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Medic Quik

Published on June 17, 2021 um 20:02

Explain your idea in details:

Medic Quik is a smartwatch that comfortably measures a user's temperature in order to prevent heat related illnesses. The smartwatch houses measurements for temperature, blood oxygen concentration, heart rate, and sweat. Heat related illnesses affect one's body very rapidly and the amount of time to reach proper care is around 5 minutes. But, as heat related illnesses are 100% preventable with proper care, with a warning ahead of time, our users will be safe and have enough time to get the care they need if applicable and the 2,000+ deaths and 7,000 ER visits can be presented. Additionally, from the dashboard a short quiz can be taken before and after their workout in order to fix the efficiency and safety for next time they exercise. With Medic Quik's numerous features, emergency contacts in the app can be set up. For example if the watch has not been responded to after alerting the user of an unsafe temperature for 1 minute, the watch will send an emergency call to their emergency contact along with their location. The type of notification may also be altered to stopping music, vibrating the watch, or even beeping. To prevent false alarms, the watch measures for numerous indicators along with temperature and underlying health conditions added to the dashboard.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

As these unfortunate deaths and ER visits are preventable, Medic Quik aims to reduce to the number of these cases with providing advanced care. The target would be to at least start with reducing 10 emergency visits per month and slowly expand the features to other needs, such as COVID-19 precautions or even heat intolerance conditions which would allow the benefit of well-being to expand to other fields as well. Another indicator to measure success would be the percentage of users taking advantage and setting up an emergency contact in their profile.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business model will include a one time purchase of the smart watch at an affordable price of $25.99. All the app features are free and included with the app. In the future, the app can become compatible with other smart watch brands, such as Fitbit and Apple Watch, in order to reach a wider audience. The Medic Quik smartwatch can be sold through online distributors like Amazon, or through brick and mortar stores as Target and Walmart. All initial funding will go to software developers who create the app and chip design for our smartwatch to make it as user friendly and comfortable for the user as we can.

Your profile

As a rising junior at Chantilly High School in Virginia, I am deeply passionate about the fields of Entrepreneurship and Finance. I hold leadership positions in numerous financial clubs at my school. For example, I am the Engagement Officer for my school's Investment Club and I have recently been promoted to the Vice President of Competitive events for my school's DECA chapter. I am the first in my family to explore the field of Finance and my captivation for the field in DECA, I am a two-time international competitor and state finalist for the event of Financial Consulting. I deeply believe that my product, Medic Quik, is incredibly helpful and can also assist in other heat intolerance diseases that affect a large amount of the population today, which contributes to my drive for promoting this product.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

User Interface for Emergency Contact

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