Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Project: Green

Published on June 16, 2021 um 09:23

Explain your idea in details:

Project: Green is a 6-year and 4-phased plan projected to bring back the green of our living environments. During the process of these 4 phases, a donation website will be made to aid our finances. Other sources of financial support may be from television ads or willing sponsors. In the first phase, the society is encouraged in doing simple actions included in the Reducing-Carbon-Footprint Move (RFC Move for short) - a move made by the project - that consists of actions to reduce carbon footprints (e.g., the 100-day-tree-planting challenge). Meanwhile, phase 2 focuses on collaborations with industries to turn Bio waste to Bioproducts. Some great examples of how bio-waste is turned into bioproducts are Biopesticides, Biosurfactants, Organic Aromas, etc. Next, phase 3 involves educating the society in environmental studies. This will be done in a few ways. We can try adding this curriculum to an existing education app, or making a program to educate them ourselves, or perhaps even ask consent from the government to add it to every schools syllabus. On the other hand, phase 4 is dedicated to modernizing agriculture for farmers, by supporting, educating, and providing them with sufficient crop-planting methods. Actions that will be carried out in this phase includes: Providing modern facilities to replace the traditional ones for farmers, while ensuring the results stay the same with less usage of water, modernize and develop a sustainable irrigation infrastructure to prevent immense usage of water, educating farmers in sufficient crop-planting methods, preventing air contamination due to crop burning by using said crops as a source of environmental energy source - biomass - relating to phase 2, and preventing water contaminations due to industrial waste, arsenic, and sewage by installing purification plants and adapting the sewage networks. For details, check:

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The main purpose of carrying out the plan is to create a sustainable living space, increase awareness of the environment, prevent and minimize the impacts of climate change, and of course, bring back the green of our living environment. Apart from these, each phase of the project focuses on their own mission. The first phase is focused on involving the society in living an environmental-friendly life and encouraging them to do simple actions that could bring rather large impacts. The second phase, however, creates a space for collaboration on particular industries to take advantage of bio-waste, aka organic waste. Bioproducts can be a great product to sell, and the main ingredient of these products are said bio-waste, so these industries can still produce goods and keep up the production whilst still being eco-friendly. The third phase is almost entirely different. Since this phase focuses on educating the society, phase 3 has the mission to increase awareness to the society on how climate change and certain actions can impact not only the environment, but us too. Meanwhile, phase 4 mainly has the role in the agriculture sector, to support and facilitate farmers and ensure that over usage of water, or any possible contaminations, can be prevented. But at the same time, production will still be in the front line of quality and quantity. So it's a win-to-win for both parties.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The source of funding for the project will be taken from the forming of a donation website, where the society will get to know our existence and what we do, the changes and benefits we produce, and eventually get a chance to help by simply donating to us. We can also share our program through television ads, or invite willing sponsors to share our activity. Other financial assistance can be acquired from willing parties or sponsors, and in turn we promote them, too. Other than ads for promotion, we will also take advantage of ads to share information on how to be environmental-friendly, using the activities in the RFC Move, and then show them how they can be able to donate us as another form of help. Our social media accounts will be another platform similar to the website, links to donate will be attached and environmental-aware information, as well as our activities will be shared as well.

Your profile

My name is Annisaa Aurelia A. (Aurel for short), I am currently 14, and my nationality is Indonesia. I am interested to many subjects, but since thee time I stepped 8th grade I've discovered much more different fields to study in. This is because I've become more active in participating in competitions that relate to entrepreneurship and how it can serve in human rights. Other competitions I also participate in: singing, writing, poetry reading, etc. I enjoy all of them, I've even done debate once, and it was very nerve-racking. I was very nervous, but I got the hang of it. Although I eventually lost, I still was happy with my experience. Now I'm looking for more experience, which is why I participated here. I hope to learn more about this field and I hope my plan can bring a change.

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