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Every child matters

Published on May 17, 2021 um 14:56

Explain your idea in details:

My main objective is to ensure every child has food, shelter and gains survival skills in life. The future of Africa is in agriculture and the young generation, so then why not blend the two for a brilliant future. The forum will focus on planting fruit trees like Avocado, mangoes, lemons and oranges, rearing pigs, bees and fish, growing maize, beans and vegetables. These activities will run throughout the year irrespective of the seasonal changes because I plan to tap underground water and rain water for irrigation and day to day running of the farm. Due to the irrigation idea, we shall always produce in the dry season when there is scarcity hence having an added advantage from the rest of the farmers. In the apiculture sector, we intend to sell processed products and not raw products. From honey we shall make cough syrup, wound care plasters, packaged organic honey and add it to own oil and soap we shall be making from bee wax. From propolis, we shall make tea bags, tinctures and sell it off for preserving the dead. Royal jelly has a good reputation in kidney disease treatment and asthma. Venom is currently on demand since it is an immune booster. Apiculture is a venture that doesn't require much capital to start and yet we shall be able to get much from it. I would like to mention that if I'm successful with setting up the forum, I will incorporate single mothers and particularly their children into the system

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

My target is to have a hunger free Uganda,Africa and world at large and provide quality education to the homeless children through their effort. This is an idea aligned with 4 SDGs and that is No poverty,Zero hunger, Good health and well being and Quality education. How shall we chase away poverty if we the young generation isn't taught to eat from our own sweat? My idea is focusing on teaching the homeless street children sustainable agriculture to sustain themselves. Through sustainable agriculture, I will be able to dismiss hunger and malnourishment among Ugandans. A well fed body is equally healthy. These children I'm putting my focus on stay along streets and have their goodnight sleep in the city drainage tunnels, no one can account for the mosquitoes that feast on them daily. Who knows what the young girls do to protect themselves from the hungry heartless men in these cold nights? When sheltered and fed, their health and well being is cartered for. The surplus from our yields, we shall sell them and generate income to fund our education and acquire survival skills like tailoring, baking, carpentry, brick laying and several other skills through tertiary institutions. Evaluation of these SDGs will be through the physical appearance of the children and how much skill has been acquired by them as yet. Poverty, hunger, poor health and lack of skills have been Africa's challenges for long but through empowering the homeless through agriculture, we shall have moved a step ahead to a better Africa and safer planet. We build for the future.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

From the activities listed above our products are pork, fish, honey, bee venom, propolis, bee wax oil, fruits, maize and beans. Our products will be purely organic. I intend to first sell our surplus products to Ugandans and the international market. Major expenses will be fixed, that is purchasing land, building structures for housing the children and farm animals, constructing the water system, farm equipments like tractor, plougher, irrigation system. Variable expenses will be incurred during the day to day running of the farm and well being of the children. Our major resource is labor, the children will work hand in hand with the farm workers to accomplish farm activities.Good climate and fertile soils are also one of our God given resources. I'm a hard working and determined lady and that is a resource the idea has already, it will keep the idea moving until it succeeds. Our products will be sold out through exhibitions to the community and advertising to exponse them to the rest of the world. I hope to get funds through organizing fundraising occasions, mobilising friends to do a car washes, I'm also saving my up keep, I'm airing my idea to several organizations forexample LIONS club international, hoping to find a sponsor.

Your profile

My name is Tukashaba Ritah. I'm a female Ugandan aged 20. I was born on 15th September,2000 in Kasese district. My mother is called Tushemerirwe Scolah. I have been raised by her single handedly from the word Go! I wonder if she hadn't decided to take up the journey of raising me, I would be one of the streets children now. And I gain my motivation from her courage. I'm a student at Makerere university, Uganda pursuing a bachelors degree in animal production technology and management. I'm also pursuing a short course in Chinese language. I'm a very out spoken lady with quality leadership roles. I'm the serving class representative of our class and the health minister of our college. I would like to be the mother of all those children on the street. I'm loving but don't tolerate ignorance and laziness. I believe that given opportunity to participate in agriculture and cultivate there our own food and feed the world at large. The street children will be no longer street children but home children.

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June 3, 2021 20:08

'The street children will be no longer street children but home children'. Yes every child matters. Your story is a motivation and a lesson for us to realize that every child matters. Keep it up lady