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Published on July 12, 2021 um 13:56

Explain your idea in details:

It aims to provide touch-free medicines, and also stop black marketing and hoarding while working perfectly well on legal grounds. It will be placed outside the hospitals, and the hospitals would have the sole responsibility of filling and selling medicines, and by selling medicines they would earn profits, that too hugely, taking into account the minimal rent amount of medicinator being just 10k per month! And the general public gets medicines, a little less costly, as medicinator cuts cost of labour, etc. So, it makes it a win-win situation for all! It is a one-of-its-kind idea, as whenever you have to buy medicines from a medicinator, you need to have a 1 time use QR code that only a registered practitioner can provide, only when the inbuilt scanner verifies the QR, it automatically gives the medicines, after digital payment, moreover, the QR will have feeded amount, doses, quantity and name of medicines, so no selection required, to make it touch-free! The process will be like- 1. You go to a hospital to get your treatment 2. Doctor prescribes you certain medicines 3. You get a QR code on your Medicinator app over your mobile. 4. You go to a Medicinator machine, where the scanner, takes the QR, scans it, verifies it. 5. It reflects the amount and names of the medicines. 6. Then you can proceed to digital payments, via e-wallets/UPI 7. Ta-Da! You get your medicines!

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

As, machines are completely unbiased, on genders, race, caste, etc. It will promote regional equalities, Medicinator will be the same for all! Moreover, as the black practices of hoarding, black marketing will be reduced stock will be higher as compared to before, so it will contribute to Good Health and Well being of all!

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This machine i.e. the Medicinator has an effective manufacturing cost of 2,15,000 INR, then including AMC, Taxes, Gross Profit as in employee salary, overall maintenance, etc. with our profits, makes it 5,00,000/- for sale, with a warranty of 4 years. Financial sources, that are identified are venture capitalists, general investors, banks, competitions as in Shark Tank India, YTBC, etc. among others, for starting we need a capital of 90 lakhs INR, as in that we'll hire existing vending machine providers, mention the revolutionary changes as in adding QR code scanners, etc. taking into accounts their profit, we'll import the machine @3,00,000 INR. Aiming for selling 20 machines per month, it makes 1,80,00,000 INR as required amount, so after taking the profit regulation cycle, we need 90,00,000 for a startup.

Your profile

I am Pranjal Agarwal, age 13 and a half, I am a proud Indian, my main motivation is my aim to give back to my society. My nature can be summed up in 3 words, amicable, inquisitive, curious. I have an idea, and a platform is all I need, I like to work hard, as much as I can, along with academic excellence, for social welfare.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

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July 19, 2021 14:17

I would like to point out 1 thing this does more than that!

1> Black marketing
2> Hoarding
3> Racism
and also provides *touch-free* medicines.

And as for generic medicines, it isn't possible we won't fill medicines!
Hospitals will do it, and private hospitals will always look for profits, it will be low, but can't be so less!

But again, it will have more discount and other salient features like
1. Better Stocks
2. 24*7 availablity

among others!

July 19, 2021 13:49

Pranjal great to see such a idea from a teenage , but brother apart from sanitization I can't see any different between your startup and other e-pharmacy. I suggest you to list generic medicines on your platform instead of branded ones, you can bring down the price upto 80% , while providing the same quality.

Anirudh Jain

July 16, 2021 15:00

This is a great idea which would be revolutionary keep up the good work!! This can also reduce medicines being sold in the black market and be good for human health.

July 14, 2021 07:55

Yeah, that is 100% true racism is definitely a salient feature among preventing prime and highlighted problems of black marketing, hoarding whilst providing touch-free medicines!


July 13, 2021 17:27

Superb idea Pranjal !! Proud of you. It is indeed a very good and effective idea if executed properly. The best part is that it will eliminate all sorts of racism which people face while purchasing the medicines. Well done :-)

Pranjal Agarwal

July 12, 2021 14:57

Please vote for this revolutionary idea!
ATM brought a revolution first
Medicinator is the one next in line!
By voting it, you'll contribute to the society, it gives us so much, time for us to give some of it back!!