Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Regenerative Field Fazenda Jacob

Published on September 8, 2021 um 08:33

Explain your idea in details:

The proposed model farm aims to start small and then scale up, building off the lessons learned as it grows in size and increases in productivity. We want to be a visual example for the world that regenerative agroforestry is more profitable than conventional agriculture for at least four reasons: 1. Diversification of income due to system diversification of crops; 2. Reduction of external input costs; 3. Increase of climate resilience against floods/droughts; 4. Reception of payments for ecosystem services such as carbon credits and green bonds. Additionally, this model farm is intended to serve as a tool to educate people and promote innovative technologies such as satellite imaging for agriculture, biotechnologies, drones, and remote sensing. We believe through new technologies and traditional knowledge we can create a sustainable future for all.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Both the bulk of the worlds biodiversity and the largest concentration of poverty exist in the tropics. In this same region, there still exists a large rural population whose livelihood depends on agriculture; simultaneously, agricultural practices are the root cause of 80% of deforestation. This conglomeration of both a human necessity and a monopolized food system creates a large-scale problem to be addressed. This project is my solution to that issue with the intention to increase awareness and education of regenerative farming practices, nutrition, and more holistic approaches to food production. My project will also provide liveable wages in addition to low cost, nutrient dense food supplies for the local farmers we employ. Through farming, education, and holistic nutrition we can transform low income areas with high rates of malnutrition and preventable disease to more healthy, thriving communities. Goal 1: Education Regularly carry out educational and training efforts for children, youth and local farmers; Attract international volunteer collaborators to the farm to strengthen the cooperative system through the exchange of knowledge and resources. Goal 2: Regeneration Regenerate the soil and local agriculture community through regenerative food production; Expand the infrastructure for the processing, production and distribution of foods with higher ecological, economic and nutritional value. Goal 3: Youth and Women Empowerment Attracting young people, both men and women, to agriculture as a career; reduction of youth unemployment and equal wages for women. Empowerment of families in situations of social vulnerability; bringing a source of income and nutrition.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

2020 - Conceptualization: Contextualization of the local area, implementation of pilot plot 2021 - Planning and capacity building: Master plan, opening markets, training labour, establishing partnerships, raising funds 2020 - The year of 2022 is expected to be an exciting year for the project. Much of the initial trial and error has been done, the workers have been trained and the capacity to regenerate and educate has been built. We will start going deeper in a few business models such as the farm-to-fork model through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and partnership with local chefs, expansion and maintenance of the seed bank, development of new minimally processed foods, development of biological inputs, eco educational visits, and a permaculture educational center offering courses and field days. - Start a new agroforestry system adjacent to SAF1. The integration of grazing livestock, a common practice in the region, may also be considered for this development. - We will start our outreach to international volunteers as well as technologies that would like to be tested in the region. - Offer help and support to other local farmers to transition to regenerative agriculture.

Your profile

Guilhermes (aka "Gui") life goal is to promote sustainable development by getting involved in innovative projects and strengthen local communities. Gui is constantly looking for and going deep on approaches and methodologies that have the capacity to support change processes. Professionally, he believes that he will be an important resource to redirect capital flows towards solutions for the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our times. His greatest satisfaction is using global strategic thinking with local expertise to bring tangible results as a partner to organizations that are impacting the world. Guilherme works alongside communities, businesses, governments and non-profits to ensure reliable food, safe water and wastewater services are provided. As a global citizen, Gui has spent the last 10 years making his passion for and commitment to a safer, cleaner and more sustainable world a reality, both in his work and in his daily life. His interests are in how to best blend sustainability practices into commercial enterprises, indoor farming, agroforestry, food security, food waste, renewable energy, circular economy, supply chain, fungi; water and wastewater services. Growing up on a farm in Brazil, he was constantly surrounded by nature which developed into a love of the environment. Gui is driven by the passion to progress in harmony with nature.

Regenerative Field Fazenda Jacob

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start-up stage

Training for local farmers


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