Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

1. *The Nature, Recycling and Durability"

Published on June 7, 2021 um 09:18

Explain your idea in details:

Our project's name is: "The Nature, Recycling and Durability". Our goal is to develop new items in protecting the environment while reducing poverty in Burundi! Our objectives are to make life easier by transforming residuals and rest-overs. We already project to make profits as an economic strategy, to reduce the unemployment rate and create innovative solutions in our local community. To be more specific, our activities are generally focused on producing "edible mushrooms" which is a type of fungal growth on subtract made from rests of cotton and beans as you can see on the pictures. This helps to reduce air pollution when those wastes are burnt in free areas after the harvest stage in lands. Mushrooms offer better proteins than animal ones. To be able to run our business, these mushrooms will be commercialized and generate profits, and social welfare by creating jobs, especially for our young people in our country who traditionally encounter difficulties to access the job market. We are targeting more than one hundred people, both male and female. In this way we will promote the awareness of our people in regards to being more creative, and a more responsible consumption culture. Those innovative changes oriented to environmental care and economic transformation will be emphasized and taught to young generations so that we can solve for sustainable goals eleven and twelve. Responsibility, innovation and creativity are our main principles on the way to giving back to our community.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

As we described in project details, the three sides on which this project is handling to are : the Innovation ,Creativity and Responsibility. The impacts of our project on sustainable development are based on wealth , economy and environment care through our proper activities. The sustainable development by his seventeen goals is related to well-being of people in general and this have to be targeted in many slides. so, we are combining , in the case of our intervention, the creativity by innovation, the new type of culture on substratum aid to minimize lands in community and help to get reliable activities at any time . By the creation of employment ,it's a great contribution to offer young generation the manner of living out of struggling towards county government in searching employment. The socioeconomic part of our project is the main result and immediate impact to develop the situation of growing our economies and low poverty. We will get involved in transforming waste matters and get a conscientious spirit of protecting our landholder and take the responsibility of sustainable innovation and durability! Profits from waste matters for our beneficiaries, and on our side ,benefiting from our newly technology of transformation. In bref, our projet's principal impacts are the creativity and innovative policy,the growth of economy and the responsible consumption and protecting environment.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We built our first stage of starting as even if we stay in need of financial aid! We have already installed the staff building and house of bureau consulting address! We made an essay of growing seeds in bottles and move to substratum area in house of essay to show test growing mushrooms! We have already employed fourteen people in execution of the roles of those activities already said here. We are planning to enlarge the area of the enterprise so that we shall start installing the house in which we cultivate mushrooms "champignonière" (in French) and also start to connect our clients for logistics needed for the implementation our activities! We are also on the way of collecting the first cotton waste for analyzing the capacity of production if mixed with beans waste or used only by itself.

Your profile

My name is Jimmy Cliff Irakoze, founder and general manager of this project. I'm an architect by formation. Since I graduated from ETEP-Gitega School of public works and local development in 2015, with a bachelor's degree in civil Engineering, I have designed countless buildings and supervised their construction. I have about six years of experience in local community development activities, working with groups of young leaders Associations. My ability to manage people became more evident when I worked for Welthungerhilfe international, a Dutch NGO that intervenes in developing rural communities in precarious situations, in order to help them improve their economies. During the two years that I stayed with them, I learned that we can achieve anything if we want to. I speak French and Kirundi fluently, Kiswahili, good English, and some Chinese. I spend my free time reading about entrepreneurship success stories, learning how former poor communities became self-reliant, and in the course of time became role models as it comes to improved life standards. Awards received include a promotion twice as a younger leader in our community in Gitega Province -the center of our country- Burundi.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage, idea offered for implementation by others

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June 22, 2021 21:50

Powerful project, when we're in Burundi focusing on reduce climate change factors,it's necessary and important to try to have an opinion to manage wastes matters !
And your project of cultivating mushrooms is the great response to this because it can use fruitfully those wastes and permit people to grow their economy but also protecting environment! A better project,I like it more.

June 21, 2021 10:31

Really great concept and work but how would you implement it on large scale I would recommend you to some machineries to automate some crucial pat of it.
Have a nice day.

June 21, 2021 10:31

Really great concept and work but how would you implement it on large scale I would recommend you to some machineries to automate some crucial pat of it.
Have a nice day.


