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Renewable & Clean Energy for Climate Change

Published on July 17, 2021 um 16:26

Explain your idea in details:

My idea will incorporate and work for community development through orphans and vulnerable children educational support, youth empowerment, youth development and career guidance. The focus is on community development through the participation of its own people. This is through training and making of energy saving stove/jiko to over 500 women and youths who are unemployed in Muranga county. This will empower the community economically and help to reduce drugs and substance abuse among youths. The women and youths will then sell the stove/jiko to members of the community at an affordable price with a small profit. Trees will be planted to help in afforestation and sensitize on deforestation. This idea proposes to enhance knowledge and practical skills among the youth in areas of environment conservation, Agribusiness, making of energy saving stove/jiko and bio gas production. Area of focus is Muranga county. The principal objective of the proposed business idea is to provide clean and sustainable energy and increase youth participation in climate change mitigation and adoption.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The idea will endeavor to train 250 local youths artisans in making energy saving stove/jiko and the construction and maintenance of the bio gas plants, to construct 50 zero grazing units with 12m3 fixed dome bio gas plants in at least 20 households, to establish woodlots in 20 households, to plant 50000 indigenous tree seedlings on the degraded areas of river mathioya. Through the generation and trading of carbon credits as a result of the use of bio gas and the existing woodlots and on the farm trees, the group members will have a steady source of income that will be used to scale up the idea to other households and schools beyond the project scope. The project will increase soil fertility by using bio gas slurry as an alternative fertilizer to restore soil nutrients for farming. The project shall endeavor to establish a youth resource center through the goodwill of Muranga county Government for providing consultation on practical skills of bio gas installation, making maasai bracelets and drawing art work. We shall collaborate with existing technical colleges to train more youths in sales and marketing and environmental conservation.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

1.Consumer type [individual customer] [homesteads using firewood for cooking] [cost of operation{usd1.95/ksh195] [expected monthly consumers{200}] [expected average purchase by each customer{usd3/ksh300}] 2.Consumer type [Government entities] [schools and colleges] [cost of operation{usd30/ksh3000}] [expected monthly consumers{5}] [expected average purchase{usd50/ksh5000}] 3.Consumer type (Bio gas) [Government entities/individual] [schools/colleges and individual with no electricity] [cost of operation{usd600/ksh60000}] [expected monthly consumers 25] [expected average purchases{usd700/ksh70000}] On average the running cost of the business will be, usd631.95/ksh63195. On average estimates, according to research on Muranga market, expected average sales is usd753/ksh75300. This will see the project earn usd121.05/ksh12105 in profits. In financing the project idea, am planing to use personal saved funds, loan from family members and Government youth fund. Am planning on collaborating with local manufacturers of similar products and come up with the best product.

Your profile

I am Dennis Kamau Muritu from Kenya. I was born on 26th Oct 1994 in Nairobi, Kenya. My home county is Kiambu county For my education, i have studied up to form four level in Kiambu county but later relocated to Muranga county for my collage where i studied a Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology. When i came to Muranga county, i was touched when i saw how people suffered and didn't have access to clean energy. Through visiting and interacting with the locals, i experienced first hand poverty and struggles people went through just to put food on the table. Massive drug use by the youths because of joblessness, lost hope of the future and struggles to get quality education. This is what motivated my idea. The interaction with communities, understanding their struggles puts me at a strategic position to implement my idea and see it through to its success. I believe by the help and assistance of the Entrepreneurship campus, this idea will materialize and will help communities around Muranga county to better their lively hood and Kenya as a whole.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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