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recycler donation

Published on June 1, 2021 um 10:38

Explain your idea in details:

This project targets the safety of the environment and the wellbeing of its society by raising awareness about the global warming, climate change and pollution, caused by human activity. Afterwards, the team offers a sustainable solution for this problem by collecting all waste generated and then recycles it. Moreover, the societys welfare, comfort and prosperity is our responsibility. We provide this service by donating from our profit to charities and families in need, right know five families are getting help from our project and a number of them is working with us in order to gain their daily bread and support their family. In addition, recycler donation organizes cleaning campaign in order to maintain Lebanons ocean and street beauty. This kind of events is open to the public, in which people participate and help restore nature, learn the sorting process, differentiate the recyclable items and the non-recyclables, try to reduce their consumption and find other ecofriendly alternatives. Recycler Donations team is formed by dedicated young volunteers who give their time to help. The team collect the waste from the waste donors, sort and stock them, make connections, give awareness sessions, participate in national and international events, competitions and exhibitions... each one is given a specific task: social media, networking, information center, sales, management... the team is well prepared and professional. Our service offers a feasible, even desirable, alternative to traditional means of disposing of human waste. Municipalities, restaurants, schools, universities, homes... will benefit from our service by having an alternative means of waste disposal. We offer a service by which the country can dispose of their waste without it having to be land filled anywhere while supporting a cause: abolishing poverty and hunger. Our service is a value added, a recycling option that appeals to the growing environmental conscientiousness among people and the desire to make a difference in someones life.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

our project impact the environment positively in 3 different ways: cleanup, reforestation and awareness. firstly, Beach clean-ups are thus an extremely important event to help mitigate the problems caused by ocean debris and danger inflicted on marine life as a result of plastic pollution. Clean-ups also provide ample opportunity to gather important data about the state of our coasts and the types of trash that pollutes them. secondly, reforestation allows for the accelerated development of forest structure, species composition, and canopy that provides many benefits including wildlife habitat, clean and abundant water, carbon sequestration. finally, Environmental awareness is to understand the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection. Promoting environmental awareness is an easy way to become an environmental steward and participate in creating a brighter future for our children. that's how this project covers the most important features of earth and sustain the development.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

our Mission is to leave this world better than we found it and our vision is to To inspire and challenge people to achieve the highest waste reduction, recycling, and reusing goals through innovation , creativity, technology, that improve economic vitality and environmental sustainability. our Environmental Objective is to raise awareness and spread how to recycle. as for our Social objective it is to make as much donations as we can recycle and reduce the amount of pollution to maintain a minimum of normal air and land quality and human basic rights. Value proposition - We offer you the best solution for you to preserve the environment by recycling your waste instead of going to landfills and our society in the same time by donating and creating new innovative opportunities. The added value of the project: on the Environmental side We offer you the best solution for you to preserve the environment by sorting and recycling. on the Economical side we are building a relationship with the local community and giving back to the local economy. as on the Innovation side we don't only stick to the recycling process but we are constantly searching and creating new innovative projects that ill change the environment path. as on the humanitarian and Social side we are creating a new way of helping by using our waste and trying to abolish poverty. our collaborators are mainly: schools, restaurants, ecofriendly initiatives, social communities, youth movements... this project is sustained by the selling of the recyclables and upcycled materials, events and donations.

Your profile

I am Christopher Dacccahe an 22 years old computer engineer currently finishing my masters. Being a scout member for 8 straight years, I experienced one of the most important values: the love of nature. We live in a cycle where nature plays a major role. It is not just a source of life but one of the finest masterpieces ever created. I learned how to show respect and embrace nature. Keeping it clean and protecting it, is now my blood type, I live for that, its my nature. Unfortunately, I realized that not everyone experienced the same journey as I did, therefore people of all ages are not just disrespectful towards nature but they also throw their interest away in protecting it. They try and challenge mother nature, not realizing that it can backfire. Thus, I decided to share with the world my experience. I gathered young dedicated adults to start a new journey called Recycler donation. we participated in the 5th and 6th edition of youth leadership program where we were able to move to the finals, were part of GIMED: green impact med project and agrytech in collaboration with berytech. we participated in the MIT lebanon challenge.

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start-up stage

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