Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Published on July 28, 2021 um 19:02

Explain your idea in details:

COVID-19 Pandemic is a global affected decease, during the period there are millions of confirmed cases and death globally still thousands of people survived and escaped death among the affected people in which Nigeria is also part of the affected places in the world, during this time movement of people were restricted and lockdown over the places in the country in order to reduced the spreading of the pandemic. Now, after the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is high level of scarcity of food, many people have lost job and the rate of poverty has been increased in the Country. This is the reason why this project, has come to existence through this Association; GOLDBAND AGRO-FARMERS PROCESSORS AND MARKETERS ASSOCIATION. The project through the Association has come to find a lasting solution to this problem as it was stated earlier in the summary that; Basically designed to enhance food production and Agricultural productivities in order to provide jobs for the youths and the jobless. The current situation or the problem in the country now is scarcity of food and non availability of raw materials for Industrialists or Agro-Processors in which the Association is established to solve the problem and change the situation for better. Due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic the scarcity of food in the country now is at the high level many have lost their jobs and most of the Companies and Industries has been closed

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our targets and expected impact of this project / idea on people and the Country at-large are; (1).To encourages agro farmers by equipping them with modern method of farming and necessary techniques, tools and farm machineries. (2).To encourages the development of modern technologies to enhance agricultural practises and produce. (3).To promote the interest of the members; farmers, processors and marketers in their business. (4).To ensures food in abundance and eradicates poverty and hunger. (5).To encourages agro-farmers to be entrepreneur in order to sustain their livelihood (6).To fosters peace, unity and good morals amongst the people in the Country. (7).To link members to quality Agriculture inputs to enhance higher yield and profitability. (8).To link members to market and assist members in market coordination. (9).To encourages Agro processors with support infrastructures that will enhance their activities. (10).To provides opportunity for economic empowerment; develop the spirit of self-reliance and dignity of labour amongst the people in the Country

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The Association is established to operate in three ways; 1. Farmers,existing or intending farmers 2. Agro-Processors,existing or intending 3. Agro-Produce Marketers, existing or intending. Farmers are to cultivate the land and plant the crops to provide food in abundance or to produce raw materials for agro-processing companies or industries. Agro-Processors are the companies who uses agricultural produce as raw materials for the products. Agricultural produce marketers,are those who serves as supplier to processing companies or to sell the products in bulk to market men and women. We are in collaboration with All farmers Association of Nigeria, Oyo State Agricultural Development and Agribusiness Agency, Ministry of Agriculture e.t.c. The financial source to run the Association is and the project is provides by it's members through member's registration fee, ID card,monthly dues,annual dues, Trust funds,to seek and accept grant and donation from supportive individuals and development partners/donors agencies to meetup with the objectives of the Association and to accomplished our aims for the project.

Your profile

PROFILE: My name is Oluwagbemileke Israel Oluwani, from Oyo State, Nigeria; I was born on April 12, 1966, I am a clergy man Founder and Pioneer of The Saints Gather Evangelical Mission a.k.a. The Saints Church of God Nigeria, formal group coordinator Nigeria Cassava Growers Association Oyo State Chapter, formal chairman, Maize Growers Association Oyo East Local Government, Oyo State, Nigeria, formal State chairman Maize Growers Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria, Oyo State. Nigeria. Currently, I am the Founder/President of the Association, GOLDBAND AGRO-FARMERS PROCESSORS AND MARKETERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA and a member of Pig farmers Association and Fish farmers Association till date.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

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