June 20, 2021 07:45

During this 21st centery,it's more important to think about recycling in order to multiple sources of resources for making transformation.
The speed of industry in the World is high and the need of fighting against the consequences of industrial pollution is more than necessary.
So I can say that the project of "the Nature, Recycling and Durability" is an live community's form industry which is coming to help reducing agricultural wastes which sometimes were used informally and rest out culpability.
It is also the great solution to health , environment and economy grow as in Burundi,youth generation are in need of those new innovations to get standard quote life as a popular small country of the East African community. Thanks jimmy lucas


June 18, 2021 10:09

According to the recent Eco-wakening animated on the state of "measuring global engagement and action for nature" , the The Economist Group-Intelligence Unit research said that collective actions work together to push the changes, the initial engagement develop new opinions and legalize individual behaviors and consumer habits! Also make influence to others online. So the project of cultivating mushrooms is a key to awerness influences to Burundian and take part generally in many factors of protecting the global Nature, by using the wastes to reduce the rank of exploration of renewable resources. May the chances go on you Jimmy Lucas .Thanks more.

Natalie ornella

June 16, 2021 22:17

Nice to meet this wonderful project which keep in consideration of transforming wastes into useful resources! Cultivating mushrooms will affect also people's health while they offer better proteins and being easier digestible than animal ones !Thank a lot to this entrepreneur young people from The Nature, Recycling and Durability project!

Hilaire élan

June 15, 2021 19:15

Hello dear entrepreneurs!
Many people in Africa are suffering from poverty because the rate of employment is now very low. According to environment, we are all taken to bring our contribution to solve the risks for our planet related to environment delay! So the cultivation of mushrooms is one among response to some negative effects to which people are struggling from! Creating new employees , grow people's income, saving wastes things as new resources... It's an excellent innovative project be sustained!


June 15, 2021 12:23

I would like to show behavior about the project of Cultivating mushrooms: it's a powerful project to be introduced in Burundi, for better life. Cultivating mushrooms on subtract as an innovation developed by this young people Jimmy Lucas ,it shows that Burundi young people are now inspired in creativity and are taking care of nowadays centery. This project will positively affet communities's life style, climate changes and economy!Thank you.


June 15, 2021 12:13

I would like to show behavior about the project of Cultivating mushrooms: it's a powerful project to be introduced in Burundi, for better life. Cultivating mushrooms on subtract as an innovation developed by this young people Jimmy Lucas ,it shows that Burundi young people are now inspired in creativity and are taking care of nowadays centery. This project will positively affet communities's life style, climate changes and economy!Thank you.

Gilbert hugor

June 14, 2021 17:03

All the worldwide seasons on climate changes turn to "live the responsibility in consuming and get durable Nature".
According to the project of Cultivating Mushrooms,I can say that it's a reasonable innovation taking part in achieving worldwide sustainable goals for development. And through them,we can see that protecting environment is the more claimed than other objectives! So I think you'll come to your engagement in saving matter considered as wastes as resources used to grow both economy and world safety! Good luck dear Jimmy lucas


June 14, 2021 13:12

The well-being of our young generation is ours dear friends!
About this project of cultivating mushrooms ,I can swear that innovation is now taking his place even in Africa! Burundian people are starting to have their rank in innovation! For the results of this project,I can see climate changes resolution, economy growth, multiplication of employment and safe community! The more chances are for you Lucas

Winny Frey

June 14, 2021 10:14

About the project of The Nature , Recycling and Durability",I can say that it's a reliable strategy to manage pollution through the transforming of wastes matters which were not considered as resources !So the cultivation of mushrooms is a better solution to response these such necessity! I encourage you ,the founder!

June 13, 2021 16:23

Providing solutions to the problems that haunt my community has always been my dream since I was a child. When I realized that Citizen entrepreneurship campus would like to support future entrepreneurs concerned about the sustainability of our planet, I did not hesitate for a second before making my project public: "The Nature, Recycling and Durability". Today we are here, exposed to the input and criticism from the entire family of entrepreneurship campus, and I have no doubt that your comments will shape me even more. Thank you.


June 13, 2021 09:02

Very great Jimmy Lucas from Africa-burundi. Now,we are on the way to wake up and make industry orientation! The future leaders are needed to be like you ,who promote the sustainable economy growth .
Many young people are now in needing of employment to give their economy standard quote ,so this project of jimmylucas will bring an important contribution to this struggle.


