Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Vizion Z Renewables

Published on May 12, 2021 um 16:30

Explain your idea in details:

Energy needs are increasing day by day and fossil energy reserves are limited. With the world facing a global coal crisis, the argument for the need to shift towards renewable sources of energy has only become stronger. In long term, humanity needs greener and cleaner sources of energy for its overall prosperity and long term. The world has about 7billion people and another 1billion cattles, together creating waste amounting to 1Trillion tonnes of waste annually, which is polluting the environment due to lack of waste management infrastructure. We simply look forward to creating energy utilising this waste. We offer a hybrid solution consisting of an in-house designed power plant and an app-based ecosystem service for creating an efficient supply chain (which has been a historic limiting factor for the growth of this sector worldwide). For human waste, we offer group housing societies complete onsite waste to energy solutions to convert their communities waste to value. We have designed a specialised bioenergy plant to convert biomass to energy and manure and back-end supply chain management would be executed through our application. This in turn could create a value of $12K/Month for a housing project of 1000 households. For, value-rich cattle waste, We franchise existing bio-energy plants (which use more expensive and low yield bio-waste supply chain constraints) and align them with cattle waste supply using an app-based system. An average cow keeper in India has about 45-100cows with each cow on average producing about 25-30kg of manure daily, we look forward to aligning highly defragmented stakeholders of this sector through an application based service, solving the main problem of this sector which is poor supply chain management. Through this, we could increase the production margin by 180%, which is where we create a profit simultaneously generating multi-fold value for our partners.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

our idea is aligned with the 4 SDGs. They are listed as follows:- 1. Affordable and clean energy- Through our diversified operations and clean energy generation from waste, we could provide clean energy to the public at a very affordable price. our target market, India includes 30.6% of the global cattle population and 25% of the human population. Waste produced by this segment can produce up to 1.5 M GWh OF ENERGY ANNUALLY. Doubling the current energy production of India. 2. Industry, Innovation, and infrastructure- we will contribute significantly to the sustainable energy sector of the country by providing people value through the power of innovation. If we could create a successful system by aligning the interests of our franchised bio-mass manure and energy plants, the market growth potential is humongous. Taking, India as our initial setup market we estimate a total addressable market of $106Bn, a serviceable assessable market of $42Bn and a serviceable obtainable market of $15Bn, with an initial beachhead market of $2Mn. 3. Sustainable Cities and communities- As we plan to treat human waste and convert it to useable form of energy and nutrients we will reduce the carbon footprints providing sustainable cities and communities. Our solution will prevent millions of tonnes of toxic organic waste from going into water bodies, canals and oceans, creating very sustainable and dynamic living ecosystems throughout the world. 4. Climate action- As we aim for reducing India's carbon emissions by 50% in long run by targeting the issues of utmost concern. India accounts for 30% of the global cattle population(largest in the world). in just India, this could reduce pollution by 162.5million tonnes of carbon equivalent (double the emissions caused by the automobile sector in India) 5. The social impact: Uplift lives of dairy farmers by giving them money in exchange of dung

Plans for implementation and sustainability

I'm working on this concept with my friend Kushagra Verma, he has his expertise more on the technical front of the concept. our business model:- Dairy farmer Model- We are connecting dairy farmers (raw material providers) with the energy producer and manure manufacturer (our franchise). After due deduction of processing cost, out of total profit, we will be charging our service fee as % of total profit. This PROFIT% will be negotiated and finalized after due discussion with the partnered franchise. Housing Society Model-Here we will be paid directly for our plant/machinery that will convert waste to energy. Our procedural support services will support the production of manure from slurry and other functional services. So, Now on the NET value created, we will be charging 10-15% as our share. Financing Source:- For the initial capital required for launching the service for dairy farmers, we would raise capital through VCs or angel/seed investors. This seed investment will help us to build our service ecosystem, for example- logistic partnerships, service eco-system, and initial marketing capital, etc. For our second targeted consumer base, i.e-Group housing societies, as this system will require more capital investment on the production front and some more time is also required for testing prototypes of the designso, for this purpose to raise funding from investors we would focus on creating our brand value for next 6 months implementing the concept of app-based ecosystem system for dairy farmers. Disrupting conventional financing:- As in future we will grow in size, value and capture a large market we have planned to launch our own CRYPTO-CURRENCY as its value is based on demand and supply. Today it doesn't have any underlying product value for the investors. So, by launching our own crypto our cryptos value will become directly proportional to the value of our product, unlike other cryptocurrencies.

