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Leaves Pulverizer

Published on June 1, 2021 um 12:27

Explain your idea in details:

Today, many farmers often burn natural resources such as dry leaves, small twigs, and sticks for agricultural purposes which is illegal and causes CO2 and other greenhouse gases to be emitted into the atmosphere. This causes further global warming and climate change. Forest fires frequently happen in places with hot and arid conditions. With dry climates, it can often cause massive fires which destroy life on land including plants and animals. These things can disrupt the entire ecosystem. PM 2.5 and CO2 in the atmosphere will increase, and the availability of oxygen will decrease since there are fewer trees. These are problems that happen in many different parts of the world every year. This can negatively impact peoples health and the economy. The leaves pulverizer is a machine that we have come up with to help solve these problems. The main objective of the leaves pulverizer is to help reduce carbon emissions and forest fires. We have a service that can help farmers facilitate the process of creating space for agriculture by simply blending dry leaves without having to burn plantations. From this, fertilizer and biogas from fermentation are our by-products. This means that there is no need for burning which reduces the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses produced. The leaves pulverizer can also help with reducing forest fires. Since dry leaves are one of the main fuels of fires, the machine can be used to blend the dry leaves and small twigs, so that they can be used as plant fertilizer or for other similar purposes.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The expected impact of our idea has several advantages to society and wildlife. Ideas like using the leaves pulverizer to create space for agriculture by blending the dry leaves to reduce burning processes and reducing forest fires will bring us to a safer and more sustainable environment. This idea mainly falls under two SDGs: goal number 11 sustainable cities and communities, and goal number 13 climate action. Farmers who use our service will make their job more efficient. They will be able to grow crops and earn income to support their families without causing any damage to the environment or generating more air pollution. When we use the machine to help solve the problem of forest fires, they are less likely to happen. Therefore, fewer animals and plants will die, which would sustain the ecosystem and food chain. Forests will remain as it is and the sources of freshwater will remain with it. This means that in the future, we will have the oxygen we need to breathe and are able to drink clean water. The machine also helps with reducing greenhouse gases because farmers wont have to burn the dry leaves when trying to create space. There will also be no CO2 emissions if there are no forest fires. Humans will have clean air to breathe from and wont have to worry about PM 2.5 and health issues that may arise due to poor air quality. Fewer greenhouse gases also mean less global warming and climate change. Also, seawater levels will not rise because ice glaciers will not melt.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Currently, the leaves pulverizer is at its conceptual stage, and in the future, we plan to do further mechanical engineering research to ensure that the idea is fully developed before it can be implemented. We plan to consult with the Institute of Vocational Education in Thailand as this can help enhance our product when it comes to building the actual representation (constantly improving over time). Our next steps will be based on our marketing plan (4Ps, 4Cs). Then, we will register our company so that it becomes reliable and prepare documents for an SME loan. We will also ask for a tax exemption from the BOI (Board of Investment Thailand). After that, we will begin running our business, which will be an agricultural waste elimination service and biogas one-stop service for households. Our company aims to sell the product to the government officials to reduce wildfires and provide a service for the farmers by preparing the farmland. This will be more eco-friendly and they won't have to burn plantations. As for the communities, we also offer the biogas one-stop service for households from the fermentation of wet garbage, which can reduce household expenses. Our services will be set at a reasonable and affordable price as we have received tax exemption from BOI earlier. The employees and workers will be the fresh graduates from the institute and people in local areas so this will provide more job opportunities for them. Furthermore, we will reach out to our customers via our website and be able to contact farmers directly. Going forward, our goal is to expand our business out to other countries in different regions so that they can use our machinery to solve similar problems in their own country.

Your profile

I am Tomoko Ikuta and Im 14 years old. I am currently studying at the International School Bangkok in Thailand. I was first exposed to entrepreneurship through attending the ServICE Conference 2019 and 2020 as my schools representative. The conference involved keynote speeches, how-to sessions, spark-sessions, and NGO booths from refugees, business starters, students, teachers, and many more. The experience broadened my involvement as an advocate and a leader through my participation in the conference; I gave a keynote speech about climate change the first year and social media and mental health the second year. I also did community services and taught English to disadvantaged students at the Cheerful Life Foundation (CLF). As a student leader, I am a student ambassador, student council representative, and grade-level representative. Eager to contribute to creating change for our society's betterment, I went to a training camp called National Science Museum Junior Science Influencer (NSM JSI). During my time there, it helped boost my confidence and improved my leadership skills. I founded two clubs: STEM Club and Read With Me Club. STEM Club brings students who are interested in STEM together to form a community where we can help each other improve and share our learning. Read With Me Club is a club that helps enhance Thai local elementary students English language. I am also a SEAMOX qualifier 2020, a grade 8 pianist, and an I AM UNICEF member. I also speak Thai, English, Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean.

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