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Published on July 30, 2021 um 19:18

Explain your idea in details:

According to estimates by ministry of animal industry and fisheries in Uganda there is 13.5 million goats from 3.5 million in 1990, the challenge is that most farmers cannot distinguish the various breeds leading to in-discrimination of cross breeding and reducing the intended benefit (published in New Vision 13th May 2019). For instance NGOs like USAID,World Vision and others has been giving out goats to local farmers,vulnerable families in Uganda however they are not given the opportunity tap the knowledge of rearing goats for commercial purposes.local breeds take between 1 to two years to reach maturity,improper feeding,crossbreeding,poor housing and treatment is challenging farmers. Send a Goat Uganda is an Agri-social enterprise aimed at improving household income through sustainable Goat farming to local farmers,vulnerable families and people with Disabilities through sustainable goat farming. The initiative is going to be a subsidiary of Mulenzi modern goat farm located in Rakai district

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Mulenzi modern goat farm enterprise is located in Rakai district in central Uganda deals in goats,sheep rearing and vegetable growing offering meat,milk, quality breeds , community training in modern goat farming practices and producing fertilizers from the manure.We are coming with an initiative send a goat Uganda that will see the provision of sustainable goat farming skills to local farmers, vulnerable families and people with disability to increase their household income from rearing goats.The initiative will target local farmers,youth, rural and semi-urban inhabitants who can rear goats by equipping them with skills in goat farming such as simple goat house construction,proper feeding,treatment,quality breeds and market for their produces. The intended beneficiaries who will be eligible throughout Uganda,East Africa and Africa will access our service at an affordable fee either at our farms,at community centers and also online training. We hope to have the largest Goat farming platform offering our services online.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We are introducing dairy goats for milk production and also increase our breed quality to70% Boer and savanna to boast maturity rate. In the next five years we shall purchase a 30 acre land within Rakai and rebrand ourselves with a multi-million goat farm site with the best training facilities. We shall recruit qualified staff in the position of farm manager,accountant,sales/marketing manager, ICT manager and a community development officer.Open up five distribution centers around Uganda where our clients can get our services and target international market. Partner with NGOs and Government entities to offer internship and community training on modern farming. Our sales projection is to hit $10,000,$50,000 and $100,000 in three consecutive years respectively since goat products will increase with increasing sales. Reach 1,000 trained beneficiaries in goat farming who are able to earn in goat farming and build the largest goat farming platform.

Your profile

Am 26 years old Deaf,Founder of send A goat Uganda and Director Mulenzi modern Goat farm holds a bachelors degree in procurement and logistics management. been teaching Uganda sign language to the community as well teaching inclusive primary education and other community volunteer work where i gained practical experience in Disability inclusion.My passion for goat farming pushed me of thinking how i can improve livelihoods through goat rearing.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

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simple-sustainable goat house

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August 1, 2021 18:56

Great idea from a great mind. Goat rearing is a sector in animal husbandry that has been highly neglected, picking up the challenge to change the narrative is commendable.

Rebecca Nabagesera

July 31, 2021 11:31

Wonderful idea

Looking at the vulnerability of ugandans and the need to improve Agricultural products this idea has potential to scale on the Agricultural productivity in the country.

Agriculture being the back bone of Uganda economy sustainable farming is a priority Great idea All the best.

mulenzi Tonny

July 31, 2021 08:41

Thanks a bunch all for voting for send a goat Uganda.

Am thrilled reading your comments and it's very energy giving . Keep the support coming in keep voting
And keep commenting see you all at the top.

Racheal Katende

July 31, 2021 03:48

This is a very great idea from you tonny.
Have had a chance seeing you work and I can tell how committed you are.
Seeing this project going far. May the good Lord continue leading you through

Muswali Peter

July 30, 2021 22:16

Tony is very young boy with full of vision and idealogy hard work deaf guy who believe in himself to bring change to the community with the passion service.
I believe everything are possible with him but lacked finance to inject in his mega international project.

Moses Maina Ochom

July 30, 2021 20:49

I had the chance to see your earlier entrepreneual projects small as they were (Rabbit farming,book making) yet you aimed at sharing ideas with others around you. I had the opportunity to be part of a mentorship project that brought together many University graduates to address the employment gaps in the disability community during which your depth of knowledge always stood out,it's no surprise that you (Tony Mulenzi) with your associates coined up this very appealing project idea that not only benefits you alone but a large community. It is such a well thought project backed with statistical facts from the past, well defined end product and undeniably realistic and achievable projections.