Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Give 2 Live

Published on June 1, 2021 um 09:11

Explain your idea in details:

My idea is to create a webpage that includes two sections, the first is on the principle of barter: Where people exchange things they dont want for things they need without money. The second is based on donation: Where people can donate anything except money, and they are delivered to people who need them after studying their conditions. The goals of my idea: Providing job opportunities. Promote the spirit of social solidarity, participation, exchange, cooperation, giving and communication. Facilitating the barter process and the exchange of items between people without the need for money, without expenses. Facilitate the donation process. Replace unnecessary or needed tools with ones that we need most. The opportunity to get things without having to pay money. Supporting people in need through the donation process. Support and make advertisements for some shareholders from companies, pages, and local institutions on the page. Donating tools and necessities, not money. Work to promote the page to deliver it to the largest possible number. Excellent service, follow-up of all inquiries, and respond as quickly as possible. Promote great interaction on the page by people and work to spread the idea and the page. Idea related activities: Online bazaars. Exploiting social events, holidays, and other seasons to make some discounts or collaboration with a company. Organizing a program of discounts (seasonal). Create incentives to increase interaction on the page through contests and prizes. Programming courses. Innovative methods that I will work with: An uncomplicated web page. Delivery fees without additions when exchanging. Obtaining support from some delivery companies and supporting companies in exchange for publishing ads for them. In some seasonal periods, gifts are distributed to users of the page. Collaborate with community figures who motivate people to follow and use the page. Promote the page, whether on the ground or on social media.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Following up on achieving the goals and the vision will be through: Distributing questionnaires from time to time to assess service, communication, interaction, and follow-up on every person related to the page (users, employees). Feedback from users and beneficiaries after performing any activity or providing any service by placing a box to evaluate the service and write opinions. Follow up on the number of users and followers of the page and their interaction when starting any of the activities and initiatives that will be on the page. Follow up the number of companies and support pages, see their impact and support, and follow up if the number of partners and supporters is increasing and if there is an increase in the request for displaying advertisements. Monitor the spread of the page and the spread of the idea among people on the ground or on communication sites. Follow up on financial matters and the percentage of financial return for expenditures. After completing each activity, event or season, see the extent of the interaction, the success of the idea, the material returns, and the feedback. Continuous follow-up of progress and promotion from time to time. I expect that this page will have a great impact on sustainable development, and many people will benefit from it because it is not dependent on money and because they get things they want in exchange for giving other people what they do not need.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Business Model: People log in to the page and create a profile, the request goes to the concerned employees and they accept people after making sure of them. Fill out a subscription form when you want to start the barter or donation process that contains questions that must be answered such as the product, its specifications, its material, its uses, its condition, and the inclusion of a picture. There are follow-up employees around the clock who check all requests and files to ensure the page is safe and free of problems. Funding Sources: Page funding sources will be unlimited, such as: Cooperating with companies that either support the project and donate or provide services such as delivery and others. Paid ads that are on the page. Community figures who support the project, each according to his capabilities and field. Activities and bazaars where everyone pays a subscription fee. Delivery charges when individuals barter. Collaborators: A team consisting of programmers and coders to supervise the technical and programmatic issues of the page and make sure that there is no problem or difficulty on the page, Employees and supervisors to receive all inquiries and answer them as quickly as possible, accept personal files, supervise exchange and barter operations, facilitate and ensure that there are no problems during the process, Financial and accountants to oversee financial matters, administer donations, maintain the budget, and organize expenditures and discounts, Drivers to deliver items between users. There are also off-page collaborators as companies and local pages For example, a delivery company such as Uber, Cream, Jeeny, and others, companies and pages that donate tools to enrich the page that is delivered to those in need, and display ads on the page, community figures who make ads on the page and motivate people to follow the page and use it.

Your profile

I am Mira Saed MohammadAli, a student at Jubilee school. I will reach the age of fifteen after six months. I am Jordanian with a Palestinian nationality. I am the only girl in a family of 6 members and I have 3 brothers. I grew up in a family that supports open thinking and stimulates volunteer work and creativity in all its forms. I love to travel and learn about new civilizations. I like reading, research and photography. My greatest passion is to support anyone who needs support, regardless of their gender, nationality, religion, etc. I like interaction, teamwork, and hard work. I love teamwork and what helps me with this is my flexibility, leadership skills, listening, impartiality and acceptance. I have a hard-working personality, perseverance, and sincerity in my work, I love accuracy and perfection, lover of science and learning. From an early age, I have participated in various activities, including sports, culture, and science. I won a group of gold, silver, and bronze medals in sports competitions such as the marathon and the games of flexibility and strength in the Kingdom. I also won first place in the poetry recitation competition, in addition to the multiple participation at the school level such as memorizing the Quran, poetry, and the scientific club, in addition to scientific discussion and dialogue sessions aimed at brainstorming and finding solutions to the problems surrounding us, and I also participated by presenting classes with my school and the Abwab scientific platform, and I obtained certificates of appreciation, whether excelled in academia or participated in activities

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July 22, 2021 19:42

Thanks for wonderful Idea but the problem with the website, would all people and specifically in remote area able to access and use it? Can you make some eddition to an app that can be accessed even to people who can't use the websites.

June 14, 2021 05:19

I like the fact that instead of donating the money immediately, the society will be able to donate tools and needs instead. This prevents the action of using money unwisely, and really helps in providing people's necessities without much of a worry. The only flaw I could identify is that not much of the society have access to technology. Some don't even understand how to use it properly. Other than that, it would be nice to make it an application instead of website, I find it more convenient that way. Another thing I have in mind is to separate it into different sections of area, so these tools and objects traded or donated can reach its destination easily as the location is closer. You can start splitting each area, and then pinpointing the users in those areas so they only interact with one another there. Unless of course, if said users are alright with interacting with people from further locations. I hope these inputs can inspire to develop your plan in a way, keep up the wonderful work!!