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Published on June 14, 2021 um 09:43

Explain your idea in details:

Jordan suffers from Poverty and Unemployment; recent studies from the world bank show that unemployment rose to 24.7% in Q4 of 2020, an astonishing 50% between youth. After the Crisis, nearly 50% of jobs in Jordan were cut, either permanently or temporarily. Also, as of 2018, 15.7% of the population lives under the absolute poverty line, and it rose post-COVID. Skillual is an Online Platform that offers new opportunities for people who lost their jobs post COVID; to teach their skills to those interested in learning about them. There are two parts to our website: The first part is for experienced people who want to teach their skills, so they register in their section and provide us with their CVs. Applications will be proof-checked by the website moderators; to pick the ones prepared for this mission. The second part is for people wishing to learn a specific skill; they search about the field, the teacher, the educational environment, and the budget they prefer. Then, the website would show the CVs depending on their choices for them to select the one they want and register for the class. After each class, attendees can rate the teacher and provide a review for others. Reviews are checked by the moderators regularly for improving our service. We aim from this project to reduce unemployment by providing a new Job opportunity with an income for people in need. Moreover, we aim for social equality; All people of all ages, genders, social classes, and health conditions and disabilities can join our community and be a part of this story. Also, we provide new educational skills to help others starting their career.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our project will help reducing unemployment in Jordan by providing new jobs for people in the country with an income for each course taken. We will achieve this by teaching graduates and new employees in the labor market a skill they want to master (e.g.: research, sewing, carpentry, programming, etc.). Attendees can learn a new skill that would help them in their future, and teachers have the income to rely upon. Skillual covers 3 SDGs that will help in achieving them. The first goal is Goal 1: No Poverty; by providing jobs to raise money for people in need; covering their essentials during the pandemic. The second goal is Goal 4: Quality of Education; we create a new educational society for people to communicate and learn from each other. The third goal is Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals; our project connects all the other SDG goals; to improve our society in all aspects. We Target Graduates and New employees as our students who wish to learn new skills, and we target craftspeople and experts who lost their jobs as our teachers. We provide the opportunity for learning and teaching to all members of society despite our differences. We aim to provide 100 jobs for experts and craftspeople and courses for 1500 person to attend on average in the first year. This ratio between teachers and students will increase in the future.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We planned the initial start and expansion for the project. Our target market focuses on craftspeople and experts affected by COVID-19 as our teachers and Graduates and New employees as our students. Students will use our website to book the course they want with the option to select the budget that suits the customer and pay using online payment and e-wallets (e.g., efawateercom, zain cash, etc.). The budget for each course will be from 10 to 50 JOD (14 to 70 USD). Teachers will get paid directly from the website for each course they give, which equals 90% of the course cost, and the remaining 10% will return to the website. We will provide communication for our customers through reviews, 24/7 services and lines, and social media to get in touch with our targets and deliver the best service to them. We divided our Financial Strategy into revenue and spending. Our revenue will come from the partnership (e.g., GJU, Zain, Ministry of Higher education) by providing us with the money and the environment we need for the project (e.g., workshops, studying areas, etc.) and our share in courses costs. Our spending will go towards development (e.g., UI, servers, HR, etc.), advertisements on social media and TV, and providing the privilege system for the teachers. In the upcoming five years will be expanding our workspace and opening our own offices with classrooms distributed throughout the country, increasing the number of users to 20K teachers for 2M students in the country distributed on 12 governorates, and opening new target markets for undergraduates and high schoolers.

Your profile

Hello everyone! My name is Feras Aleses. I am a 16-year-old Jordanian studying at Jubilee School - King Hussein Foundation. I am interested in automobile, engineering, robotics, and volunteering. I started my journey in robotics in 2014, participated in 7 competitions, and won 6 titles with my team. Last year I started learning about entrepreneurship and social development by attending workshops and conferences. "Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2021" is my first participation in the entrepreneurship field! I want to combine my experiences in both sectors to leave my print in society. Hi all, my name is Maram Al-Jelani. I am Jordanian, and I live in the capital, Amman. I am 16 years old, and I study in Jubilee school - King Hussein Foundation. I would like to study data science and AI; I have a grand passion for programming, designing, and researching. Furthermore, I love ICT, physics, and biology classes. I am a basketball player, and I have been playing two years ago - even if my height is only 162 cm -. Also, I love swimming, dancing, and writing. Moreover, I have leadership skills, excellent communication skills, and entrepreneur skills. My name is Mira Abu Mahfouz. I am 16 years old. I am a Jordanian girl who lives in Amman and a student at Jubilee school - King Hussein Foundation. I want to be a neurosurgeon since I was 8 years old; I believe that I can make a real difference by alleviating people pain and suffering. My favorite classes are biology, math, and chemistry. I speak 4 languages: Arabic, English, French and I am learning German. I love table tennis and I have been playing it for 3 years now. Also, I love writing and reading, especially poems. In addition, I am very interested in designing and research.

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Kafa mari

June 14, 2021 16:21

That\'s awesome..I really liked it because it meets people needs especially after COVID. I really appreciate your efforts Nirvana team
Good luck for you
Gooooo Nirvana!!

June 14, 2021 12:33

Great project, this really makes me feel proud. The idea of helping people in this way is just brilliant and creative. Well done guys
I wish you all best and luck