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climate smart technologies and policies (cstp)

Published on June 14, 2021 um 09:55

Explain your idea in details:

Climate Smart Technology and Policies (CSTP) is a start- up concept of the environmental conscious that seek to sensitize the communities in Africa about climate change and its effects as well as its prevention practises . CSTP advocates for policy reforms with regard to power generation, particularly the introduction of climate smart technologies in that area to reduce carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality in the continent. The idea is also seeking to bridge information gaps especially in marginalized locations and other vulnerable groups , because the idea's success is rooted in the belief that a well-informed society makes better decisions for the betterment of its people. The transition from fossil-based sources of energy like coal ,oil and gas for power generation is achievable if people are aware of their impacts on the environment . CSTP advocates for the introduction of climate smart technologies like solar , wind ,green hydrogen and water for power generation , and the alignment of policies to support the use of these technologies and infrastructure development that is sustainable . It is worthy to note that Africa contributes less in terms of carbon emissions but is the most vulnerable to effects of climate change, in that regard if CSTP approach is applied it could help Africa achieve SDG 7 by improving access to cheap , reliable clean energy , according to only about 10 percent of Africa's population have access to the grid ,it is estimated that in 2020 about 592 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa did not have access to electricity , therefore the introduction of frontier technologies and stronger policy reforms is in tandem with SDG 13 .

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

CSTP is going to improve the standards of living for the average african by promoting infrastructure development and industrialization which in turn would spur economic development . In addition its going to improve access to cheap ,clean and reliable alternative sources which is going to reduce carbon emissions and help the continent in achieving carbon neutrality, in the next 10 years . To make this a reality CSTP plans to be involved in awareness campaigns that advocate for climate change mitigation , it also seek to be involved in policy formulation processes to mediate between governments and the public to guide priorities according to public needs .CSTP also plans to conduct public surveys to determine public opinion on issues of power generation and distribution to gather data sets that could be used for planning purposes.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

CSTP is a non-profit organization that works in collaborations with other advocacy groups, communities and governments to save the environment and create awareness against climate change . the entity is mostly self funded but it seeks other financing through donations and other fundraising activities

Your profile

I am Takunda Kudzanai Kakora, a male aged 24 from Harare ,Zimbabwe . graduated from high school in 2015 with just basic education certificate , growing up electricity was a luxury especially in the rural areas which resulted in deforestation because people depended on firewood as a source of energy . The

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, start-up stage, idea offered for implementation by others

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June 18, 2021 05:19

Brilliant idea! It was clear this was well-planned and very much ready for any possible issues. I so far have not identified any flaw in your plan, but I do have some references on how you might want to details it. Here's a link to a pdf file, it's a report that relates to climate change and how renewable energy may help in decreasing gas emissions. It's written here a list that sows some of the possible renewable energies you may use and implement in your plan, an how you get to process them. Besides Africa, you can target other countries like India or Japan (some places in Asia are vulnerable to climate change, too) and see if you can help. Here's the link to the report: