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Waste Management in Coastal Area

Published on August 23, 2021 um 09:05

Explain your idea in details:

The main objective of this idea was to minimalize the amount of trash thrown away by people who lived along the seashore, to the sea and river. This isolated area was inhabited by communities that had not shown any awareness about the issue, due to less knowledge regarding it. Even though sometimes residents choose to burn their garbage instead of throwing it into the sea, it is also a destructive option for the environment. Activities proposed in this idea were the establishment of landfills for each village and systematic trash transportation. These actions had to be done sequentially, for they are connected and need each other role in this plan. The reason why villagers throw away their trash to the sea is caused by the area are not facilitated with landfills, so there are no other options for them. But even if landfills were provided, trash management is still required. So as a consequence of building landfills, systematic trash transportation is compulsory to be implemented. Which will carry the collected garbage to bigger landfills in the nearest town for taken further care of. The trash transportation will take place twice a week for each village, and a number of villages in one trip. One way to attract the societies to throw their trash on the landfills is by giving them convenience as not obligated to pay even a penny for this program. If we charge the cost to the residents, it may prevent the success of this program as they are not willing to pay for it, since it was easier to just throw their trash into the sea without expending for such a thing. The only option is to charge all the expenses to the local government institution, with the hope society's awareness gained gradually.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The targets of this idea were divided into two sections. First of all, is the target to be achieved by this program. The waste management in the coastal area idea comes from my very own experience after spending almost one year stayed in this place, it gave me a sympathetic feeling towards the messed-up condition. With this idea, I want to address all that issues and targeting no more trash thrown into the sea and the river as this idea is implemented. The second target was specified people that will play a role in this idea. Communities who occupied the area are the main target which will give this program a point of view. By knowing the inhabitant's viewpoint about the issues, the program can be efficiently and effectively applied. I'm convinced that implementing this idea could give advantages for both what SDGs have set, the no. 13 goals "Climate Action" and no. 14 goals "Life below Water". Measurable way to evaluate whether the program was successful or not is conducted by two. The first one is by seeing the number of people who start to dump their garbage in the landfills. We cannot expect the number to be very high as this program started. But people tend to imitate what others do, so as in this case, when a few people start to throw their trash into the landfills, then their neighbor will do the same sooner or later. This action has to be supported by the second one, the sustainable supporting system to bring those trash to the bigger landfills in town, it is a must. If trash transportation is not well applied, another issue will arise. The success of this program is can be seen by how well the execution of the two things mentioned above.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The key activities of this idea are to establish landfills and also arrange the trash transportation program, which requires human power and financial capability as the key resources. Values that are expected to be delivered to the societies are the awareness to keep the environment clean and healthy so that the sea ecosystem could always provide the fisherman's necessity, and also may increase the tourism attractiveness that leads to resident welfare. The channels through which this value can be distributed are through exemplify and socialization to throw their garbage to the landfills, by community organizations, local youth organizations, village headman, and local government institutions. Regarding the costs to realize this idea is the landfills establishment material fee, procurement of vehicles for trash transportation, and workers salary. The majority of expenses are expected to be provided by the local government institution due to their responsibilities in build public facilities. Hopefully, in the future, when the society's awareness has increased, and they are willing to pay for the trash transportation program, it could give ease to the local government institution expenditure. Collaborators that will contribute to this idea are, of course, the local government institution, community and local youth organizations, and probably some organizations related to the sea or trash concern.

Your profile

I was born on August 10th, 1998, in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. I'm a Business Administration bachelor that graduated in February 2021, from Padjadjaran University, Bandung. Currently, I was unemployed by my own choice, as I want to improve myself prior to get work. Even though my major degree has no connection with this idea, but deep inside my heart, environmental issues always have my concern, and hopefully I can give an impact on it. My biggest desire is to get a scholarship to a master's degree level in Japan, related to my bachelor's degree. Through the implementation of this idea, I'm convinced that I would be a better person by the end of the project, with tons of experiences, that could support me to achieve my goal. Qualities that contribute to my success are my high sensitivity and awareness toward issues, and my courage of giving a real action. My motivation to always going forward is my father's word, "be a helpful person". Thus, I want to improve myself and gain more experience, so I could give real action for a better world and my country.

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