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African youth transition programme

Published on June 1, 2021 um 10:42

Explain your idea in details:

Objectives 1. To establish a steady flow of young innovative creativity into the African society. 2. Coaching experience to boost the abilities and capacities of the youths to foster vocational and creativity education. 3. Employment opportunities to innovative African youths. Operations The AYT program has the various departments 1. inventors pavilion 2. Young entrepreneurs pavilion 3. Young leaders pavilion 4. Soul music pavilion 5. Eagle's Route Innovative Approach Each departments pavilion has their unique Training operations and activities. The inventions of students in each pavilion will be exhibited and funds raised are used to empower the students at the Eagle's Route graduation to enable them set up their businesses based on their creations and inventions to boost the number of inventors in Africa. These inventors will be trained to use their businesses to create more employment opportunities to other youths.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Due to the high rate of poverty as a result of unemployment and the pandemic in Africa, the standard of living, social and economic growth are slow or even stagnant. To reduce the high rate of poverty and the unemployment of the youths, we are giving them an opportunity to use their skills to create a more suitable life. Thus AYT programme is giving innovative youths the opportunity to come out with their creativity which will include local Invented machines, Equipments, projects etc these inventions will then be further supervised and improved by the students through trainings and mentorship. By encouraging these youths, it will reduce the unemployment rate, and as exhibitions will be carried out for sale of these inventions, the money realized will be used to support their businesses upon graduation to enable them improve their standard of living as well create more employment opportunities to others. Exhibitions to showcase the inventions, performance of the students in the AYT programme will be carried out 6-1 year base on the department to be exhibited. For the inventors pavilion exhibitions are carried out every year.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

AYT program plans to establish the programme Institute location and have the required facilities to boost learning for the youths thus AYT programme is profit oriented as funds realized will be used to finance other projects and maintenance. Establishment of this programme Institute location, maintenance and operations will cost quiet a lot which is why AYT programme is issuing out proposals for Long term investment. The investors will be given; 1. Stipulated percentage of ROI annually 2. opportunities to employ some of the outstanding graduating students to their own businesses. 3.

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My name is Jessica subel, I am 25 years old. I am from Delta state and reside in Lagos. I am currently a student of University of Lagos for Bachelor degree for Industrial Relations and personnel management after my National Diploma in yaba college of Technology. I am an Enthusiastic Human Resources assistant with 3 years of experience planning, leading and improving activities to support successful business operations. Strategic in developing policies, managing staff and Researches on personnel psychology in workplace. I also focus on motivating staff and working with diverse personality types to drive improvements. The zeal to give the youths of my continent the hope to not totally depend on anyone but themselves is what drives me to show them the path to self dependence on all aspects of life especially Financially. I attended the Transforming Nigerian Youths Program by the Enterprise Development Center hosted by Pan Atlantic University. I got 3 silver badges in Negotiation skills and team planning and business Succession and got a certificate.

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