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Buy to Help Chian

Published on July 7, 2021 um 09:08

Explain your idea in details:

Most of the people in the world want to help those in need but they cant because of their financial problems, while other people give millions of dollars to charities freely to help people all over the world. With our project (idea) we are giving them a chance to help the poor, by helping themselves or providing their stuffs, to help both sides economies. The Buy to help project main objectives are: to help people in need, first the local, then people all around the world give opportunity to the people to buy what they need to help the poor, instead of giving them to charities job occupancy to those in need (poor) keep the economic balance of both sides To achieve the above objectives our project (idea) aims to build a chain of supermarkets, where people provide their primary needs to help people (Help with buying your stuffs). Our supermarkets will provide to their customers Healthy foods and products, Brand products and will give them the trust that their money is helping people. 50% of the projects income (net) will be spent to help people all around the world (poor, patients, students, families). The projects main activity will be retail business with the following side activities: Online service Delivery service Discount cards Involving celebrities in the project Signing contracts with different products companies Benefits of the project: Helping people all over the country and people around the world Job occupancy (especially for those in need) Less profit More customers Sustainable profit

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Helping poor people financially with our project's income is our primary target. With our project's goals, we expect to help the poverty all over the county and all around the world. We aim to build trust and relation between people who want to help and those who need help. We also aim to help people who want to help the poor and make a better life for them, by giving them a chance to help without any extra expenses, provide what they need, and help their self-economy instead of giving money to charities free. We also aim to develop the economy of poor people not only by helping them financially but giving them job opportunities to build their economy, with this step we helped to grow up the economy of the country and reduce the number of unemployed people in the community by providing them decent work. Helping people is the main reason for the project to succeed, since helping people is in the nature of humans we can measure the success (50-70%) of the project and its future. We believe with perfect management of our project (idea) we can succeed and achieve our goals which are end of poverty with decent work and economic growth.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The project will start with the opening of its first branch in a cosmopolitan city (New York, Los Angeles, etc.). The project will go for a larger and better supermarket (traditional supermarket). The average investment for a supermarket is $500,000-$1,000,000 with an average profit of (2-3%). The average daily sales in the US are $100,000-$150,000. With the good advertisement and our project's goals, we can easily make $200,000-$250,000 sales or even more. With the above sales we can make a profit between $4,000 to $5,000 a day which is $%1,440,000- $1,800,000 a year. 50% of the profit will be spent to help people. After the completion of the first branch, the project will be put on advertisements all over the country (TV, internet, social media). Helping people is the main reason for the project to succeed and attract customers, to attract customers we will use the following ways: With the large wave of Advertisement all over the country Involving the customer in the project with the projects own website: 1. Suggesting different categories of poor for customers to help (on TVs ads, website) 2. Letting customers, choose among the categories 3. Online voting to choose their favorite category (on website) Encouraging celebrities to help and inspire customers Our financing source will be our supermarket's sales. 50% of our income will be used to help people and the other 50% will be used to develop the project. The development will start with opening other branches of the project in different cities, countries and Transforming the project into a chain with Better service for our customers. We can also use product companies, celebrities, and other foundations as our collaborators. To implant the above project we need investors who want to help people with little profit.

Your profile

My name is Ghulam Yahya Oria and I am 19. I was born on 23/9/2002 in a middle-class family in Afghanistan. I grew up in Kabul capital of Afghanistan, after 10 years of school life, I graduated from school three years ago on 21/12/2017 and stepped into my new period of life. After passing Afghanistan's national exam for universities (Kankor exam) I continued my higher education at Kabul Medical University of Science in Dentistry Faculty and Now I am a third-year student of dentistry. Growing up in a third-world country like Afghanistan with more than 60% of the population who lives in poverty and war, is the only reason for me to think of finding a way to help the poor, those In need, even if I have to start from somewhere else. I started to think about the above idea (the buy to help chain) which gives me a chance to help the poor even though I know this will not end the poverty but it will help me to decrease it and help people who I can. With the above project, I will be able to help not only my people but everyone who needs help and support all around the world. It may take years but it is my hope and future to build something that will help people in the future, financially, provide them work and a decent job and help them to pass in their difficult time. I believe I can succeed and this project will succeed because it's in humans nature to help its kind and there are millions of people who seek different ways to help the poor and be the reason for their smile, so we will succeed.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, idea offered for implementation by others

My photo

My picture receiving a letter of appreciation from Ramazan Bashar doust, a member of the Afghan Parliament

My picture during my practical work in the dental hospital (National and Specialized Stomatology Hospital of Afghanistan)

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