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A Green Future

Published on June 16, 2021 um 19:03

Explain your idea in details:

In schools at the beginning of the school year Deliver seedlings and orchards to the different educational units of the city with the collaboration of the mayor's office, on a specific day dedicated to planting. it would be called "the inauguration of the ecological year". so that they take care of it the rest of the year and at the end of the school year that the garden and the seedlings pass on to their first graders, secondary schools can take care of green areas such as parks, squares or beaches. In addition to giving them a talk, a dynamic activity that draws the attention of primary school children to teach them about caring for the environment and how the work they both do helps. In addition to implementing 1 specific day a week where primary school children are dedicated to the care and monitoring of seedlings and green areas in schools, this will be called "ecological hour" to involve teachers to reflect on the importance of careful. environment. During the closing ceremony of the ecological year, the schools that have worked the most with their own initiative of green areas and the care of their seedlings delivered at the beginning of the year will be awarded, the first place winner will receive their award granted by the mayor's office which will consist of the improvement of the facade of his school with a vertical garden for the second and third place in alliance with the public / private companies that joined the project will deliver a set of gardening tools. Featured children will receive a "Green Citizen" card and a set of seeds.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Create a generation of ecologically responsible children, create ecological awareness. To evaluate the success of the event there will be a specific day called "closing of the ecological year" where the rate of seedlings in good condition will be obtained.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The collaborators would become the municipal mayor's office, private / public companies that would join the project of "a green future" the first step before implementing the gardens in the primary schools with the new students, inform them in a didactic way what they will do, then implement the orchards and seedlings, in the first year the teachers can help with the care of the plants by showing and reflecting on how the plants are being cared for, over time these children who will have the habit of caring for a green space and They will also take care of this, they will pass the course and the next ones who enter will begin with the previous orchard and new seedlings in the same way for the following year, in Secondary schools they begin first by explaining to the young people what the children will do and how to start with the talks or games and what they will do, inform them about the topic, then start first by cleaning the green areas near the high school. School how to be the green areas of the school

Your profile

Natalia Gonzales Gamboa ,17 years old ( Youth category) , my motivation is to be able to see cleaner cities but this will not happen permanently if people do not learn to take care of their own cities where they live

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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June 18, 2021 04:55

The idea itself is nice, encouraging children from a younger age to independently take care of a green space. But there are still some details you can add here, like for example where exactly they get the tools for gardening, maybe collaborating with companies that can provide them, or where the fund comes from, how you plan to reach out schools to do this activity, and perhaps how you get the consent for these children to take care of public green spaces like the parks you've mentioned. And as an addition, you can add environmental studies and other related subjects to the school syllabus as well. Keep up the good work! Hope these insights will help improve your idea.