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Published on August 16, 2021 um 08:58

Explain your idea in details:

Mission Our Mission Is to create products that would revolutionize African gastronomy to help Africans and around the world to discover and easily access their traditional African meals. The company AFRICA GASTRONOMIQUE GROUPS allows you to connect the artisanal products, agri-food and agro-pastoral products with direct consumers and kick the wind of their product. To connect hotel and restaurant staff with direct businesses. Vision Our Vision is to use our ancestral cultural values to revolutionize African gastronomy by use the products of artisans. In fact, restore the image of African culinary art on the international scene. ABSTRACT What? AFRICA GASTRONOMIQUE GROUPS connects the values of African culinary culture to the whole world. We want to promote the tool of our ancestral African culinary art. Safeguard our culture Improve the service and the standard of African gastronomy Objectives that we will pursue through this project The major objective here is to find African gastronomy on the international scene alongside the great gastronomic. 1. Bring expansion to use on addictive food and agro-pastoral products. 2. To see African restaurants be represented on its cultural identity. 3. To help the whole world discover the history and riches of African gastronomy. 4. To promote ancestral African culinary values. 5. Bring added value to the consumption of addictive and agro-pastoral products 6. promotes the tools (equipment) of ancestral African Cuisine

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Determined segmentation Considering the demand for knowledge in the field of African cuisine, considering the development of gastronomy and the competition which is emerging day by day, our strategy aims to provide solutions to this problem. On The Technical side: Use of technical methods to demonstrate the importance of local products. We develop innovative ideas for African gastronomy. We offer technical and scientific training modules on African gastronomy. In Terms of health: Creation of training workshops, educational awareness programs with experts on local and organic products. We offer healthy cooking recipes from ancestral African products We offer our customers natural and cultural products. From an environmental point of view: Our project respects environmental standards. We develop ideas to support and encourage the natural way of life to respect our environment. We demonstrate it with the sale of products and services at which level our environment must be protected (the products of the craftsman, the products of the plantation) On The Social and Community level: We implement strategies to promote ancestral African culture and culinary art. Our company will need manpower to compensate for the unemployment of many full-time young people. In second position We offer ourselves small temporary jobs thanks to our activities. The community will benefit from free training based on the consumption of local products which will be organized by the Fondation Cuisine Mère Enfants de Africa Gastronomique. In Terms of food: We are implementing a policy of compensating for food shortages by offering different varieties of agro-pastoral and agrifood products according to different modes of use in households. Customers will have the opportunity to cook at home. We develop technical ideas to encourage local consumption. Economically: The creation of new recipes will boost the sale of products. We are implementing a policy to boost agribusiness. The majority of our services are innovative ideas for the development of African culinary

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Characteristics of demand Type of clientele The products and services we offer directly involve all the different social strata. The majority of our services are directly adapted to the African reality and to the international market. In the long run we will look for an international clientele. Our products and services target a majority of middle class and well-off social class. All of our services are operational on hospitality industry, people in homes and household dimensions. The products we have available that are suitable for all social strata: Elderly person, children, adults, young octopuses consume The products and services offered by the African Gastronomic Groups company 1. The clientele represents in the African market in 80% 2. The clientele represents in the international market in 20% 3. The clientele represents in the industrial market in 42% 4. The clientele represents in the market Average social class in 78% 5. The clientele represents in the market social class rich in 32% Other important points on Products and services All the products and services that you offer bring an absolute approach to the revolution of African gastronomy for the well-being of local consumption and a better way to organize and to live better. The services are an added value that we bring for the consumption of local products in forma on the culture of African culinary art Characteristics of the offer General the products and services offered the company Africa Gastronomique Groups are exclusively dedicated to revolutionized gastronomy business African we will create goods that must benefit the hotel and restaurant sector in the gastronomy sector boot the style of services for people with African culture on the art of ancestral African products Competitors Today had such a service proposed it is difficult to find at this moment in reality in Africa potential direct competitors. But on the other hand there are potential indirect competitors in the event industry and the hospitality industry. on some

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My name is :LAMCMA Firstname :JOSEPH City : BUEA Post code: 00237. Téléphone : 00237 675918708E-mail : [email protected] I was born over 33 years ago. After my primary and secondary studies, I decided to set out to conquer the world and human development more than 13 years ago in the hotel and restaurant industry, in particular in African cuisine, European Italian cuisine, continental cuisine and Arabic cuisine. I have extensive experience in the world of hospitality in general hotels, tourism and catering. I am of Cameroonian origin, I took my first steps in the hotel industry as a cook and waiter in the starred restaurant of Akwa Douala. Like the chef of the Le Capitol Buea Cameroon hotel. I am married and the father of 2 children My determination and my commitment to be able to change the world are part of my fundamental qualities. Raising awareness educate demonstrate are part of my daily sharing to be able to revolutionize the world entrepreneurship is a major tool for the development of our society. The sharing of Knowledge makes the determination to realize his dream, rigor and moralization, are my own weapons LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGE: Pidgin: Very well spoken fluently; read and written: fair; Yemba: Spoken fluently, French: Very good command both written and spoken; English: Fairly very well spoken fluently; read and written COUNTRIES VISITED Cameroon, Togo, Central African Republic, Dubai United Arab Emirates, Belgium, India, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Senegal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Iran, Bosnian

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October 23, 2021 01:03

good job chef beaucoup de courage et de détermination à vous ce grand travail votre projet est assez intéressant

a lot of courage and determination to you this great work your project is quite interesting

October 20, 2021 08:58

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve >> The fear of failure. So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.

October 6, 2021 15:22

Hi, Joseph! Good day! Greetings from the Philippines! Your idea makes me drool! I love food and your idea is something that I am really curious about. I am from Asia and I haven't tasted any African dishes before. Being someone who is interested in different cultures, I find food a brilliant aspect of culture to explore and expand. I wish you all the best on that!

On another note, I do hope that you spare some time to look over my idea ANI (Actions Network Initiative) -- I am soliciting comments to further improve my idea, which is on conceptual stage and is offered for implementation by others.

Thank you again!

October 5, 2021 21:22

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Success is not final, failure is not fatal, It is the courage to continue that counts.

Your idea is very smart and practical.