Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Published on June 21, 2021 um 08:04

Explain your idea in details:

Our idea includes donating items in the house we dont need and cooperating with restaurants to allocate the excessive food waste to other people in need. The donation platform is designed to help people give out old cloth, books, furniture, and food. Instead of throwing things away, we want to build a platform to donate. People can go on our website and sign up for shipping items they want to give out and all they have to do is pay the shipping and we will handle it afterward. We will ship things back to the warehouse and upload them back to our website. Wretched men can sign up for help as long as they provide lower-income proof. At the end of every season, we will be selling leftovers at a low price to whoever wants them. Restaurants often throw away leftovers at the end of the day. We want to cooperate with them by donating the excess food. On one hand, we can lower the waste of food and on the other, we help out people who are starving. We will have something similar to uber eats but is donated to homeless or lower-income families.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The advent of the donation platform aims to solve famine and poverty. By using our app, we estimate the population of poverty will decrease because people can donate items or furniture to people instead of throwing them away. People who receive the items can be laid off from the pressure of economic necessities. There is an incredulous amount of food wasted in Taiwan everyday, while there are still thousands of people fighting to survive everyday. Through the usage of our app, it connects with restaurants, takes over the excessive food, and delivers to people in need. To measure whether or not the app is successful, we can compare the statistics of people in poverty after launching the platform for a few months.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The main goal and function of our app is to help charitable organizations and people who are in need. Because of how beneficial our app can be for most people, this guarantees that there will be a lot of people using our app. This gave us an opportunity to insert advertisements in our app. Companies can advertise their products through our app and we can earn money by letting them do so. Another way for us to earn money is by cooperating with restaurants. One of our apps functions is to donate food which at the same time helps solve the food waste problem. By receiving this service that takes care of the food waste, restaurants will have to pay an amount of fee to us. These two ways would give us a steady amount of profit that can maintain our business organization.

Your profile

Harold - My name is Harold Lin, and I am currently a 17 years old student in Taipei Taiwan. I have attended several shark tanks locally in the past year and I grabbed the chance to participate in this international event when my counsellor recommended doing so. Despite the long process of creation, I always felt energized and enthusiastic when I am able to utilize my imagination in creating something new. With my experience and leadership skill I acquired from previous events, I believe I have everything it takes to endure this competition. I have performed and competed in shark tank events hosted by firefox in the Taipei Dome while receiving the most likable votes by the judges across from all other groups. _____ Charlotte - My name is Charlotte Chao, I am 17 turning 18 this year. I was born in the state but grew up in Taiwan. I went to the state for the first two years of high school but transferred back to Taiwan due to the pandemic. One of my teachers introduced me to this business competition and introduced Harold and Josh and let us cooperate together. I had trouble understanding what this project was about at first but as cooperation with my teammate, they helped me a lot by explaining, correcting my English, and encouraging me to do so. ____ Josh - My name is Josh and I am turning 18 in a few months. I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. I have been studying in an international school since middle school. Same as the rest, I was introduced by my counselor to this Business proposal competition. I havent done many proposals in my school life actually. Therefore, what motivated me to participate in this competition was to gain more experience of doing

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Harold Lin - Group Leader

Charlotte Chao - Group Member

Josh Lee - Group Member

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July 2, 2021 16:10

Dear Harold, Charlote and Josh Congratulation for your good Idea to fight against hanger sometime it might be difficult to collect the food materials especially in remote area. In your Implementation you may also consider ways of deliverence and collection.

July 2, 2021 16:10

Dear Harold, Charlote and Josh Congratulation for your good Idea to fight against hanger sometime it might be difficult to collect the food materials especially in remote area. In your Implementation you may also consider ways of deliverence and collection.


June 21, 2021 23:51

Good idea.
Try to find out more about ways of donation on other countries.
For example, in Saudi there is an application for food donation. After a family event such as weedings. People post how many meals leftovers and people come to get it.
Good luck guys

Michael Huang

June 21, 2021 09:55

Splendid idea, it is well thought out and explained, especially the part about food waste. However, I do think that it might be a little bit challenging to find restaurants or stores that will be willing to cooperate for the reason that they will have to pay in order to donate the leftovers. A huge portion of the stores and restaurants might choose to not cooperate as most people are already suffering in an economic crisis due to the sudden explosion of covid cases.


June 21, 2021 09:03

maybe thinking about working with convenience store with those bread and food bc that is a lot of food and things that's being wasted. Maybe your team an also think about local stores and usually some of the local store would be more generous and more appreciative.