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Youth Social-economic Development

Published on June 1, 2021 um 10:42

Explain your idea in details:

In spite of the numerous efforts particularly toward enhancing the participation and skill enhancement of youth in Liberia, the achievement remains patchy. Young population is becoming dominant population group in the district. The young sect of society in this community is alarmingly increasing from time to time because of three reasons 1) low level family planning education 2) the strategic location of the district 3) lack of adequate youth development programs. If the youth are mobilized in an organized manner; they can really bring about great change in their lives and in the society. Thus it is essential to act as soon as possible to reverse the deteriorating situation of the youth at least to maintain the sustenance of our generation. Their potentials could be used for the development of the nation if attention is paid to them. The aim of the project is to improve the socio-economic, psychology and life style of the youth through entrepreneurs, educational, skills training and support. The specific aims of the project areas as follow: 1. Training in entrepreneurial skills Computer training Internet services Small home agricultural activities to promote community development 3. To create a library, run a moralistic and educative cinema 5. Provision of mentorship/coaching 6. Creation of business center Information center i.e. promotion of services and marketing rural agricultural products through internet 7. To improve the capacity of the staff of local authorities in the areas of team work, professionalism, planning and management. The overall objective of this project is to create an enabling environment for the youth so that they can be self-dependent, contribute to the development of their community and be an active participant in development effort of the nation.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Through increasing quality and access to affordable education for poor children, and skills training for poor youth and women, this project aims to give a concrete possibility of social and economic empowerment to the adults of tomorrow and to all their families. This support SDG goal #1 and #8 which talked about No Poverty, Decent Work and Economic Growth. Long-term output The youth to greater extent will contribute to the development of the area. Short term output 1. Youth obtained training on entrepreneurial skill. 2. Recreation and business center established.. 3. Youth obtained civic education, leadership skills, gender based violence and child abuse training 4. Youth obtained computer and internet training 5. Local community leaders trained in community development (team work, project management, etc) 6. Reduced poverty, illiteracy and unemployment 7. Promote youth rights 8. Promoted cultural heritage and tourism activities

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We employed integrated business model approach for full implementation. Although this project will be self sustainable, however, we will need grant to serve as start of capital to initial the business. The sustainability of this project will be guaranteed because the project involves the participation and collaboration of all concerned local authorities and the community members. The beneficiaries through training given to them shall handle their business properly. The start-up capital given on credit basis will be profitable as the beneficiaries are engaged in trade of their interest. Using the profits they will undergo their business on their own capital. Their repayment shall be used to provide as credit for who are even outside the center. It revolves from one group of beneficiaries to other youths. By doing so the revolving fund is expected not only to benefit the first beneficiaries but also majority of youth who have zeal to be self employed. The project in general is expected to reduce unemployment rate, reduce youth crime rate and bring about economic viability social stability.In setting up our partnership in this project, its envision that the management including the district local administrators which encompasses the chiefs, School administrators, management, and health center staffs will be trained on how to consolidate our reciprocal exchange of skills, knowledge and experience transfer, on how to maintain the given school materials, books, medical equipment, training on how to operate the supported equipments, training on how to institutionalize ethical review of health care research and ethical issues in international collaborative health care research including ethics committee participation; improvement of health and excellent service delivery to the patients, disability education promotion fairness, adolescent sexuality reproductive health and family planning education, and the donor partner will help in

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I Francis Egu Lansana, a Liberian born (March 6, 1979) have chosen to long term desire to become a professional development specialist and policy planner. In 1997, I returned to Liberia from Guinea where I was a refugee during Liberias prolonged civil war. I found that many of my peers had dropped out of school and faced huge social challenges. Before the war, I wanted to be a medical doctor, but soon I realized I could be an agent of social change- so I studied social sciences with the hope of supporting peace in Liberia. I worked to find civil society organizations and eagerly volunteered my time to support trust and understanding in my community. I hope to have a lifelong share in the work of building greater collaboration between the citizens and their leaders so that they might be better equipped to meet the vast challenges that they face as a society in developing their community. I served as a civil society leader in a country that has been significantly damaged during the 14 years of civil unrest. My passion for policy planning, community participation and human development studies is inspired by humanitarian groups and world leaders who strive for global stability. Liberia faces immense challenges on its road to sustainable development including widespread citizen distrust of government and the rehabilitation of social service sectors and the younger generations who overwhelmingly comprise Liberias population. My work brings me into interaction with creative and hard-working young Liberians on a daily basis. I see their potential as well as the institutional challenges they face in using their skills and creativity in an environment that lacks policies and quality training opportunities.

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June 1, 2021 17:51

Great idea! Quality education should be for everybody. I think your idea is clear with its goals and motivations. But it could be clearer the way this idea (future project) can be sustainable. You could add a clearer business model. I loved your idea and wish you the best!