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Published on May 31, 2021 um 15:52

Explain your idea in details:

BeSmart aims to reduce the rate of traffic accidents caused by drowsiness in drivers, positively influencing road safety. The operation of the BLITZ bracelet will be based on three phases of sleep in the NREM state, that is, when the person is awake, which usually vary according to the person's state of drowsiness: - Phase 1: This phase corresponds to drowsiness or the beginning of light sleep, in which it is very easy to wake up. - Phase 2: It is characterized because physically the temperature, the heart and respiratory rates begin to decrease gradually. - Phase 3: This is the deepest NREM sleep phase. With the help of the heart rate sensor readings, the following measures will be activated, in the first phase of sleep (59 beats), the bracelet alarm will be activated with vibrations and sound, if the driver does not wake up and enters the next phase (57 pulses) the second phase is activated, where the temperature of the device will rise, if in case it does not wake up with this phase, the third and last phase (55 pulses) will begin, which is the 20 Volt electrical stimulus. Composition The CPU of the bracelet will be composed of a circuit board for digital watch; This smart bracelet is made of silicone and will cover the circuits and sensors. As an energy source, it will have a 0.38 Amp lithium battery and a 0.91 inch I2C touch screen micro monitor, which will be imported through the Alibaba Group platform. Likewise, it will have the Okystar MAX30102 model heart rate sensor that will be the main element for the operation of the bracelet.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

BeSmart's main objective is to reduce the rate of traffic accidents caused by drowsiness in drivers, positively influencing road safety. Be Smart is projected to contribute responsibly with the care of the environment, reusing components of other devices and looking for different eco-friendly alternatives in our composition and design of our products. In addition, social programs will be promoted in collaboration with the regional government, in order to make the driver aware of traffic accidents due to drowsiness and the consequences that it brings. To evaluate the impact of our product, the traffic accident rate at the regional level will be periodically analyzed, expecting a progressive reduction.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Following our business model, our partners are transportation companies and the Peruvian State. Our key supplier is Alibaba export company located in China, from which we can obtain volume purchase leverage. Carry out a joint venture with transport companies, to obtain liquidity for the initial investment that helps us in the development and research of the project. Part of the financing of the project will be carried out with its own capital and the rest through loans from banks. Once the capital has been obtained, the start-up will be implemented, the competent personnel are hired and the first products are manufactured. We will have communication channels in social networks and radio, digital marketing, we will have email to have a close relationship with the client and the sales channels will be carried out through our website. In addition, the distribution will be direct, that is, from producer to consumer.

Your profile

Be Smart was born from an initiative of a group of four young people between the ages of 20 and 24, students of Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Catolica San Pablo in Arequipa, Peru. We seek to solve a current problem in our country, which appears as the second country in Latin America with the highest accident rate. So was born Blitz, an intelligent bracelet that sought to protect the physical and mental integrity of drivers. We are motivated to think that we are contributing to our community with our creative and innovative proposal and that this problem will be eradicated in the future.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

BLITZ smart bracelet prototype

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Thais Guillen

June 3, 2021 20:14

It's a great idea!! It will help a lot in the safety of some parents. My father is a driver and he would like to use a device like this, I would feel calm knowing that he won't fall asleep when he is driving long distances.