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Published on June 4, 2021 um 12:58

Explain your idea in details:

Polylect is a door software that automatically coordinates with the payment of that particular apartment. If the rent payment is made, the tenant has normal control over the door. Towards the time of another payment, receives reminder messages a month earlier and a grace period of two weeks into (door keeps warning with the time left for it to close). The door automatically closes if no payment. The account that the tenants are to pay in are coordinated and linked with the door smart door having the polylect software. So a client makes their rental payment and put the code of their door so that it reflects and gives them full ownership and control over the house. Without payment, even after having warnings and grace period, the door automatically closes, and will only open once payments have been made.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This will support landlords and rental owners collect rent effectively without having any challenges and conflict with their clients. The landlords also have time to watch their money grow effectively without defaulting on the agreed terms.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The software is still under development, and it will be due in market by 2022 May. It will use a subscription business model. The software is only available on subscription basis from the landlord or rental owner. An annual or monthly fee will be paid to polylect. The first financing source will be owner's equity of $5000 Our collaborators will be the housing companies and real estate companies.

Your profile

My name is Tatiana Joan Wandar, born 1992, 27th May. I am passionate about social change and transformation. I run a construction company called Wandar Village; it is an architectural, design and construction company that manufactures affordable low-cost prefab house units using Steel and EPS Panels to solve the problem of high costs of housing and long construction periods among the Middle income earners in Uganda. My team and I have experience in construction and software engineering. Due to the difficulyies of collecting rent from the tenanats, an idea of developing a door software that self collects and demands rent on behalf for the owner came vaible and achievable. The landlords and real estate companies we have shared with love the idea, especially the high end.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Miss Tatiana Joan Wandar

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June 4, 2021 16:31

This is a great housing tech. With the growth and expansion of AI and diversification of sectors.... This is a great deal in the housing sector. It helps in data collection, tracking a tenants payment record etc. I love it.

I am available to have it tested with my apartments once out.

Thanks for thinking about the challe ges us rental owners go through.


June 4, 2021 16:27

When is this being rolled out? I am dealing in smart housing and this can be of great value to my business. It's something that can help solve all the hustles or rent collection and disturbances and challenges of moving and not finding the clients.

I would love to be among the first clients. Please reach me out when out on market. +256772469204


June 4, 2021 16:17

This seems to be a viable product. I can imagine building and renting houses out without the worry of following up to demand the rent. It's a new Era life save for us in housing business.