Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Published on June 1, 2021 um 11:52

Explain your idea in details:

The inhabitants in the Sorogbema chiefdom in the Pujehun in Sierra Leone are economically disadvantaged and firewood is the main source of fuel for cooking in this part of the country which causes environmental pollution through emission of smoke and gases. To address this environmental hazards caused by the continuous use of firewood for cooking in the communities in the Sorogbema chiefdom, the following objectives are my objectives: 1- To establish a sustainable briquette and lump charcoal production facility in Sorogbema chiefdom using modern technology and agricultural/organic wastes such as rice husks, groundnuts shells, coconut shells, palm kernel shells, saw dust and dead wood from forest as sources of raw materials. 2- To build the capacity of women through the use of sustainable charcoal and cost effective energy saving stoves. 3- To reduce Greenhouse House Gas emission and deforestation resulting from the continuous use of firewood for cooking. 4- To promote the use of smokeless fuel from wastes agricultural materials and forest wastes.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

When it comes to the fight against carbon dioxide emission resulting from deforestation and burning of firewood for cooking, the target is not only limited to the Sorogbema chiefdom were the proposed sustainable briquettes charcoal facility is to be established, but in all communities in Sierra Leone where firewood is the main source of fuel for cooking and other household activities. Before choosing the Sorogbema chiefdom for the establishment of a sustainable charcoal production facility, a simple feasibility study was carry out which point out that this idea/project outcomes will be a success.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

My Idea/Project will be implemented under Mamela Investment Trading Enterprise a registered Agriculture-Energy business entity in Sierra Leone, owned and operated by myself with no funding source other than the little contribution from my monthly salary.

Your profile

My name is Mohamed Lamin Lumeh, and I was born on 18th June 1974 and I am in the adult category of this Entrepreneurship competition. I am a Sierra Leonean. Educationally, I hold a Diploma in Pharmacy from the College of Pharmacy and Allied Health sciences, University of Sierra Leone, and a BSc. Honors in Business Administration from the Institute of Public Administration and Management, University of Sierra Leone. I had served in various capacities as Pharmacy Technician, Business Development Officer, Fleet Manager and Pharmacy Manager in various community pharmacies and auto mobile company. Currently, I am the CEO of Mamela Investment Trading Enterprise, a registered Agriculture-Energy business entity in Sierra Leone with the main activities of crops cultivation and sustainable biomass production.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage


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