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New Horizon Centre For All Children

Published on June 21, 2021 um 08:11

Explain your idea in details:

New Horizon centre for all children will be the first centre in Lesotho that will encompass meeting the needs of infants, toddlers and adolescents alike. The main purpose of the centre however is to help ease the burden for working mothers, while also decreasing the alarming level of employment among the young in the country. In most African countries women shoulder more childcare responsibilities than men due to persistent gender norms. Child care services are limited for women working in informal economy and work arrangements such as temporary, part-time or self employment. Without access to quality and affordable childcare services, women workers in informal economy risk losing out on the much needed income by reducing their working hours. The childcare will provide affordable but safe and a nurturing environment with access to nutrition, fun and educational toys/materials for kid. Furthermore, to support the healthy development of all children including adolescents, the centre will provide out of school and summer programs. This will not only bridge a gap of zero child orientated programs in Lesotho during school holidays to limit the number of unsupervised kids, but it will also help ease the minds of parents (particularly women) in order for them to work to their full potential. This is because in Lesotho, textile factories employ over 85% of young female workers and it is the lowest paying formal sector employment in the country. Women and the youth also make up a largest proportion of people working in the informal sector.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The children themselves will benefit immensely from the centre. This will be achieved from inhanced cognitive, Linguistic, emotional and social development. More than that, for working mothers, the availability of an affordable childcare care means eroding obstacles to equality of opportunities. The availablity of the childcare centres throughout the country means mothers will return to work on time. Which will increase public revenue and cut poverty rates. The success of the child care Centre will be measured by the number of children enrolled in the centre. The ability to expand throughout the country. The ability to further create out of school programs and summer and winter programs. We will employ young people with different qualifications needed by the centre. The employment will be made available on a full time, part time and volunteering basis. This will be done in order to give young people the chance to be employed and gain experience.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The childcare centre will focus on infants from 3months upwards. The hope is that the centre will be situated near a particular worksite. It will run for a full day, this includes after school hours. It will also operate during weekends and holidays. This will ensure that it aligns with parents' working hours. The services will not be limited to care and supporting the healthy development of children but will also include school break program for adolescents. To be able to open the centre i need funding that will go towards hiring a building, and buying the material needed for the care and learning of the children and paying the stuff. Once the centre is open and running, more money will be raised through fundraising projects and by creating extra activities for kids. This will ensure that we keep the fees low for parents as the centre's aim is to help parents in poor communities.

Your profile

My name is Malerotholi Lerotholi from Lesotho. I was born in 1995. I hold a master's degree in health and medical sociology. I am also a mother of a 2 year old daughter who is the inspiration for my idea. She was born when I was going into my second year Master's. I struggled a lot with her as i could not afford a live in nanny. So each time i went for my consultations at school my mother would stay home and watch her. I was almost unable to complete school because of this. Now as a mother i know there are many women who are struggling like i did. This is why I hope to make live a little easier for working mothers while making life extra fun and special for kids.

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