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Marine Energy: Large scale conversion.

Published on May 5, 2021 um 18:37

Explain your idea in details:

The objective of this submission is to describe how we can get the maximum amount of working force from tidal wave energy. Defining various forces acting on a floating object, how we can handle unnecessary forces, how can increase useful force, and use it safely. Tidal force on a floating object has two elements: 1) Horizontal force: This is a one-directional force creates by tidal flow/current. 2) Vertical force: Is a bidirectional force creates by tidal waves with gravity. Tidal horizontal force (and with other external any kind of wind forces) on a floating object can be opposed by anchor it properly (by using minimum of four horizontal/ long-distance anchors) so that the vertical force remains almost the same. This vertical force is useful and it can be very much useful as easily increase this vertical force by Archimedes Principle (by increasing the size of the object). This bidirectional vertical force is very much suitable for pumping purposes. By installing a pump protected by RCC structure, using the vertical upward force of the wave on an anchored floating object continuously sufficient water pumping possible for hydropower station and or desalination. This is a very easy technique to harness energy from ocean tidal energy as already running some small projects. Capacity can be increased as required by the Archimedes Principle. Expensive waterproof devices are not required, compared to the existing hydropower stations dam, big reservoir, big catchment area not required so cost-effective, also no need to think about the related problems like obstructing fish migration, changing river flow characteristics, affect on ecology, problems on important natural areas, agricultural land, relocation of people, etc.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

We know very well about power plant pollution. Our Air land and water are polluting continuously because of power plants. So it is very clear: we need to go through the clean energy economy to overcome the worst impacts of climate change. Renewable energy has tremendous economic development, public health, and environmental benefits. My target is harnessing energy from the unlimited source of energy ocean tidal wave to fulfill the electricity and water demand. Considering the open space available in the ocean, and the tremendous amount of energy it produces, it is possible to get 100% renewable energy for the world. Wave arrival pattern is highly predictable, can accurately forecast around 3 to 5 days in advance. No impact on the local marine ecosystem, also no need to think about the related problems like obstructing fish migration, changing river flow characteristics, affect on ecology, problems on important natural areas, agricultural land, relocation of people, etc. My idea regarding Tidal wave energy large-scale conversion technology is very much suitable to mitigate the world's energy crisis and climate change issues by mitigating air, water, and land pollution. So this idea was accepted by energy conferences like AWTEC 2018, energy3 conference 2019, ICREN 2019, 5th world bioenergy conference 2019, EARTH SCIENCE 2019, ICCC 2019, OCEANS 2019 Seattle, ICoRER 2019, and Renewable Energy 2020 for presentation. Wave energy does indeed carry the potential to provide significant contributions to local, regional, and global electricity production measures. And so considering the impact and the potential, it will be accelerating a sustainable energy transition.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Primarily I discuss with a local engineering firm, and for implementation agreed about doing work as a collaborator. We are planning to start work getting government approval/permissions, site selection, designing, searching other collaborators(s) and investor(s). This is a very easy technique so that any engineering firms can go for implementation. Considering the energy crisis, air/water/land pollutions, and climate change issues we need to work on the idea to implement.

Your profile

I completed my BSc Engineering (EEE) at the age of 24 years from Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET). Earlier I studied Diploma Engineering (Electrical Technology) from Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute (BSPI), and completed a Secondary School Certification course from Power Development Board Secondary School, Kaptai. For the last 15 years, I am working for PGCB Ltd. which is a premier organization of the Government Power Sector. Personally, I am interested in working for harnessing energy from marine tidal energy. I have visited Japan, Germany, China, and several times in India for official work. I would like to see the world is using 100% renewable energy. I am well experienced with the problems of the Energy crisis, Air pollution, Global warming, and Climate change issues, on the other hand, I have seen the Unlimited source of energy OCEAN TIDE. Which is inspired me to find out an idea about energy harnessing from Marine Energy. This idea was accepted by some International Conferences for presentation. Abstract published in ICREN2019 Book Of Abstracts (page-98,99) and research article published in Journal of Nuclear Energy Science and Power Generation Technology

Tidal wave energy conversion.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Md. Moniruzzaman

Pumping water to high by using wave energy.

Some anchored big ships can provide electricity and water demand of a big city

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