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Published on June 1, 2021 um 09:30

Explain your idea in details:

Ace+ is going to be a diverse and multicultural co-working online platform that provides free education that is as accessible & engaging as social media for young people in Latin America. This will be possible through short video courses of 10 or fewer minutes each. This idea was born as the necessity to help fill the void of many important things that are not taught in school or college. Many young people are struggling because of a lack of knowledge regarding alternative or nontypical education like career skills, mental health, gender, and other subjects that are needed nowadays. Given the right opportunities, anyone can improve their circumstances through learning with quality and diverse education. Many online platforms provide free courses in alternative skills, but those are usually for English speakers. Very few have the opportunity to learn another language in Latin America. It means that access to alternative education is limited to only a part of students of the world. This platform can help change that. This platform can provide a different way of learning by using memes, gifs, and gamification. It will have different categories, like gender, environmental management, mental health, career skills, soft skills, and tech skills. Many professionals (from civil society, companies, activists movements, start-ups, and social media) can help design each course depending on the subject. The platform will be interactive allowing users to comment their thoughts or recommendations about the courses. In that way, the platform will make learning easy to consume for many young Latin Americans. It will be a learning community. This will create the first platform of its kind available for free to Spanish speakers.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This platform is focused on helping and creating advantages for Latin American students to improve their knowledge and skills. Providing them with space and tools to achieve it. There are around 20 million students in Latin America enrolled in a college according to the BBC. Sometimes the knowledge they receive in their classrooms does not fit with the requirements some students may need in their work-life or personal life. This platform is about creating a suitable diverse set of courses with the necessities the students need to learn nowadays and as a result, they can become better future professionals and students. Given the right opportunities, anyone can improve their circumstances through learning. The measure to evaluate the success of this will be to see how a young life is changed or improve by learning throw the platform. We can use testimonials or polls to evalute and verify it. This platform expects to accomplish SDG Goal 4: Quality Education and Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This platform is going to be free. The beneficiaries won't pay anything for the courses. For this project to start working, it will need investors that are interested in working towards access to education and reducing poverty and inequality. I will seek help from many global organizations and peers that are fighting to archive the same goal to design the courses that will be on the platform. The Monetization and Profitability of the project will achieve through donations from the private sector, grants, and advertisers that want to promote their products/services on the platform.

Your profile

I am a 22 years old student from El Salvador. I am currently completing my degree in International Relations. I have been an activist since 2016. I have worked in the Youth Municipal Institution of San Salvador, Colmena Corporation, and NIMD. I have experienced in project and digital management, and with the development of Public Policies. I have been honored by the National Youth Institution of El Salvador for my work and contribution to San Salvador's youth development and empowerment in 2019. I created my organization named Espacio Joven, which promotes equal education for everybody.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage


Fernando Perez

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July 2, 2021 19:42

I have not seen an idea like this before. I think it is a innovative aproach to educate youth in Latin America. I have worked in many low risk communities in Guatemala and Honduras, and a platform like this one, it can really help to understand better and easier. I hope to see a video or pictore or draft of this idea! Great work!


July 2, 2021 00:05

I have seen many idea during this competition and this one has something I truly belive is necessary in order to create a better world for everyone. Supporting and improving eduaction! It is the key for every single issue we all have. I think the best we can all do is supporting ideas like this one.


June 30, 2021 20:54

Great idea! I think this could provide an amazing opportunity for youth in Latin America. Education should be accesible for eveyone, everywhere. I hope this idea can become a project and it successfull