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Published on August 11, 2021 um 10:34

Explain your idea in details:

We're partnering with ICICI Bank Ltd. And providing POs device to every local merchant for making the transaction complete.Our every cardholder get 100% cash back(limit 335.89 USD) instant.Cardholders can use their cashback at every Lanetym merchants and also can send to another Lanetym Cardholder. We take average 18% commission from our merchants on total billing amount. a simple and unique business model with cover whole retail market and whole urban and rural middleclass community.Every business can get registered in Lanetym, from Retailer to the Manufacturers'. A business card have another limit of 100% Cashback 6,714.16 USD/ Month(Lanetym business card can be swiped at our registered manufacturers)Every middleclass person can get the lanetym card without any bank account and spend by their budget. Every cardholder get 100% cashback instant by the Lanetym card. Solution of the problem is expansiveness is going on every life needed things. Recession happening in whole retail industry by foreign and other e-commerce companies.Choose any of fintech company in the world, no one can give 100% cashback to their cardholders on their every transaction Lanetym gonna give it and without any APR. Any of there Fintech company can't compete Lanetym because there is a lots of calculations behind this 100% logical cashback solution.Just think you have to buy $250 phone,you load the balance in the Lanetym card, you open the Lanetym app, you see where I can swipe this card and go to the store by location, you swiped a card with $250 just in a second after your swipe you received a message the $250 cashback of your transaction is credited in to your Lanetym Card. And you can use it anywhere at the Lanetym partnered store.(*Cardholders can withdraw their actual money in the card at from any of ATM(Automated teller machine).

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Lanetym direct focusing on retail industry and direct competing with whole e-commerce industry. lanetym going to runs a program where every small businesses can registered in Lanetym and going to make their way by Lanetym's cardholders. devlopment of the indian banking system because lanetym will always be a part of any indian bank, as of current date we are partnering with ICICI Bank LTD. so every single panny of the lanetym revenue contribute to the indian economy by giving 100% cashback and that money will go through only by any of indian banking system. main motive of lanetym is cover whole retail market every small to big merchants and every middle class person who can't make their son's/wife's desire happen because of this much of expensiveness in the country. Lanetym will be reason for middle class's living.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Every transaction that made by Lanetym card will give cardholders a 100% cashback instant. Highest card swiping will be happen and Lanetym is currently working on creating a E-commerce app that All type all category merchants, Mfg. will registered on Lanetym E-commerce app. Lanetym Card can be consume data from the highest transaction by using Lanetym E-App and on the Card-App. We launched Social media influencer program by giving influencer some ESOPs and some payment both. That can consume lots/And Many more is there. Rest will be discussed.

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I'm Amit Patel, born on 16th January 1997(24years) at village of Gujarat state in India. Done computer science from Rai university Ahmedabad. Business minded from the youngest age, self made from age of 17. Started an international call center in 2015 at age of 19 and done lots off businesses at young age. always been a leader of the team. eye-catcher by an experiences lots in a life. my father is a farmer. we seen lot's off up-downs in the life. I know value of the every position, value of money. I thinking deepest in the any situation. what is happening there in the everyone's life and why it's happening is only entrepreneur can think. this start-up The Lanetym i started from my entire savings by doing lot's off jobs, many businesses. Lanetym meaning "A Lane" I am creating for this country and "The Time" the country will give it to this "Lane". "The Lanetym" will create new India, A Real Make In India, A real promise of politicians, a real meaning full budget of the middle class person. Yes I am Amit Patel and i am willing to do everything for this country, for my country for my new India.

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Kishan Patel

August 11, 2021 19:22

Amazing, waiting for the Launch of Lanetym Payment card. A New promising India is waiting for this card. Great thinking and too much plan behind it. I know Amit from his childhood. Really appreciative work brother. Go for it, India is with you.