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Published on July 14, 2021 um 12:19

Explain your idea in details:

50% of Ghanas farm produce go to waste each year, a report by Magdalene Teiko Larnyoh on In the report, Programme and Country Representative for Advance Project, Dr. Emmanuel Dormon said that the country's post-harvest losses will increase if storage facilities are not provided. It was out of this report just recently we came up the idea Fresco. Fresco is devoted to making inexpensive, high-quality food more reachable through our online platform while helping break the cycle of food waste. We will work directly with farmers to rescue organic produce that might go waste, then deliver it to the doorsteps of our customers, all while passing the savings on to our customers. By being devoted to fighting food waste, we will unlock new ways to make healthy, quality food more affordable for more people. We will not be doing it alone, but our direct relationships with organic farmers and sustainably minded makers will play a big part. Though the basis for Fresco is to make high-quality organic foods more reachable through our online platform while helping break the cycle of food waste, the long run goal is to contribute to goal 8 of SDGs which is Decent Work and Economic Growth. For decent work, this will be done entirely through the supply chain. At this stage, farmers will be moved to employ more workers to help in the planting, harvesting and storage of produce in the supply chain. Our partnership with carriers will ensure that they employ workers to help in the carriage of produce from our suppliers end through to our customers end. Fresco as well will employ workers to build a great team to ensure the smooth operation of the business. And also for economic growth, as we undertake the basis of Fresco, we will achieve that.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

As sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs it is key that we carefully consider the impact of our idea sustainably. In our careful consideration, our target towards environmental sustainability will be working and behaving in a manner that best exemplifies and embraces the Quadruple Bottom Line (thus people, planet, profit and purpose). We will develop systems to minimise possible negative impacts of our business operation upon the environment, society and cultures of the locations where we work. We will Undertake early supply developments so that both Fresco and its suppliers will see how best they can improve their processes so that it impacts the environment positively and as well grow together in order to serve a larger market. Our target towards entrepreneurial leadership will be creating a space whereby educational processes are utilised to discuss and impart knowledge regarding the issues of global sustainability. This primarily will focus on leadership training and specifically on developing entrepreneurial leadership skills. Since entrepreneurial leadership is showcased by people who are driven by their desire to create social, economic and environmental opportunities simultaneously. Finally, our targets towards business sustainability will be growing strong competitive advantages over other players with our principled team that can act quickly and be aware of the rationale. All these targets will be evaluated by using key performance indicators (KPIs) of the planet.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Fresco is devoted to making inexpensive, high quality food more reachable through our online platform while helping break the cycle of food waste. We will work directly with farmers to rescue organic produce that might go waste, then deliver it to your door, all while passing the savings on to our customers. We will operate by sending weekly refrigerated trucks to farmers to pick up foods which will be brought to Frescos warehouse where they will be sorted. Orders will be received via our online platform. We will partner with carriers that will deliver them to customers overnight. Orders will be paid via various modes of payments which will include visa cards, digital payment platforms and Mobile Money options. We will present customers with several options which they will be charged for orders. These will include pay upon order charge, a weekly and a monthly subscription charge. As part of our growth model, we will have grocery stores all over so that customers can walk straight to the place to purchase our produce. And this will be done to reduce waiting time and also ensure easy access to customers within a particular area. We will help in building or renting refrigerated warehouses for farmers. And this will be done because as we expand, probably our warehouse or warehouses will not be able to store these farm produce hence the need for such steps. We will also call on industry players to help process some of these farm produce and also help keep them fresh and organic. We will acquire land to undertake farming. And this will ensure that we at any moment meet demand. We currently do not have sources of finance and collaborators

Your profile

The idea of Fresco is co-founded by Brilliant Amoah Kwakye (25 years), Lambat Osman (25 years), Ekow Amonoo Mensah-Afful (25 years) and Christian-Clifford Yobonzie (22 years). All four of us are graduates of University of Cape Coast here in Ghana. Brilliant studied Procurement and Supply Chain Management as a major, Lambat studied Anthropology and Economics as his major, Ekow studied Psychology as his major and Christian studied Management as his major too. We are motivated to brainstorm some ideas which we know will provide solutions to everyday problems in our society or the world at large.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

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Joel Addo

July 20, 2021 19:52

This idea would go a long way to lessen and even possibly eradicate post-harvest losses. It would also bring convenience to buyers if produce since it would carry out the service of doorstep deliveries. I endorse this idea and I'm all for it


July 17, 2021 12:42

This is one the finest ideas I have come across this year. Hoping to see a full implementation of it in months to come. Hope at the end farmers will see how good this is an opportunity for them to expand and a solution to their problems every year.

Expose Campus

July 17, 2021 10:37

This is a great idea. Hope you guys will get yourselves some great programmers to build your online project with, if struggling, contact exposecampus on twitter for assistance.

Rave House

July 17, 2021 10:31

There is so much potential in this idea. The arrival of such a project will help boost business of farmers in some countries in Africa who are struggling to rescue farm produce waste.

Joel Addo

July 16, 2021 13:52

I support this idea, its workable and realistic, I see a future shaping plan in this . Liaising with other team players to achieve expected goals also seems like a great way to engage labour in our economy and may be an Avenue for further employment of people who are skilled in each area of expertise needed in the case if the liaisons that would be formed when the warehouses cannot fully contain the harvest/ produce

Ekow Afful

July 15, 2021 18:47

A careful implementation of this idea will help farmers in this our world. It will encourage farmers in our part of the world to produce more since they now have a platform to sell to a larger market.

Brilliant Amoah Kwakye

July 15, 2021 18:28

Going through this idea, I realized this idea has full potential to survive in the African market and also go a long way to help serve other markets the world over. A strong commitment and careful implementation will make the idea worthwhile.