Your profile

We are Utkarsh Sharma and Kushagra Verma from the Delhi-NCR region of India. Kushagra is 16year old and Utkarsh is 17year old, respectively. Our relationship is not new, and we know each other for the past 4 years but the previous year, while working on the NASA Lunar Loo Challenge we realized the potential we have as a team, we very well understand each other and believe each other and respect our views and concerns. Apart from this, we have a scientific-entrepreneurial mindset, we both believe in transforming society using new scientific innovations and reframing existing scientific methods to scale them using our entrepreneurial mindset. For, the past 1 year we have both been striving hard to make our project a reality. Achievements Utkarsh- he is an active participant in all socio-cultural events in the school. He is a great stage performer from acting to debating. Apart from that he has a very scientific mindset and aspires to be a social entrepreneur. He has actively participated in ODMs and won various school science challenges. Last year he also participated in NASA Lunar Loo Challenge. Kushagra:- he has actively taken part in MUN's and thus had developed public speaking capabilities over the years. He was an intern at Nawvel a few months ago and knows how to code. He ventures into data science. We have taken part in various science competitions and secured decent positions. NASA lunar loo challenge was our break. Submission in CSIR 2021. Our startup's credentials: 1. Top 100 YTBC teams out of 7000+ applications 2. Climate Launchpad India Finalists. 3. Eligible for certification from global jury under the prestigious Wadhwani foundation. 4. Nominated for Bal Shakti Puruskar 2022(Prime Minister's award for children).


Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Group-Housing Societies

Dairy Farmers


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November 1, 2021 17:44

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.

Your idea is very smart and practical.

>> <<

Kushagra Verma

October 30, 2021 18:11

Thank you all for supporting us on this journey. Day after tomorrow is the day when the results are going to be out. Cheers. Vizion Z has been constantly developing and the growth we have seen in the past 6 months has been immense. Had it not been the response we got from the audience, we couldn\'t have traversed such lengths.

October 25, 2021 18:58

What's the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something great? You only live once, if you live it right, once is enough.
# climate car
I really support your idea completely.. your idea is unconventional.
never give up

October 22, 2021 20:12

Always remember, you have the strength, patience and passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
Your idea is great.
There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: The Fear of Failure.

William Zabka

September 1, 2021 20:12

It is rightly said change is the law of nature, and change is what these two talented young men promise through this visionary startup, it is enthralling to see how they have devised such an revolutionary idea at such a tender age and how they have the will and the intellect to execute it. This is the kind of work that society needs right now. I will be looking forward to how these two ingenious young minds guide their project from concept to completion.

Aarushi Chauhan

September 1, 2021 18:20

They say that the Devil works hard. Everyone's wrong. You both work harder. I am so proud of you both. Keep up the good work and i am sure your project is gonna inspire others.


September 1, 2021 18:06

Success Ke Peeche Mat Bhaago, Excellence Ka Peecha Karo, Success Jhak Maarke Tumhare Peeche Ayegi
Excellence ka peecha hota hua dikhra hai
Jahanpanah Tussi great ho Tohfa kabool karo

Sajal Jaggi

September 1, 2021 18:00

What an amazing work done by these youngsters. I m sure ur hard work will help in improving the environment..kudos to you both keep up the great work.May you achieve great success ahead for your fantastic idea.

Kiara Sharma

September 1, 2021 17:29

What an amazing idea. I am totally in awe of this team. This idea can bring a revolution in Indian energy production. Hats off to their hard work. Way to go Kush and Utkarsh

Kushagra Verma

September 1, 2021 17:19

Hey everyone, this side Kushagra, cofounder VZ Renewables, please visit our Youtube Channel to watch our app prototypes, pitch and etc. Looking forward to your support.

Anupriya Bhatnagar

June 7, 2021 14:24

Such an amazing initiative.... Looking for more impressive projects like this.... Hope you guys do awesome... You've worked so hard for this that it is fantastic to see you get this success and fame... Kudos!!! Keep on working harder and better!!!!

Charu Mullick

June 1, 2021 18:33

Best wishes
Hats off to their teachers and community and moreover to them. God bless you both and your project goes long way to success.

All the best
God bless

Pankaj Sati

June 1, 2021 10:23

Very Brilliant Topic selected by two young boys. Conservation of Natural resources are not only important but has now become very essential for mankind. For example the most used fossil fuel used world wide have reserves which could last only 50 more years.

Moreover exploring all possibilities for alternate energy / optimisation of uses of natural resources is also very important subject to discuss and work upon.

Integrated planning and efforts is very important parameter in achieving the objectives.

I ensure my full support to dear young friends in whatever possible ways I could.


Pankaj Sati

June 1, 2021 10:09

Very bright and essential topic choosen by young boys. Conservation of Natural Resources is not only important but it has almost become necessary to start working on it in large scale by community, self and Govt .

Integration of various aspects in this subject is very important to achieve the desired goals.

Am in to support my dear young friends in what ever possible ways I can.

Anupriya Bhatnagar

June 1, 2021 08:27

Interesting concept and great initiative..... Looking forward to hearing more about it.... It looks good on paper but how well you'll be able to work it out on ground is as essential as any.... Hopeful for a wonderful response...

Gaurav Sharma

June 1, 2021 07:43

Good going young lad , this is the way our new generation will make a significant difference. I hope your plan will be executed in coming time and make a remarkable difference in everyone life.
All the best.

rahul verma

June 1, 2021 07:02

Good Concept from teens. In this age they are thinking so much. Hats off to their teachers and community and moreover to them. God bless you both and your project goes long way to success.

May 12, 2021 18:37

This is brilliant utkarsh! You are going to create a much better diary farming system with that idea! I love it. One is never too small to establish a great plan and also you are an intelligent young man. System is a bit complicated but I know it's your idea/plan and you would work it out.