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Go-Fit! Don't stay unhealthy, Go-Fit!

Published on June 1, 2021 um 10:37

Explain your idea in details:

The main objective of Go-Fit is to bring a healthy lifestyle and prevent overweight and obesity to different homes through mobile phones. It is considered as an diet application that can be used by different users. We all know that engaging a healthy lifestyle will be costly to achieve, but Go-Fit will be able to provide the help without costing too much money especially during the pandemic. Go-Fit provides diet and exercise plans for the users that would depend on the user's body mass index to ensure its effectivity and safety. Also, Go-Fit doesn't require any equipment to do the activities suggested by it. It will also allow the users to ask for a suggestion in their meal plan by inputting the available resources they can use inside the house. Unlike other application where the plans would require the users to buy such things in order to be effective. But with Go-Fit it will be able to adjust on what the user have. Lastly, it will make sure to show the user's progress and give a feedback every week on how they are doing so far to make them engage more in doing the activities.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Go-Fit focuses on people that are encountering problems in healthy living like today in the pandemic where activities of the people are limited. This is applicable to all people who wants to live fit regarding their age and financial status. It will able to help people who does not have knowledge in being healthy through this diet app. With the main objective stated, it will be able to help one of the problems in SGD which is obesity. Since the application is promoting a healthy lifestyle and guides the people in how to achieve it, it will be able to decrease the rate of people who are obese and overweight and lower the risks of people getting it. With Go-Fit, despite the pandemic, achieving a healthy lifestyle will be possible.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The target of Go-Fit are users who wants to be healthy and fit and are using mobile phones. The application will be introduced to the social media. This medium was selected because according to DATAREPORTAL that in the start of 2021, there 4.33 billion social media users around the globe. The plan is to use this as an advantage to make the application exposed to other people. Also, in our advertisements it will able to help in gaining customers by paying websites or other mediums to advertise the application. In each medium, it will be detailed in those pages if what are the subscriptions for the application will be and more information about the application, features and product value. The technology that are vital for creating this are push notifications, payments like Paypal, Database, Cloud environment and real time analytics. The source of funds will be from the capital of the company to kickstart the idea and generate into an application. Then the idea will be pitched to different investors to get a business loan to add the funds for creating the application.

Your profile

I am Ivan Rhay Jeferson C. Sapar with age 21 years. I am a 3rd year college student from the University of Southeastern Philippines Obrero Campus located in Davao City, Philippines. I am currently studying Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Major in Business Technology Management. My motivation in life is to become successful in the near future to help my family and to be able to help the world with my ideas. I am a hardworking and creative with my works and it helped me in achieving my goals. My skills are still open for improvements, and will always be to be able to perform better. Last year I was able to participate in the event of Convergence Tech Digital Inclusion Challenge.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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