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Optimized Herbal Formulation & Nutrition Recipe App

Published on July 30, 2021 um 19:32

Explain your idea in details:

My project strives to build up a more equal and easily-accessible platform that drives the digital technology to provide universal medical care and employs massive data analytic and cloud computing to pool research resources and optimize health benefits to the utmost. In the fight against the pandemic, the Chinese herbal prescriptions stood out rapidly in the effect of relieving pathogenic symptoms and in the therapy of enhancing the immune ability. My application is designed to serve the users with easy and intelligent medical care and health maintenance, independent of multiple restraints like time, distance, social caste, family income and race. As long as the user logs on the application, searches for the needs or asks for any inquiries any symptom, related pathological cause, general symptoms and developments would display and the prevailing remedy plans by different physician who once replied to similar cases, the ones that gain the most views and consents, would lead the search ranking. The intelligent customer service robot would respond to the user instantly. The instant messaging, phone and video calls are available to patients in need of herbal physician and herbal prescription, and nutrition recipes. In the meantime, My platform provides the channels and opportunities for herbal pharmacy promotion and popularization. In short, The service procedure bridges the patients, physician and herbal pharmacy. The goal of the application is to secure average citizens equal right to health care, assist the citizen in learning and tracing personal physical quality promptly, redeem conventional medical system in the regards of geographic coverage, the hysteresis phenomenon, medical resources collision, overload and imbalanced allocation, to remove all sorts of physical barriers to universal health care, to bring herbal medicine - natural and green benefits to the whole world, reinvigorate the prospect of the herbal pharmacy.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The Herbal Formulation & Nutrition Recipe Application is specialized in the promotion and development of herbal prescription, whose materials, the ingredients that derive from the natural, vigorous and exuberant biological and ecologic system, determines its constant trait in the green, organic, sustainable and mild qualities. The herbal therapy has vindicated its unique and implacable place in the pandemic by relieving the symptoms, reinforcing Qi and blood, improving the immune capacity, and overwhelming the virus. I bet on booming and sustainable growth of the herbal medicine, which will definitely bring sustainable benefits to the social health care and the harmonious coexistence with the natural ecological system. The digital platform that my project resorts to would ensure my application to embrace massive information and resources requested by consultants and pharmacy. The network effect would lead my product to sweep up every corner of the global and reach up to every person that is subject to the disease affliction. The massive data analytic tools would allow the physician to capture new diseases and monitor the health care course and make the pharmacy gain the data references on the category, quantity and location when launching the herbal market. The artificial intelligent model my product adopts would build up the self-help mechanism for medical care rather than solely reliance on the hospital. The self-helped customer service robot would work 7*24 hours, which completely manifests the edge of artificial intelligent technology - constant, intelligent, accurate and standardized - manipulated by mathematical computing and logic programming.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The Optimized Herbal Formulation & Nutrition Recipe App includes four modules as follows: General Cognition: the users may search for any information and knowledge related to health care and nutrition recipes. Intelligent Inquiry: the robotic customer service agent would provide intelligent inquiry based on key words and terminologies programmed in the database. Professional Physician Service: the resident physician would provide consultation, and treatment once the user sent request beginning from one inquiry or a contacting call to a specific physician. Herbal Pharmacy: this module is for the user to learn herbal medicine. As long as the phone camera scans the herbal, the user would receive the name of the herbal medicine. Meanwhile, the pharmacies would set up long-term cooperation with the application to promote their sales revenues. In return, the application would charge a ration of commission to the pharmacies. General Cognition: the model strives to work as the medical and nutritional encyclopedia, allowing the users to revise and admit new entries. The search engine would further optimize the correlation and precision based on the evolution of cloud computing and data analytic tools. Intelligent Inquiry: the robotic customer service agent is to combine the functions of knowledge repository, human brain thinking and reaction, intelligent speech recognition and output Professional Physician Service: the resident physician would submit professional qualifications and identity certification to the platform, input the specialty areas and cases, and reply to the inquiry within 48 hours. Herbal Pharmacy: this pharmacy would submit medical licence for verification and routine practice scrutiny in the platform. Every pharmacy would undertake a portion of promotion liabilities to herbal cognition.

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My name is Siyu Chen, from Obridge Academy High School. Since the pandemic outbreak, the acute contagion has inflicted the entire world rapidly, posing incredible pressure to the medical care system and medical gear supply chains. I have been closely concerned on the thorough medical response policy, helped the neighborhood relieve PPE and hospital beds tension, traced the infection chart. I found the medical treatment system and oversight mechanism ought to be optimized. At the onset of the epidemic outbreak, the medical supplies and hospital beds were in terrible shortage in case of increasing cases of fever patients. However, the urgent situation couldnt be promptly revealed to relevant assistance agency and the public, which to some degree procrastinated the optimal control time point of the contagion and incurred hospitals and medical staff at mercy of overwhelming work load. A centralized and efficient coordinated system ought to be established. The majority of death cases targeted at the elderly who bear weaker immune system. Therefore the medical response time is particularly important to the elderly and the severe patient. The digital technologies, mathematical tools, artificial intelligence and cloud computing ought to be integrated in the health care system reform, which will contribute enormously to accommodating the growing elderly population, isolating pathogen, tracing physical condition, synthesizing medical data, and allocating medical resources. Especially, to address the needs of the growing elderly population, the more sophisticate tech pillar is required to ensure sufficient health care service as well as efficient devices and procedure, such as Alibaba Cloud extended tech assistance in the medical mask allocation platform. In the later contain phase, every compound was allocated the digital codes and requires citizens to identify the digital codes.

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