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FUNDO Mobile Application

Published on August 2, 2021 um 08:56

Explain your idea in details:

The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought the Zimbabwean education sector to a halt negatively impacting thousands of children of school going age on their right to Quality Education. The COVID pandemic is threatening the progress and achievements made by government towards the implementation of sustainable development goal 4. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020, there has not been meaningful learning in both public and private schools due the COVID induced lockdowns. During the lockdown period, government closes schools to contain the spread of the virus and to protect the school populations. Even though a few schools particularly in urban areas have adopted alternative learning approaches such as online learning, most schools still lag behind due to lack of resources such as computers, smart phones, reliable phone networks and internet connectivity. The aforementioned challenges and slow uptake of digitalisation has affected most students access to equitable and quality education. The covid pandemic has presented a gap that can be exploited in the education sector by introducing a mobile Application FUNDO with all the course material for both Primary and Secondary classes. Course material will be arranged according to the respective syllabi of various learning areas. The FUNDO application will help bridge the gap that is affecting our education system. FUNDO will be an offline application that will be providing audio lesson, exercises, notes and tests as per the approved Zimbabwe curriculum. Information on the application would have been approved and certified by the Ministry of Education covering all levels of education both primary and secondary. In the application there will be lessons on each subject covering each topic at a time. The main objective is to provide a solution that can help provide access to quality education to all fulfilling the mandate of SDG Number 4: Quality

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The impact of the project is expected to be: Improved access to quality and equitable education for all children in Zimbabwe and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all children. Increased access to education in the rural areas and reduced cases of school dropouts and early marriages or pregnancies in teenagers. Increased pass rate. Even supplementing students can easily study and revise on their own. Equal opportunity to quality education for all regardless of different social classes. Increased application usage of the offline application because there wont be extra costs charges and continued access to the application is guaranteed. A more learned generation which will help in the development of a sustainable economy.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

A mobile application will be developed with the assistance of Software Engineers and teachers of various learning areas. The application will be implemented in schools as a Mobile application that can be downloaded from play store. There will be continuous updating of learning material on the application in consultation with subject experts. Implementation will start by engaging the Ministry of Education to help with selection of suitably qualified teachers for all grades for both Primary and Secondary level. These teachers will be responsible for content creation which involves audio lessons, notes, tests and exercises and answers of each topic of each subject for each for every grade level. In order to make the application sustainable, first registration for individuals will be charged a once off payment fee that can be paid via our Mobile Money platforms. This will be applicable for those that download the application via google playstore. Funds raised from subscriptions will be used to upgrade and maintain the application. For schools in the rural area where access to smart phones or laptop is a challenge, funding or partnerships will be used whereby a number of Tablets will be given to different schools already preloaded with the application. Suitable custodians in different geographical locations will be given these phones where children and young pupils will have access.

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My name is Seth Makumbiza aged 33. I am an entrepreneur by both profession and calling. I studied Business Finance with the University of Zimbabwe currently running a gas and poultry project. I believe in pursuing new opportunities and creating new ideas that can help my family, friends and community.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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October 30, 2021 19:22

Hi, Seth! Greetings from the Philippines! I like your idea! It is very relevant to the times. Indeed, with the migration of education online, we need more resources for this. I sincerely hope that this idea takes off. Good luck on this!

On another note, I would like to invite you to visit my page -- Feel free to share your thoughts about it.

Thank you and keep safe always!

October 20, 2021 09:05

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve >> The fear of failure. So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.