June 13, 2021 08:43

This project of cultivating mushrooms is greatly important to burundi society. While we are looking for environment safety, producing mushrooms without needing arable soil, fertilizers, or pesticides ;it is a solution to durable development, and sustainable economy! Thanks to the founder and wish you all the best!


June 12, 2021 21:30

Good evening everyone!
I thank you dear Jimmy lucas for this project of cultivating mushrooms using the substract made from waste !The available solution to problems related to arable soils, protecting environment and economic growth and so on! As the international organizations claim for,it is an immediate relance to be developed and helped! May the competition be your and win the team! Be strong and continue pursuing!


June 12, 2021 20:52

Hello dear entrepreneurs ! Nice to be on this web site ,I want to express my congrats to jimmylucas for this wonderful activity related to climate changes! There are many results from this project such as economic release , protection of environment, inspiring the innovation in our young community and get involved in self employment ...! So this techniques of cultivating mushrooms is a key to many items of today's development! Go forward dear friend


June 12, 2021 20:33

Good morning dear Staff of Citizen entrepreneurship! We are glad to have this forwarded competition of best ideas to following sustainable goals to development! We thank you for this powerful activity and we salute this idea \"The Nature, Recycling and Durability\" for his very vision for the whole African young generation! The innovative ideas based on both protecting environment , and helping people to get out from unemployment and poverty are the keys for Future generations in Africa and the whole World! Thanks to founder!!We are together with you! May God bless you!

Jonson david

June 12, 2021 20:27

I warmly welcome this idea in our home Burundi! Producing Mushrooms from waste matters! You are the best to ensure environment health! Thanks JimmyLucas and your enterprise! Proud of you with your idea


June 12, 2021 20:16

Hello Citizen entrepreneurship!
Good welcome and go forward to this idea of *The Nature , Recycling and Durability!* A very wonderful initiative to people for Africa! More chances to youuu!


June 12, 2021 19:06

Hello everyone!
Towards Jimmy lucas,I congratulate his project because it contains many solutions to Burundian people especially as he clarify in his objectives young people in need of employment and economy growth! This style of cultivate mushrooms on subtract is the model one to Africa in challenging pollution and destruction of our planet!Keep going and hope you will win the competition.

Azael Nael Lucas

June 12, 2021 18:49

Morning dears entrepreneurs! Protecting the Nature is the first way to handle on for sustainable development! Good initiative Jimmy Lucas ! It's a wonderful vision to be worked on! Very Nice and have more chances!


June 12, 2021 18:17

Good morning !
I was surprised to see this impeccable project of this young people of Burundi! Since the previous decade,the government of our East African community try together to solve environmental problems and take care of people's life by encouraging young generation to be more inspired in innovative orientations so that they could be self employed and grow the global economy! So this project of cultivating mushrooms from wastes of cotton and beans covers with those wishes of many African countries! I wish them to have more chances to be selected in this competition! The more you try,the more you succeed! Thanks all the the founders!

King james

June 12, 2021 13:53

I warmly congratulate this idea of "Nature , Recycling and Durability" from young African ! Making such as innovative ideas is a great thing for today's people and it's also one of great form to come over the sustainable goals worldwide! We wish you all the best dear Jimmy Lucas! Thanks again


June 12, 2021 12:50

Hello World.
According to the Worldwide sudtainable goals,all of us must take Care of environnement items and be ready To fight against climate changes .So this project of cultivating mushrooms by using wastes matters is among the powerful solutions both protecting environnement and grow community's safety. Also,it gives a way to solve problems of unemployment and économic struglle for young generation. Be consistent and keep pursuing dear Jimmy lucas,for all of Africa releases.

June 11, 2021 08:10

According to the World Bank, "climate change" poses a serious threat to Burundi, hence the "urgent need to address the cumulative risks arising from the worsening effects of climate change".
Challenging this problem by cultivating mushrooms could be an adequate solution because mushrooms do not require arable soil, they do not need fertilizers nor pesticides. They are economical in terms of space management, free from the constraints of the agricultural calendar: you can cultivate them in any season, they do not require preparatory work such as the clearing, plowing, weeding or hilling.
I would say that your project is multipurpose in that sense that it solves many problems at the same time. It tackles hunger issues and environmental problems at the same time. Recall however that entrepreneurship is a time-consuming and arduous piece of work. Continue to refine your idea, work it out over and over again, the reward is on your way.


June 9, 2021 17:14

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