Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Gruinvild sustentainability

Published on August 17, 2021 um 17:31

Explain your idea in details:

Promote environmental education and encourage sustainable family farming

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

In 10 years it is expected that the impacts of environmental education will be perceptible through changes in the behavior of farmers. will be evaluated by survey: reduction of deforestation and regeneration/reforestation of degraded areas; proper soil management in sloping areas; reduction in the purchase and use of pesticides.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The team will be formed by trained professionals from the environmental and multidisciplinary areas. the design of non-reimbursable resources will be sought in state programs for entrepreneurs, as well as partnerships with national and international institutions with interests in socio-economic and environmental sustainability.

Your profile

Master's Student in Socioeconomic and Environmental Sustainability - Federal University of Ouro Preto-MG. Specialist in Management and Environmental Education-MULTIVIX. Born in the state of Espírito Santo-Brazil in 1992.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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