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Published on June 30, 2021 um 09:20

Explain your idea in details:

SokoLoco is an e-commerce platform that aims at connecting Farmers at the grassroots to the global market. The team identified a gap in limited market linkages and the fact that farmers in the grassroots walk for long distances to get to the market, or rely on brokers to sell their farm produce. This has made them make little or no profit from their products. Further amid Covid-19 approximately 80% percent of the farmers in the grassroots are not able to sell their products thus lots of losses. Thus SokoLoco comes in as the first decentralized e-commerce platform to enable farmers access a wider market at the press of a button. It will also enables them get farm inputs at the press of a button and the comfort of their homes. Households in need of groceries, cereals, animal products and poultry will also be able to get them through SokoLoco at the press of a button and at the comfort of their homes. Innovative Approaches SokoLoco takes the advantage of the already mapped out villages in Kenya, thus being able to accomplish their decentralized uniqueness. We have a website where smartphone users can register with us. We also have a USSD code where farmers in the marginalized areas and non tech savvy users can register with us. they will be able to get SMS notifications on the availability of a market and thus selling their products as if they would be owning smartphones. We shall also register Boda boda operators and taxis at village level to ensure swift of farm products.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

During the Makueni Innovation Challenge SokoLoco was welcomed as a project that would have positive impact not only to Makueni county, but also to the globe as a whole. This is the first ever decentralized e-commerce app in that it is designed to connect the grassroots to the urban areas. The available e-commerce platforms operate in the large cities, leaving the grassroots. This platform has been received wholeheartedly with the farmers anticipating for its launch in July. Upon success of this project is is expected that farmers will have access to a wider market, they will make maximum profits and expand their farming. It is also expected that the sellers will have access to a wider number of consumers thus increase in sales resulting to increased profits. This will have largely contributed to Sustainable Development Goal 1: No poverty and goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Plans for implementation and sustainability

SokoLoco is already Incorporated as a Company " SOKOTEKE GROUP COMPANY LIMITED" in the Republic of Kenya. This is prove that the project is not to die after the Entrepreneurship Campus Competition. The implementation Process is taking place in phases. We have launched local dialect advertisement through Skiza tunes as the project is to roll out in Makueni, Machakos and Kitui Counties. The second phase of implementation will be training and sensitization to the locals on the importance and usage of the platform. Thus will be done through public Barazas, print media, Radios and Television. The project is composed of a comprehensive team of six directors from various professions, ranging from physical planners to strategic marketers. This will ensure proper and swift implementation as division of labour is adequately done. We intend to finance with the help of grants and investors The project will be implemented in collaboration with Makueni County Government, Machakos County Government and Kitui county Government The project is envisioned to create suitable market linkages for local farmers, create jobs in logistics and transportation thus improving household incomes and the economy at large

Your profile

Ms. Perpetua is a 26-year-old graduate physical and Land use planner from the university of Nairobi. She's also a student of Masters in Environmental Policy in the same university. She has had the privilege to work with various organizations where she has acquired skills in matters concerning environmental management, planning for sustainable and resilient urban areas. In addition, she has acquired professional skills such as leadership, teamwork, research (application of ODK in researches) and communication skills. She's an environmental and climate advocate and has founded three Organizations (Jumuisha Initiative CBO, SOIT Consult LTD & SokoTeke Group Company LTD) whose aim is curbing climate change in different sectors. Further she's also a member of Kenya Environmental Activist Network (KEAN) where she has taken a lead role in advocating for planting of indigenous trees and a Fossil Fuel Free Country. In terms of innovations Perpetua has been recognized by Makueni County Government for coming up with a startup dubbed SOKOLOCO that saw her win the Makueni Innovation Challenge. The innovation is an E-commerce platform that aim at linking farmers to the market. Ms. Perpetua has also been recognized by the Kenya Institute of Planners, for application of modern technology in planning practice. She was also selected as a trainer to train planners on the application of these modern technologies to the planners in Kenya.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage



Makueni Innovation Challenge

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July 14, 2021 17:32

We need such innovations to make Kenya a self sustainable country. This initiative deserves a thumps up, voting and even adoption. I'm an upcoming farmer who aims at benefiting from SokoLoco. Way to go!!


July 6, 2021 19:44

Sokoloco is an ideal plan to liberate farmers from marketing issues & poor pricing. It is a precise marketing strategy for agricultural produce and it's advancement.
Go Sokoloco team. Win shine glow grow!!!


July 5, 2021 17:55

Indeed the future is SOKOLOCO. Providing a platform for the farmers to a ready market for their produce and on top of that jobs will so be created. This will go a long way in solving the economic crisis we are currently facing.


July 2, 2021 11:00

This innovation comes at a time when it is most needed. I can\'t wait to benefit as a farmer with the removal of the selfish middlemen. SOKOLOCO will get rid of the market access barrier and thus enable us farmers enjoy the fruits of our hard work. Am looking forward to its launch. Congrats to the team.

Iruna James

June 30, 2021 21:16

This is an amazing idea whose time has come.Congratulations to the entire team for coming together and actualizing this wonderful initiative which will go a long way into solving alot of issues farmers to through when it comes to getting a market for their produce.All the best in this project and can't wait to see it being rolled out!

Jackson Nyamai

June 30, 2021 18:40

Wow! This is a great initiative which will benefit many farmers in the country. I am looking forward to the launch and successful implementation.All the best and congratulations to the great minds behind this beneficial project.


June 30, 2021 14:23

The future is SokoLoco. Let's allow farmers get maximum profit from their products. That way there will be increased vegetation cover as farmers will expand their produce. Jobs will be created thus improved economy


June 30, 2021 11:33

This is the idea as farmers we awaited for its a golden boot for us. Sokoloco go higher we want to work with you kindly because you seem to solve our longtime headache.
Let the farmer get the best price and see how the economy stabilizes more

Maggie Wahu

June 30, 2021 11:31

Congratulations and all the best Ms perpetual. It\'s a nice idea for notifying about the environmental changes especially now we have global warming which has led to pollution.