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Creating a help-house (TUKE) for youth's mental health near Warsaw, Poland.

Published on June 1, 2021 um 09:26

Explain your idea in details:

The mental health facilities in Poland are overwhelmed with the number of patients. Due to that fact, many clients have been put on waiting lists. In the post from 01.07.2020 on the website (, titled "The necessity of reformation of child psychiatry" [loose translation] it is being clearly said that the "succeeded" suicide attempts in the age group of 10-19 is second (in Europe) to the highest rates while the condition of child psychiatry is not improving. What's more - the lack of financial support on the appropriate scale causes the closure of the psychiatric facilities which results in overload in the other and long waiting lists. Furthermore, the head physician of child and youth mental hospital, Dr. Lucka, says that the are no other alternatives to send the young patients. TUKE is a mental health facility for youth at the risk of developing (or already having) mental illness/disorders. To achieve the highest form of recovery or prevention TUKE is regarding clients socio-economic situation, family and peer relations, school issues, health, and/or substance abuse. TUKE believes in a solid yet simple approach towards mental health by three main objectives: community, family, and personal development. What is special about TUKE is SAM (socially active model) which activates the clients to participate in social and family activities as well as developing themselves in their own area. The explanation of the model will be presented in another section.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Since TUKE is using SAM, the expected impact will be seen hopefully in the improvement of the mental health of the client as well as their families. The individual would have a chance in improving their mental health via individual, group, and family therapy. They would have a chance to meet people of the TUKE community as well as to volunteer a befriended non-profit, private organization of choosing. There also might be a chance of accepting the volunteers e.g. psychology students, to gain experience and create a more diverse community within the facility. What's more, individuals would be encouraged to have time for themselves and find their strengths, interests and at the right time plan for the upcoming future (with the help of a counselor or therapist). When it comes to the family, there would be a strong emphasis on family therapy. Moreover, there would be a regular integration of all the past and present clients with their families to create a genuine and caring atmosphere of support and comfort. Because of that, it is believed that TUKE would not only improve the quality of life of the individual client but may spread to family members, close community, and outside of it. Besides the mental health professionals, TUKE would staff would support the families who are struggling financially. By support it is meant, giving the right resources that would help in receiving financial aid. This aspect of TUKE is only at the conceptual stage yet it cannot be dismissed as an unimportant factor in helping those struggling with mental health issues.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The SAM of the TUKE facility is divided into the five main parts: 1. Pre-HH; before the cooperation with TUKE clients must complete a list of obligatory physical assessments. What's more, if the client is skeptical, oppositional towards any forms of treatment, they would be encouraged to attend pre-admission group meetings. 2. UC-PC (urgent care of psychological crisis); in the situation of a serious crisis, 24-hour open consolations areas for youth (for clients and non-clients of TUKE) are available. The alternative possibility is to create an automobile crisis intervention team. 3. HH (help-house); during the cooperation at a day ward, HH would focus on the group, individual and family therapy etc. Moreover, the clients and their families would be strongly encouraged to participate in community-building activities, depending on the season and ideas of the clients. As stated in summary, the youth in HH would be familiarized with the life-based topics varying from economics to philosophy. 4. Post-HH; for the families who are leaving the TUKE, there would be a recommended consultations regarding the next steps and recognition in a licensed and trustworthy professional in the area with the help of financial support from the private/public sectors (if necessary). In order to make a transfer easier, we would be very happy to see ex-clients of TUKE at the community-building meetings and LE-HH. 5. LE-HH (longitudinal cooperation); longitudinal aspect of TUKE is offering a community-building meetings as well as possibilities for consultation and support from the staff of HH. LE-HH is also one of the internal sources of information regarding the success rates of the whole TUKE project.

Your profile

I'm a 20-year-old, 2nd-year student of psychology in Poland, Warsaw. In recent years, I've been a witness to increasing rates of suicide attempts, depression, and other mental issues among my peers and younger people. My history of depression in my teenage years brings this topic closer to the heart as I do not want the youth of upcoming generations to lose their youth or lives, because of inadequate care and misunderstanding around mental health in Poland. The mental hospitals are not working as they should be. The waiting lists to public or private sectors may extend over four months period. There are no enough specialists in the rural areas. The crisis call centers are overwhelmed, and just not enough. This reality is not only held in Poland but around the world. And I want to change it.

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conceptual stage

Figure 1: TUKE structure

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