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Reducing Food Waste with the help of Supermarkets

Published on June 4, 2021 um 12:57

Explain your idea in details:

I plan to create an online platform that notifies customers when food products are on discount, especially food that expires quickly like dairy products, eggs, fruits, etc. This platform will connect supermarkets with their customers by allowing customers to purchase products at low prices. 2-3 days before a product's expiration date, the customers will be notified through an application notification and the products will be shipped via a first come first serve option. The way we could make money off of this is using a subscription service, around 10 dollars a month per household. According to, on average, a family of 4 spends just under 830 dollars on groceries per month. Knowing this, these families will be willing to spend 10 dollars as we project the typical household to save around 100 dollars through our application. Our product will help the supermarkets as our application is a new channel for them to gain new customers and sell close-to-expired products. Our application will help the customers because they will have access to groceries at a cheaper price. And, our business will help the overall sustainability in Thailand because it will lower the food waste throughout different supermarkets. Our business will be able to monetize this value-added service through a subscription fee from customers. This model that I have designed does not currently exist in Thailand because there are no apps or technology companies that have shown interest in digitizing grocery sales in supermarkets in Thailand. It could be because a lot of the food in Thai supermarkets are imported, thus making it difficult to discount products and still make a profit. In my opinion, this idea will be highly beneficial for people in Thailand, especially those who regularly shop at supermarkets and have families.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Every year, over 65% of the total waste in Thailand comes from food waste, and almost 50% of the food waste comes from supermarkets. By implementing this platform into different supermarkets across Thailand, we estimate that the total waste coming from these supermarkets will be reduced by 5% or roughly 500,000 tons. A lot of this food waste is made up of food that is bought at massive quantities, and food that expires within a week. These foods include dairy products, eggs, bread, cereal, seafood, meat products and so many other things. By creating a system that notifies customers when a specific food is on discount, this opens an opportunity for supermarkets to give away food products that potentially could be expired a week later. By implementing this system throughout major supermarkets in Thailand, not only will it reduce the overall amount of food waste, but it will also encourage and motivate the Thai people to move towards a sustainable life. By tackling this issue, we are trying to solve the 3rd UN Sustainable Goal, which is Act Now to Support Global Warming. Food waste directly links to this issue because when food gets waste, they end up in landfills that rot over time, producing methane, which harms the environment. By creating a platform that aims to reduce the amount of food waste per year, I have hope that this will positively impact global warming in Thailand.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Development: Firstly, before we start the project, we will need to build the prototype of the app so that we can show it to the different supermarkets and change it later on. We will do this by creating a team of app developers to develop an almost-done prototype of this app to show to the supermarkets. These app developers can be either highschool students or university students who are looking for work experience but do not have the time to participate in a full time job. By hiring young people to help build the app, we can ensure that they will be ready and passionate to tackle the issue of global warming. Once the prototype has been created, only then we can proceed to manufacturing and gathering suppliers. Manufacturing/Gathering Suppliers: To begin this process, we will need to make a list of the supermarkets that we would want to work with. Currently, Tops Supermarket and Villa Supermarket are the two supermarkets that are best suitable for this project in Thailand. To implement this app into the supermarkets, our team will need to contact the managers of these supermarkets and pitch the idea to them, giving them different reasons why this will help them, their customers, and solve the issue of global warming in Thailand. We will need to agree with them how often the discounts will occur, how the products will be shipped, and what products will/can go on discount. Only once these terms have been agreed and settled, only then can we move onto the marketing side of the app. Marketing: The main form of advertising that will be best suited for this type of project is to put posters and signs across the supermarkets that we will be working with.

Your profile

My name is Milan Pant and I'm currently a high school student studying in Bangkok, Thailand. I developed a passion for entrepreneurship at a young age, always looking for solutions to small problems that I was faced with at a young age. With the help of the people around me, I have been able to be a part of many entrepreneurship competitions and seminars, all enhancing and developing my love for entrepreneurship. In the future, I want to use my entrepreneurial skills as a guide to creating something that will not only help enhance the lives of others but bring up the powerful nation of Thailand as a whole. I am very grateful for this opportunity and hope to connect with all of you guys soon.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

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