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Published on July 16, 2021 um 09:20

Explain your idea in details:

The idea will contribute to boost the economy, create jobs, increase tourism, improve quality of life, decrease migration and contribute to the environment and ecology of the areas the project will comprise. In remote parts of Albania, there are many traditional towers which are 3 up to 6 centuries old, these towers are often used as guest houses due to large touristic demand for these regions which are considered the Alps of Balkan but also for the unique social-cultural characteristics these regions have, but due to the lack of infrastructure and investment, there is no electricity and this makes the opportunity to guest tourists nearly impossible and make the life of native people miserable, leading to mass migration and abandonment of these old towers. My project aim is to provide electricity for these towers making them appropriate for a guest house. This project will affect all sectors causing a domino effect, improving social-economic, and environmental factors, it will create new job opportunities in the accommodation sector, initiate a bust in the local economy due to the growing number of tourists, improve quality of life, use of renewable energy to produce electricity and heat so it will not affect the environment and biodiversity of the area, etc. This project also will have a huge impact on the migration rate in these regions, encouraging the young to stay and invest in these towers and preventing the loss of the time of these cultural and architectural heritage.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The eco-friendly guest house is not a new idea, in fact, it can be considered old now, however, these projects have another approach to the problem, it has a specific which are Albanian traditional old towers. Another characteristic is that it will be implemented in areas still not affected by modernity. These areas contain one of the last remaining wild forests with plenty of wild endemic animals. Combining the cultural, historical, and architectural values of these towns with the amazing landscape of the Alps of Albania and wonderful traditions, songs, clothes, lovely and generous people and delicious culinary makes these regions a hidden treasure that tourists from all over the world love to visits, every year there are thousands of tourists from all over the world that visits the area but the limited accommodation capacity and lack of proper conditions make a huge obstacle. Another factor that can differentiate is that using photovoltaic panels to produce energy is not just an alternative, it is the only realistic alternative for these towers. These old towers once build to fight the invaders now can be used to host the tourist and in these ways survive from the inevitable destruction from the time and forgetfulness This project looks to emerge the preservation and revival of cultural heritage by using eco-friendly solutions so we can protect nature and biodiversity and also bust the economic sector Morever due to lack of investments and government support these old towers which represent cultural heritage are abandoned and doomed to ruin forever, these projects will revive this cultural heritage and make them the useful and successful examples of cultural heritage that has been into value in the spirit of sustainable and inclusiveness

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The idea consists of using already existing property to generate income through tourism and hosting services. The project's main cost is the principal investment cost which is the photovoltaic panels and the implementation because the cost of the maintenance of photovoltaic panels is very low. These guest houses will generate income throughout all year and the profits will surpass the initial costs of the project within 2 first years. The idea of these projects is to simulate a little bust, after starting the guest houses will be self-sustainable, generating income which will come in progressive trend each year, allowing the owners to make further investments. The best part is that these guest houses will continue their activities for an unlimited time, and the photovoltaic panels have insurance of at least 15 years, so the economic balance is positive and the gains are fare beyond the cost, and these guest houses will be functional for many upcoming decades. Albania and especially rural and remote areas are suffering from the phenomenon of emigration, these are caused by lack of opportunities, jobs, and perspective, creating and supporting guests houses by implementing photovoltaic panels will create jobs and bust entrepreneurship and economy of these areas overall leading employment of youths and also the villagers living in the area which will supply the demand of touristic sector with local food, traditional souvenirs, etc, creating more opportunity for all. It also will improve the quality of life of people that live all year in those towers.

Your profile

I am Flavio Vata ,23, from Albania I am in the last year of MSC on AgroEnvromet engineer and Ecology and I plan to start my Ph.D. soon after I have finish MSC. I work on the National Agency of Coastline, Ministry Of Environment and Tourism of Albania, on Project performance and management sector. Also, I work as a volunteer on NCETSD, National Centre of Environment Tourism and Sustainable Development, and also I am co-founder and part of the Students Forum of Environment and Agriculture. I have been 2 times Erasmus student at the University of Milan, Italy and the University of Life science Lublin, Poland and moreover, I have participated on several Youth exchanges, symposiums conferences etc.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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July 31, 2021 09:32

Recommended for research and implementation!
Note: "Sustainable Tourist Behaviour" Development is essential for a tourism-driven economy. The example below will justify it.
Murree, Pakistan once-popular tourist attraction has been ruined with pollution spread tourist and hotel owners, culture destroyed by tourist dressing and behaviour, natural forest lost to make extensive facilities for them; all due to a lack of strict implementation of regulations.