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Biofertillizers for improved agriculture

Published on July 1, 2021 um 08:59

Explain your idea in details:

Production of Biofertillizers aimed to help farmers to reduce the effects of chemical fertilizers in their farms as well as increase in crop production. Following soil infertility in many regions specifically African countries the need for Biofertillizers is very important to fight against hunger. This study will require a small Microbiology laboratory, biorectors for the growth, Isolation and industrial production of Biofertillizers and Microbiologist. The microbes of interest azotobacter spp will be cultured, Isolated and sub cultured in in large flasks and this will be used for large scale production in fermenter packed and distributed to the farmers or retailers.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Following implementation of this idea it will help to fight soil infertility which will reduce hanger problem. Primary stakeholder of this project will be farmers, farmers will be visted during haversting time to see the progress of the project implementation. Education will be provided to the stakeholders on the uses storage and limitations. Due to this it will create the employment to people Increase the economy of the country and help the implementation of SDG's goals of zero anger.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The study will implemented through collaboration with college support for laboratory activities ( College of veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences at Sokoine University of Agriculture). The bacterial Isolate Azitobactor will be obtained at Sokoine University of Agriculture in the veterinary Microbiology laboratory sub cultured and grown in flasks, the grown microbes then will be incubated in Bioreactor for massive/ industrial production, treatment, packaging and distribution . My huge set back for the implementation of this Idea is capital but also now Iam seeking Loan from friends and family for the starting point while seeking for any sponsorship for the further Implementation. The project running will require facility construction, buying of equipments and two bajaji's as transport aid at the initial stage of running the project. After well Implementation the product will be produced in local industry and distributed to the farmers near by the industry while for the customers far away from the industry will require to get the products on their expenses.

Your profile

I am Frank Damas Masinde aged of 25 years old. I hold ordinary diploma in laboratory science and technology and now Iam pursuing Bachelor of science in Biotechnology and laboratory sciences expecting to graduate in two months to come. I am proceeding with my special project for the award of Bachelor degree in Biotechnology and laboratory sciences tittled "In vitro Development of Biofertillizers from azotobacter. I am passionate in helping the society and very encouraged in using my professional knowledge to help people which make me struggle for opportunity to help the society. I have been awarded the Goi peace foundation certificate of participation for essay competition youth category 2021. Basing on my willingness to help the society I entered the competition so that stakeholders can see my willing to change others life.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Azotobacter sub culture

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July 30, 2021 10:02

Great idea
It will overcome the negative impact of synthetic chemical fertilizer such increase soil acidic, and loss of soil fertility
Also interms of cost I think it's going to reduce because single application will stay for several years
I support 100%

Emily Julius

July 29, 2021 20:45

The world's dying just withought stratergic, daring, confident and visionary youths as these smart colleagues. I appreciate the approach towards better farming practices just regarding the current Agricultural challenges. All they need is guidance and support.

Julieth Shirima

July 25, 2021 17:05

Woooooow congratulations to you Frank,,,appreciate for the huge idea on improving agriculture practices and conserving the environment.........................I supports you 100%


July 19, 2021 12:03

Woooaah!!!! I really appreciate the ideas bro your way of thinking is really magnificent, I like that .... Good luck there brother . I support you 100% pull up.


July 19, 2021 08:48

It's a nice idea, because biofertilizers are mostly useful to reduce environmental pollution especially soil pollution. Therefore, once promoted will ensure farmers to have more productions as compared to application of chemical fertilizers.


July 19, 2021 08:46

Waooh!that idea is very good since it has more advantages to farmers and society as well as it does not disturb the naturality of soil and increase its efficiency in crop production, it has to be supported for 100%!well done brother masinde for very interesting and helpful idea in our society and nation as well


July 17, 2021 19:44

The idea is excellent since it is friend to environment as it reduce the uses of chemical fertilizers that can be harmful to human after being used for long time not only that but also chemical fertilizers reduce soil fertility.
I support him 100%

Abdallah Abtwaleeb.

July 13, 2021 07:18

Bravo! That is how its suppose to be, from theory to real life practicals... we are proud of your marvelous idea, you have think BIG bro. Environment as well as farms gonna be saved from chemical fertilizers exhaustion, you are bringing a real sense of sustainable agriculture...
BIG UP! Keep it up.


July 13, 2021 07:07

It's a good idea, Congratulations because it will serve farmers from seasonal use of chemical fertilizers, and save the environment from pollution. Have a blast

Gervas Alexander

July 13, 2021 06:52

That is marvelous idea,single application and long lasting. It will now serve farmers well as gardeners from repeated and seasonal use of chemical fertilizers. Keep it up!

Emmanuel George

July 9, 2021 13:06

This idea worthy to be supported! The increase use of chemicals in agriculture pose threat to human health, animals and land ecology! I think it is the right time to venture into new scientifically proven technologies with less or/non health hazards and which are friendly to the environment. Improved agriculture, high yields, improved health status of people, employment opportunities and contribution to increased household and country economy at large are behind this idea!

Kongole kwako brother!

