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Integrated Digital platforms to provide continues Education for students during lockdowns

Published on May 30, 2021 um 10:07

Explain your idea in details:

Objective: To ensure that all children have equal opportunity to access quality education through independent unbiased digital and e-learning platform that conforms to preventing the spread of (COVID-19) Pandemic. Through a national educational webinar/conference, teachers, stakeholders and policymakers can develop, review, revise and adopt lessons (text) for each subject areas and each grade as enshrined in their national curriculum. The lessons will be structured and arranged into Marking Periods for the number of days within each Marking Periods. The lessons will than be developed as app for secondary students to download and published as digital book with artificial intelligence for pre primary and primary students. For real-time interaction with their teachers each grade level will have a zoom, whova, Skype or WhatsApp group meeting sessions. For inquiries and assignments each grade level can a Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype or other social media group page. For Assessment and testing teachers can use Google forms, Type form, Survey Monkey or other to assess students progress. For monitoring, control and Regulations, each school required website to connect each application, social media and Assessment platforms and, for creating customize email address for students and teachers. The process involves conference/ webinar to develop lessons, training teachers to use the system and administrators do effective Monitoring and Evaluation.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

According to the World Health Organization about 1.5 billion children were out of school due to COVID-19 Pandemic. This has high risk effects on achieving Goal 3&4 of the Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore to Mitigate the adverse effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on education and to prepare schools to continue providing quality education for students during pandemic and lockdowns and at the same time adhere to health and lockdowns protocol, there is a need to customize the social media and ICT Networks to provide flexible learning environment for students outside of the traditional classroom. When adopted by National Governments it will contribute to sustainable development by ensuring that preparing and equipping children to become responsible and qualified to uphold peace and contribute meaningfully to the quest for survival of the human race with specific focus on: Impact 1: Children living in extreme poverty have access to quality education compare to their wealthy counterparts at affordable cost. Impact 2: Children are prevented for contracting/spreading Contiguous viruses during health crisis and at the same time schools adhere to lockdown measures without disrupting students learning process. Impact 3: Children continue to learn during pandemic and lockdowns in a digital friendly environment with limited physical abuse from from peers, teachers and administrators. Impact 4: Global institutions/ organizations interested in developing and improving the quality of education can monitor schools or any country education system using the platform. Impact 5: Globalization of the education system to ensure that every child is educated through a rebust Monitoring System.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The implementation of this idea is hybrid partnerships business Model (Enterprises and NGO) As enterprise, we will produce and sell customize lessons set up e-learning platform for customers (Colleges, Universities schools of professional studies, and Vocational institutes) at their descriptions. As NGO, we will partner with governments, schools, charitable organizations and ICTs companies to produce and distribute lessons and set e-learning platform for primary and secondary schools in low and middle income countries for students living in poverty stricken communities. We expect to receive fund through donation from partnerships, governments and profit from sales for customers. To begin national endeavour, we are looking foward to grant from government, donation from organizations, Loan from financial institutions, or Equity funding. Basically for sustainability, an average secondary Students will pay US$.25 for app (containing all their lessons) size 100-180MB per academic year. And pre primary and primary Students will pay US$ 40-60 for a set of lessons per grade level, containing 10 books and one Al talking pen or pay US $.20 for app size 100-180MB. We also will expect royalties to receive from people through Playstore or YouTube for viewing and downloading our apps, video and contents. We are collaborating with Mavis Computel Limited in Nigeria for the production of the talking books for pre primary and primary school and hope to expend our collaboration to include government, Google and other ICTs and organizations.

Your profile

I am Mulbah S Freeman. Born June 6, 1991 in Gbarnga City, Liberia. Founder of the Students Education Trust-Liberia (SET-Liberia). Current members and participants of the top 100 Land Accelerators Cohort - 2021. 2nd place Winner Namo Bomosee National Environmental Conference- Topic: Water Pollution treatment - Impact on Health - 2016. Winner Human Right Day Drawing Competition- Theme: Stop Arbitrary Arrest and Detention 2005. Skills: Leadership skill, interpersonal skills, Computer soft skills , Entrepreneurs Skills. Confident when working with team and be very comfortable working independently. Passion: Working in Liberia as an entrepreneur to provide equal access to quality education for all children and providing economic empowerment for women and youth theough sustainable agriculture and livelihood Development.

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start-up stage

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June 2, 2021 15:52

I really like your idea and believe it has a huge impact. I feel like just regular online classes are not enough because people will have a lack of motivation to continue with online courses especially with all the distractions on the internet. Maybe make the classes interactive or gamify the learning process. Overall, it is a great idea and a huge impact! Good job.

May 30, 2021 15:13

This system sounds great Buddy...focusing on interactive teaching sessions using AI is a much-needed thing at times like these when people are lacking that social interaction we used to have in the physical schools...