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Published on August 11, 2021 um 10:35

Explain your idea in details:

TheBin is an all-purpose electric-powered garbage bin that will be the only bin that households will need. It will be made with 100% recycled plastic and metals to decrease its carbon footprint. The main objective of this design is to encourage recycling by making the waste sorting process more manageable and more space-efficient. On the outside, four individual LED panels will display the amount of garbage within the four containers and alert you when the bin fills up. TheBin has four sections - one for garbage, compost, paper, and bottles/cans. In the paper section, an infrared sensor will detect the paper entering and automatically start the shredder (custom built with recycled components). The can section uses a similar process; the infrared sensor will detect the bottles and cans falling and start the smashing process once all bottles have landed on the processing chamber. Both of these downsizing processes will significantly reduce the space that recyclables will take. Our product also comes with an innovative app - also called TheBin (will be available on the App Store and Google Play), which will take everyday waste sorting to a new level. Users can check the levels of the wastes live through the app, and a waste report will be generated in the app every week/month; combined with virtual medals and certificates for a reduction in the amount of wastes produced will encourage users to be more environmentally friendly. Users can also take advantage of the Apple Smart Home network with the Home App, which will allow users to virtually control their Bins (functions include the control of the lid, paper shredder, or bottle smasher)

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Every year, about 86 percent of Canada's plastic waste ends up in the landfill. With the introduction of our all-purpose sorting bin, we hope to make a positive impact around Canada and the world. Usually, recycling items such as bottles and cans can be highly space and time-consuming, as the containers take up a lot of space. I have personally heard friends and families complain about the sheer size of bottles and cans in recycling, and TheBin provides a perfect solution for the problem. With TheBin, users can simply downsize the recyclables just with a tap of a button. The convenience of our garbage sorting system will encourage more users to recycle. Our app will also help with educating users about wastes through the weekly/monthly reports it generates. The virtual awards the app gives will also motivate users to buy fewer items with unnecessary packaging and non-recyclable items. The success of our attempts can be seen with the amounts of space saved with our recycling downsizing systems and the medals our users obtain for producing fewer wastes.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

TheBin was designed exclusively for household use, and we plan to retail our bins both online and in-store, with our primary focus in North America. Once we amass enough funds to run the company from crowdsourcing sites, customers can find our products online on our website or our Amazon storefront - where we will offer fast and free global shipping and Prime FBA service to reach our customers. To do this, we will partner with logistic companies such as FedEx and DHL to ship our products ordered off our website, and Amazon Logistics to fulfill orders placed from our Amazon store. In order to successfully venture our products onto the in-person market, we will partner with retailers such as Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Home Depot; these well-known stores will be able to supply households across North America or even the world with their logistics systems. We also plan to partner with tech companies like Apple and Google, and make our product applicable with their smart home applications such as the Apple Home app; where our users can control their bins, and receive data and reports of their monthly/weekly waste, with options for solutions of reducing their household waste. Finance wise, as previously mentioned - we will have to start off using crowdsourcing platforms, which essentially provide us financial support through orders placed with the platforms. At the same time, we will require ads on popular social media platforms to gain publicity for our crowdsourcing page. This way, we can jumpstart our business with a good amount of public reputation.

Your profile

My name is Jason Cheng and I am a 15-year-old high school student from Vancouver, Canada. I have great passion for business and marketing, and have previously participated in entrepreneurship programs like Junior Achievement, where I combined with my strong filmmaking skills, I have won the JABC Battle of the Ads awards for my team two years in a row. My award-winning ad was even posted on the official Junior Achievement website. Aside from entrepreneurship programs, I am also a self-taught, award-winning filmmaker. I have won several film awards across British Columbia and Canada, with my film screened most recently at Hamilton Youth Film Festival. Photography-wise, I am a volunteer photographer and filmmaker for my school, with my photos and videos used for marketing and admissions purposes; I also volunteer as a photographer at BC Grassroots Foundation, a Rugby Non-profit that provides rugby to youth from all backgrounds.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

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