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The tyre particle collector with sensor notification

Published on May 15, 2021 um 16:30

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As designers and engineers, we were driven by an iterative process of learning through making exploring various methods like vacuuming and adhesives. However, my discovery started with an observationrubbing a balloon against a sweater and watching shaved tyre particles dance. This led me to hypothesise that the rubber itself was charged and that I could use electrostatics to capture it. I serve fleet vehicle operators and manufacturers to achieve zero-emission goals. My device uses electrostatics and airflow around the wheel to capture tyre particles; to be processed and reused in a variety of applications, creating a closed-loop system. My thought that rubber particles coming off the tyre are positively charged due to friction. Using a single array of electrostatic plates, this design currently captures 60% of all airborne particulates. It will low energy and will be powere directly from the cars alternator.Positioned close to where the tyre meets the road, with sufficient ground clearance, the device takes advantage of various air flows around the spinning wheel. It will attached to the steering knuckle, free to move and turn with the suspension, and adaptable to different vehicles. Captured tyre particles are stored in a cartridge within the device and collected during servicing , if cartridge is fill, the sensor will notify us to remove that. Once refined, they will extract and use in a variety of applications, including new tyres, 3D printing and dyes, creating a closed-loop system.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Tyres are the stealthy source of microplastic pollution we never thought about, and the implications of these particulates in our environment are only just emerging. EVs and regenerative braking will dramatically reduce tailpipe emissions and brake wear, leaving only tyre wear. We are the only solution considering tyre wear collection at source and are positioned to take first-mover advantage. Our patent covers the technology, various plate configurations and embodiments attached to a variety of vehicles in the vicinity of the tyre and underbody. By capturing right at the wheel we are more effective than outdoor HEPA filters, and consume less energy than vacuuming and conventional electrostatic precipitators. The device will provide real-time data on the rate of wear in relation to driving habits and environmental conditions. This data is valuable to tyre and vehicle manufacturers to understand the performance of tyres over long periods of time.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This is a complex problem, and one cannot tackle alone. so, we need to introduce this into world level, then vehicle manufacturing companies, then implement this idea. This will be adopting for all type of vehicles like Electric- vehicle, hybrid vehicle which contain tyre that's all need this. This is not more economical one so it will be useful source, then it will be need small space enough to implement in vehicle. This is less weight so it doesn't affect the vehicle efficiency.

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I am Dharshini. M, pursuing 3rd year mechanical engineering in Paavai Engineering College (Autonomous). Im from Erode, Tamil nadu. I am 21. Im from middle class family. We are in 5 along with my parents. I have a one younger brother and younger sister, both are studying. My motivation is me; my hobby is to know anything new for a day, thats my most powerful habit of mine. I think, I doesnt achieve anything in big manner. This is my 1st attempt to achieve something in a big way. I am an optimistic person, then strong believer in what will happen in future. thats all things are made by me nowadays.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

microplastics in water source.

microplastics are flyoff by friction.

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