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BMB Eco-group

Published on July 1, 2021 um 21:50

Explain your idea in details:

BMB Eco-group is an environmental consultancy firm in Nairobi Kenya. BMB Eco-group offers design advice services both to architects and real state developers regarding environmentally sensitive buildings as well as energy consumption recommendations which we believe will enhance environmental performance and sustainability. BMB Eco-group will be targeting architects and individual consumers. BMB Eco-group will work closely with several architects providing them the ability to offer environmental solutions to their customers. This group is growing at 7% and there are 23 potential customers in the area. The second customer group is individual consumers; an environmentally conscious group that has sought out a service provider to help them implement their personal ethics into the design of their new or existing structure. BMB Eco-group is an environmental energy consultancy that offers a wide range of services: advice regarding passive heating, grey water usage recommendations, renewable energy considerations, and employee transportation options. BMB Eco-group has identified three objectives that it will pursue the long-term success of the business: Proven cost-benefit analysis of environmental approaches to structure building, maintenance, and energy consumption. Become the premier environmental energy consultancy in the state within five years. Reach profitability within three years.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Based on our research we found out that properties with high Carbon emissions tend to decrease in value while energy-efficient buildings increase in value thus becoming sustainable. In addition to presenting the Environmental Impact Assessment and audit, we intend to carry out sustainability assessments considering the Environmental, Social, and governance of the projects being carried out. In the sustainability reports, Climate change and biodiversity protection initiatives will be highlighted .

Plans for implementation and sustainability

BMB Eco-group's business strategy recognizes and will leverage the fact that a lot of business will be transacted through networking and word-of-mouth referrals. With this in mind, BMB Eco-group will work diligently to build alliances with architects who can co-brand their services with BMB Eco-group thereby increasing BMB Eco-group's potential qualified customers. BMB Eco-group will rely on its competitive edge of adopting a cost-effective environmental solution so, in addition to meeting the environmental concerns of the customer, BMB Eco-groups services will save the customer money over time. The marketing strategy will highlight both environmental attributes as well as economic ones. The marketing campaign will recognize the existence of two distinct market customers. Lastly, the sales strategy will offer a compelling economic analysis of how the customer can save money by adopting BMB Eco-groups designs.

Your profile

BMB Eco-group will be led by the seasoned management of Emmanuel Gichuru and Edgar Muchai. Emmanuel Gichuru received a degree in Environmental Resource Management and an additional postgraduate in Environmental Impact assessment. Emmanuel has several years of work experience within the industry, working with the climate technology center and network which is under the UNFCCC. Through a combination of excellent education and good work experience, the BMB Eco-groups management team will be able to successfully execute its business plan Edgar Muchai Muiruri is an Architectural degree holder from the University of Nairobi. His experience working in various design workshops, architectural firms, and graphic design firms has sharpened his creative design skills. Working with companies such as Equity Bank, Miwamu Ventures and Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation has helped him develop skills in professionalism, financial management, and entrepreneurship. He is passionate about sharing ideas about the future trends in design as pertains to digitization and sustainability. He aims to be a leader in environmental design in the design and construction field.

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planning stage

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Emilio Gichuru

July 4, 2021 19:57

This is a great and innovative idea that\\\\\\\'s worthy investing on. Emanuel you\\\\\\\'re an awesome person. Wishing you success in all your endeavors.
Given your target group is the investors in real estate and building and construction, there\\\'s need for EIA consultation.
Our environment is daily being affected by constructions that no longer consider environmental impact. If environmental impact assessment is well adhered to, we will have a better environment hence reducing pollution, and effects that have long lasting effects on human and other ecosystems.


July 3, 2021 22:11

Great initiative BMB Eco-group led by the seasoned management of Emmanuel Gichuru and Edgar Muchai. Keep up the great work. I love the Ideas highlighted in here.