Kalolo, salvatory

July 9, 2021 12:35

is a very good idea but which products are suitable for use of this biofertilizes? if you find it suitable then tell us which biofertilizer is suitable for the use of which products

Kimaro Damian

July 9, 2021 10:40

Nice bro for what you have done
It\'s amazing ting since it\'s done
By few people . So keep on struggling as we know that
Biofertillizer is very important in improving agriculture
Simply because it has a properties of improve soil nutrients rather than chemical fertilizer

Rukia Amiry

July 8, 2021 09:28

Wow,,its a great idea brother because for the knowledge i have about biofertilizer and the importance of this technique,,,you gonna make changes to our farmers in terms of production but not only for them also you're trying to save the lives of people and economic situation at once....i wish you all the best and successful moment in your project

Mchola idrisa

July 7, 2021 16:08

The idea is amazing and useful to the society.we need to improve the soil status and getting high production at the same time. He derseve the award and i vote for masinde Frank


July 6, 2021 23:20

Wow! This is coming along nicely, congratulations for this step, I Know it is not easy but I also know that you have got everything that will help you to get through, because your is so smart

Mashole Maina

July 6, 2021 21:51

Congratulations brother, for the great idea that will help to restore normal soil fertility, improving soil texture and structure and at the same time improving plant growth that will increase crop productivity.

I wish you all the best, Good luck!

Salma Mhita

July 6, 2021 20:12

An idea that is expected to be so usefull. We need this to save our future environment and boost our economy through agriculture. Our country and many others have been experiencing the danger from using chemical fertilizers. Novel ideas like this will help us solving such kind of problems. We are looking foward to see this ideas glowing and growing.

Zawadi Mhando

July 6, 2021 19:33

The idea is good and perfect, it\'s really inspiring because it help also in improving nutrition status of the individuals by
reducing poisons from chemicals that cause chronic diseases like cancer. Keep up the good work and may God help you in this research and we are here to support you neighbor

Valentine kimario

July 4, 2021 21:59

Biofertilizer is very important to attain a fertility of the soil cause a chemical fertilizer tend to kill normal microbes that are found into the soil that play an important role in nitrogen fixation and aeration though some biofertilizer can cause disease to plant if we use microbes can change and become pathogenic.

Fadhili M Ladislaus

July 4, 2021 20:38

This is the great Idea to increase crops production hence to fight against climate and environmental change without the use of harmful chemicals to our soil. Big up dear! Keep it up to help our country even the whole world. May God bless you, thanks

Josephat Tarasisi

July 4, 2021 17:42

That is good idea it will enhance organic farming to produce food which are free from chemicals. There fore this will enable people to consume food free from chemicals.


July 3, 2021 09:18

So niiiice
A good and great idea in our society my brother.
Our support is our role and responsibility for idea.
Keep it up
Try to use blogs,websites and other means like mass media to publish and look for support either ideally or financially my brother.
For any help on your work routine,am for help my brother.
Just contact me
My email: [email protected]

Petro Amon

July 2, 2021 22:28

Very nice guy ,keep it on and improve the ideas ,the use of biofertilizers is very important to our health as consumers of farm products.the chemical fertilizers imparts some harmful chemicals to the plants which we are going to consume as food when used. Those chemicals are industrial, This is quite different when it comes to biofertilizers which contain no chemicals.Those chemicals can cause threatening diseases . The effect of the chemicals is seen after a significant number of years and it is difficult to realize that they are caused by industrial fertilizers


July 2, 2021 17:07

It is good idea big up,would be solution to our farmer\'s to enhance yield production and rise income,on top of that the country reveals on industrialization and investors started to implement such idea practically,indeed employment to our youth could be assessable through much investment in different areas or sectors

Richard Tilya

July 2, 2021 14:23

Good and awesome project to conduct and it will be nice for farmers and environment safety,since farmers will be doing the Organic farming and produce organic products/crops and also we as consumers we will feed ourselves with organic food and our healthy won't be harmed since we are eating organic food

Also you may look the zone of biopesticide, if it can be possible made up under your professional skills since both fertilizer and pesticides are the same input goes together in their application for crop production

And i believe the kind of biofertilizer that will be successful produced will be cheap and accessible because the minimum cost and accessibility of input will attract the farmes to deal with that input incase of using it

Finally, I wish you the almighty God shall success you in your steps you are aheading to help the farmers and all cumminty of consumers of crops products

Josephat Tarasisi

July 2, 2021 08:28

Congratulations on your initial step wishea you all the best but on the stakeholders who will be benefited from this Idea how will they will have the informed consent about the product you may also include on the Implementation.

Bernard Francis

July 2, 2021 08:15

It's a good idea and it's a good product. All the best in your implemention of the project and May God be with you in all your implementations regarding the project.

Elipidus Respicius

July 2, 2021 05:39

Good idea bro,
The use of biofertilizers (Azotobacter) will eradicate problems that are caused by chemical fertilizers which can cause water pollution and production of greenhouse gases which are harmful to humans and environment.

Benjamin Coster

July 2, 2021 04:27

Fantastic idea my brother, that is why we sent you to SUA, Still am preying for you to win this nomination for developing agriculturagricultural sector by eliminating that problem.All the best my Hero.

July 1, 2021 22:14

Good Idea my friend many farmers in our country now struggle with soil infertility this would be of helpuful when implemented. The challenges is the scale would be possible to cover the whole country or just less regions?

July 1, 2021 20:50

Thank you brother for your consent I will consider it. In addition to that I will obtain microbial isolate from Microbiology laboratory and subculture it. The sub cultured Azitobactor will be grown on the large flask to increase their number lastly biorector will be used to produce the product at large scale ( Industrial scale)

Naseeb Hussein

July 1, 2021 14:17

Amazing multidisciplinary microbiologist, it\'s a great idea which will benefit you farmers and to get better in yields however you may insist on the production of a quality fertilizer which might ensure you have a long lasting impact on fertility of the soil. Congratulations


July 1, 2021 12:43

It's petty incredible, for sure I appreciate. May God bless you!!
The big issue is how biofertilizers will ba available and in large amount, also ways of transporting it. Brother, you can consider those things in your implementation.