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Mom to be

Published on June 1, 2021 um 09:22

Explain your idea in details:

The aim of the MOM TO BE app is to aid mothers in taking care of their maternal health during their weeks of pregnancy. The services that will be provided by the app range from getting to know important tips, connecting with a community of moms with similar needs, tracking the mothers diet and suggesting healthier alternatives, as well as connecting the mother with her doctor. The user is informed of her doctors availability status and is notified on the date of her next checkup appointment. Another feature is allowing the mothers to find maternity friendly clothing shops in their area. Personalized tips and diets are designed depending on the month of pregnancy, weight of mother, doctors consultation and any diseases or possible health risks. This app is different from others in the market as it contains multiple services that have not yet been fit into one app, making it easier for the mothers and more convenient. The user will have to initially fill out a form to get her medical information and she will have to insert the name of the city she lives in to allow the app to detect nearby stores with maternity friendly clothes, she will also have to enter the contact information of her doctor to be able to identify it on the system. Once the doctor is setup he/she will have to download the app to activate the other features like the availability status and consultation for customizing suitable tips, diet alternatives, and more for the mother.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The app targets the mothers segment of the market and so measuring the success of the app would be through asking direct feedback from the users and if they have any comments for future improvements. The target of this app is to be used by moms throughout Jordan as a starter and then it could expand worldwide. And since the app directly benefits other segments in the market such as the clothing shops suggested by the app and enhances communication between doctors and their patients, after the app is launched and proved to be successful it could be marketed by those stores and doctors whether it is by giving out brochures or through social media this would boost the apps success.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The data for each user will be entered by each of them with their consent. Of course this information will be confidential and will not be shared with anyone else except the mothers doctor and any other information the user sets as public. Because this will be an ongoing project initially the app will need funding to buy into such as sponsors. In addition, maintenance of the app will be done periodically or when necessary which will require capital from sources that cherish social responsibility and work to support projects with aims of improving societal wellbeing through donations,grants, subsidies or interested investors such as hospitals.

Your profile

Im Sarah Abdallah aged 16 years old I am from Jordan and I study at Jubilee Institute. It is a habit of mine to come up with innovative ideas even when I zone out while studying I am usually thinking about gaps producers missed in products I use. However, I later alter those ideas to make them more feasible. My teachers and mentors have always commented on my entrepreneurial spirit and even my parents believe that I will grow up to own my own clinic. In the 2019 Arabic FLL competition me and the team I lead won 2nd place in presentation and in 2020 we won 2nd place in teamwork. I also participated in multiple competitions such as ISEF, genius Olympiad and Inspo. Me and my team mate won second place worldwide in Inspo competition this year! I believe that like any other segment of our society the well-being of pregnant women should be improved by ideas such as this.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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