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Improving Online and Offline Learning: A Government Collaboration

Published on June 16, 2021 um 09:21

Explain your idea in details:

The idea of this project is simply a collaboration project with the government dedicated to improve and provide quality education - either online or offline - by providing a sustainable platform of learning. This project may focus on different locations and may be implemented in different nations, but it is prioritized to those of which need improvement in education and technology the most. Other than improving quality education, some plans from this project may also require services, which leads to larger numbers and slots for jobs along the process. This plan will do a few things to provide and improve education online and offline. As for online learning, we will collaborate with tech-industries and the government to develop an education-based application accessible and free to all ages, where all classes are held virtually. This app will enforce education in the main cores of learning, namely reading, writing, mathematics, sciences, and social sciences. This will decrease rates of illiteracy and give opportunities to those who lack education. Other extra curriculums to consider include basic engineering, waste management, water saving, business studies, agricultural sciences, and other necessary topics. The app will be split to different grade levels to ensure they suit each age category. Teachers, tech-staffs, and other people to provide necessary services will be hired, which means more job opportunities. To give people access to technology, IT labs will be built across the areas which also opens jobs for people to operate them. As for offline learning, the plan is to improve school infrastructures and provide school needs like furniture, stationeries, and maybe even uniforms, along with other school needs, all provided by the government in collaboration with various related parties like furniture and clothing companies. For further details, please check this doc:

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The SDGs this idea focuses on is Quality Education and Decent Work and Economic Growth. It is clear that the education-based application will surely achieve the goal of being a platform that provides and facilitates free and qualified education for all ages, and the building of IT Labs will eventually help in equalizing access to technology. Not to mention that improving school infrastructures and providing its needs may assist underprivileged schools; but those also play a major role in providing jobs for people - in many fields and backgrounds - as well as open chances for partnerships and collaborations. Please feel free to check the document link from the previous explanation for furthermore details against this matter.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This is considered a project that requires a rather large fund, which is why the whole plan collaborates with the government. The government will help in the construction process of improving school infrastructure and building IT labs, as well as developing the app. Meanwhile, collaborating companies will help in providing the school needs, like desks, chairs, books, uniforms, stationeries, other furniture, and many more. It is clear that we need to spread this information to the society for people to actually take advantage of it (in a good way), but the question here is: how? The answer is quite simple. Its all about marketing. Television and radio advertisements will be great examples, but other than that, we will also make a website where people can see our activities and the changes we've made. Collaborations with celebrities, talk shows, podcasts, or ways to run our own talk show or podcast, will also be great choices to spread this information. For any contributing party, we will advertise them in our app and website in return.

Your profile

My name is Annastasya A. I am a thirteen year old student from Indonesia who is currently learning online due to the existence of the pandemic. Apart from biological sciences, agricultural sciences, environmental sciences, astronomy, literature, and several other topics, human rights has always been part of my interests. I know for a fact that I am very passionate in education, always looking for ways to help in equalizing and spreading proper and qualified education to all. That is exactly the reason why I've come up with this idea, to improve education both online and offline so students can still learn properly, and prepare them for a brighter future. Speaking of the future, I've always dreamt of being a doctor. I want to be able to help the society when they need help, and share my knowledge to the society one day. But for now, I'd just like to deepen my experience and knowledge about the problems the world is facing at the moment, and try to think of ways to solve it. And in this case, with entrepreneurship.

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