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Spark Technologies

Published on May 31, 2021 um 17:55

Explain your idea in details:

We are working to design heavy duty battery packs to store power energy for longer hours. Our batteries can help reduce Co2 emissions because it can be installed in Electric Vehicles which has almost negligible amount of any toxic gases to the environment. A truly green product We will be making heavy duty lithium ion battery packs which addressing problems of energy storage for longer period in term of hours. Electric vehicle assemblers and manufacturers always need high duty durable batteries for their vehicles , and we got a solution to that. Traditional ways of storage has many limitations and hazard although people have ways of power energy available to store. Our battery pack can store power energy for any available source to use it later for a longer time with durability. it is customize-able to any shape and size even in any current and voltage rating without having much larger size and mass. We will be using advanced robot technology to gather cells for battery packs , BMS circuit itself is very smart guy to monitor and track every cells performance for their health. Cell Charges , Meters and monitors are the name of few things . High class spot welder for spot welding purposes and other technology time to time

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our battery pack is itself contain hazard free material unlike acid batteries which emits harmful gases, in fact our batteries has almost 0 tolerance to the environment and not causing any sort of environmental pollution at all. Also our batteries will be installed in Electric Charged Vehicles unlike fuel consuming vehicles which emits Co2 directly to the environment causing pollution and complications, Our batteries will enable all the EV,s to stop emit any sort of climate pollution.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Revenue Model : By selling our product to the customers and selling maintenance contracts. Expecting yearly revenue of 8 Million PKR in the 1st year . In total 2.8 Billion PKR in 03 years from the period 2021 to 2023. We will be looking at investment to implement our production place and R&D .

Your profile

My Name is Abid Akbar having age of 31 yrs . I have completed my MBA-IT degree from Sarhad University of Information and Technology Peshawar and Got certificates from Georgia Tech,Georgia ,SWOG and Govt Deptt of Pakistan in the trade of Information and Technology. Experienced from various Industries both local and international including Banks,FMCG, LLC, and General Trading . Visited countries include Qatar and UAE. Several Awards were rewarded by Organizations like Directorate of Youth Affairs, LUMS Lahore, Directorate of Science and Technology, Islamic Development Bank and Climate Launchpad are the name of few in support of his entrepreneurial journey. I believe one should not think of a product to make , Concentration should be made on real world problem solutions. If the problem will be realistic and still a pain , Product will be Flourished and Revenue will be generated more than expected.

Stage of Idea

idea offered for implementation by others

These are the 18650 Cells Look Like

When it is Sorted / Tested/ Aligned

After BMS fitting / Protection and Semi Final Product

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June 3, 2021 20:41

Dude , you have bring such an bright idea Wallah,
Nice to see your project here, I dont know how to vote but I hope I did it right . Tell me how can I help your idea. contact me back if you can

Hurrera ali

June 3, 2021 20:32

Nice Project , Well done boy. Really this is the need for current time . Lithium Ion no doubt has more power density . Hope you get the right platform .
From EV to consumer goods every product needs power backup .