using inorganic food for the fish, is there is any side effect for those human who will be consuming fish?