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Young women change makers

Published on June 8, 2021 um 12:25

Explain your idea in details:

Young Women Change Makers is an idea from the grassroots. Most girls that their rights to education have been violated most of the time enter into early child marriages and this has contributed a great deal to child marriages, teenage pregnancies, and decline in community economic development. Having centers in the community sorely to develop these young women will be a step towards community development. Young women will be mentored and trained in business management and casual jobs. The products they make during training will be marketed and sold and proceeds will help run the centers. The main objectives of the idea are to mentor and empower young women financially by equipping them with knowledge and skills in the casual sector. The idea is also to create linkages between donors and the young women to support them back in school or in their business ventures. Some of the anticipated activities will be mentorship classes and training in phases. There will be online interactions with mentors and professionals in the casual jobs sector. Marketing of products, talent exposes community outreaches and competitions. The innovative approach will be creating an online interactive platform for the young women this will expose them to funders and donors that will further help achieve their goals and support other young women in the community. Making the business have both online and physical interactions will help promote the products made by the young women as well.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The idea when implemented will impact the communities positively by empowering the young women to be self-employed. The target is in every five years, 1000 young women will be settled either back to finish their formal education, settled in their personal businesses, or employed in the centers. Measures that will be used to evaluate success will be in terms of numbers. First the reduction of teenage pregnancies in the communities, reduction of child marriages, and increasing numbers of teenage girls in schools.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The implementation will be in phases. Phase one will be collaborating and sourcing for funds to start the centers. This will include creating synergies with the government and the non-governmental organizations and involving them to see the challenge and support our venture. The community will also be involved in this first stage so that they own the project and provide resources when needed. Phase two will include inviting the young women from the communities. Creating awareness of the project through community activities will bring the young women together. Phase three and the final one will be creating the online platform, a website for interaction and learning. To ensure sustainability a hybrid business model will be required for this venture in which there will be online retail and also physical retail. The products made by the women will be marketed and sold both online and physically the proceeds will help run the centers and buy more raw materials part of it will also help those who would start their own business. Art studios for talent promotions will be a bonus. The financing sources will first be the county government, other non-governmental organizations, and community-based organizations who will also be our collaborators.

Your profile

I am 25 years old, a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Urban and Regional Planning with IT. I have worked as a research assistant for United Nations Habitat. I have also worked with the Physical planning department under the Ministry of Land and housing. I have also been given the opportunity to work with my country's Youth Employment Opportunities program as a trainer for youths. As part of my non-academic interests I am the director and founding member of change ambassadors Kenya (CHAKE); a community-based organization that seeks to empower teenagers and youths, and mitigate some of the challenges we face as a youth. I have a passion for working with the community and more especially the youth.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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ongidi ibsen

June 10, 2021 10:08

This is a wonderful initiative. Let\'s work together to support this. Empowering young girls by providing opportunities for financial investment and gain is the best way to tackle the social inequalities that they face in our society

Solet Bunde

June 9, 2021 21:48

This is a great idea of helping the community, especially the youth. Besides, youths should consider self employment as one of the strategies if beating unemployment.

Frida Okeyo

June 9, 2021 20:50

The idea is very promising,and if implemented will really help communities in our country. Do not forget active engagement with the young women and creating awareness on sexual reproductive health.